9 Most Expensive Mechanical Keyboards You Can Buy

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Picture this: keyboards that aren’t just tools but an artist’s palette in the hands of a tech virtuoso. With design and functionalities so avant-garde, their price tags read like a ticket to the future. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill clackers; they’re the high-tech maestros, decked out with features that make your average keyboard blush.

Buckle up for a ride into the dazzling expanse of the most cutting-edge and pricey mechanical keyboards. As we surf the wave of elite tech gadgets, get set for an odyssey where customization, top-tier materials, and ergonomic brilliance collide, creating a keyboard that’s not just a tool but a statement.

9. Logitech G915 Lightspeed RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Price: $249
Year Released: 2019
Size: 518.16mm x 203.2mm x 45.72mm
Weight: 1025.119 g.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed RGB Mechanical Keyboardphoto source: Computer.is

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed RGB Mechanical Keyboard, released in 2019, is renowned for its slim design and wireless capabilities. Its Lightspeed wireless connectivity ensures a stable and fast connection, while the RGB backlighting offers customizable lighting options.

The G915 features Logitech’s proprietary low-profile mechanical switches, promising a satisfying keystroke experience with shorter actuation distances. Additionally, it boasts dedicated media controls and programmable macro keys, enhancing functionality. The rechargeable battery provides extended use, and its aluminum-magnesium construction contributes to durability.

Did You Know?

Logitech was founded in 1981 in Switzerland by Daniel Borel, Pierluigi Zappacosta, and Giacomo Marini. Its initial focus was on computer mice, becoming the largest manufacturer of these peripherals.

8. Happy Hacking Keyboard 25th Anniversary Limited Edition

Price: $280
Year Released: 2021
Size: 294mm x 120mm x 40mm
Weight: 540 g.

Happy Hacking Keyboard 25th Anniversary Limited Editionphoto source: hhkeyboard.com

The Happy Hacking Keyboard  (HHKB) 25th Anniversary Limited Edition, unveiled in 2021, marks a milestone for keyboard enthusiasts. Priced at $280, this exclusive iteration celebrates a quarter-century of HHKB’s iconic design and innovation.

Renowned for its minimalist layout and ergonomic design, the HHKB integrates Topre capacitive switches, offering a unique typing experience prized by professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its 60% layout omits the traditional function row and navigational cluster, emphasizing efficiency and compactness.

Did You Know?

The HHKB layout is minimalist, lacking a traditional function row and often arrow keys, aiming for compactness and efficiency. This layout design is favored by programmers and typists who prioritize comfort and speed.

7. The Sojourner Keyboard

Price: $899
Year Released: 2011
Size: 558mm x 355.8mm x 177.8mm
Weight: 4535.92 g.

The Sojourner Keyboardphoto source: Trend Hunter

The Sojourner Keyboard‘s price reflected its niche market positioning, targeting users seeking a high-end, customizable, and ergonomic typing solution. However, despite its innovative design and features, its adoption remained limited due to its specialized nature and the availability of more mainstream alternatives.

The keyboard’s adaptability is evident in its support for multiple keyboard layouts—QWERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak—facilitated by hardware-level dip switches. Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, these switches offer versatile functionality.

Did You Know?

The keyboard is equipped with German-engineered Cherry MX blue mechanical switches, renowned for their tactile click reminiscent of vintage typewriters.

6. Custom Keyboard For Sara Dietschy

Price: $1,000
Year Released: 2021
Size: 358mm x 134mm x 32mm
Weight: 2370 g.

Custom Keyboard For Sara Dietschyphoto source: Youtube

Tiny, a celebrated keyboard artist and designer known as tinymakesthings, crafted a masterpiece in 2021: a custom keyboard for tech influencer Sara Dietschy. This meticulously designed keyboard, priced at $1,000, represented a convergence of artistry, innovation, and functional sophistication.

The keyboard boasted RGB backlighting, offering a spectrum of customizable lighting options, underscoring the fusion of aesthetic appeal and personalization. The centerpiece of this bespoke creation was the peach-cube ESC (Escape) key, a whimsical and distinctive touch. Its design, both playful and unique, set a tone of individuality.

Did You Know?

Underneath the artful exterior lay Tactile Holy Panda switches, revered for their tactile feedback and responsiveness. These switches promised a typing experience that combined precision with tactile satisfaction.

5. The Seafarer Keyboard

Price: $1,650
Year Released: Unknown
Size: 558mm x 355.8mm x 177.8m
Weight: 3175.15 g.

The Seafarer Keyboardphoto source: Game-Labs Forum

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Seafarer exudes sophistication and quality. Its design, reminiscent of a navigational instrument, embodies a maritime theme, likely inspired by the elegance of nautical tools and the allure of seafaring adventures.

The keyboard’s robust construction suggests durability and sturdiness, indicative of the premium materials used in its assembly. Such attributes contribute to its substantial weight, promising a stable and substantial typing experience.

Did You Know?

There is an inclusion of German-engineered Cherry MX blue mechanical switches, renowned for their exceptional tactile feedback that is reminiscent of vintage typewriters.

4. The Smorgasboard

Price: $3,350
Year Released: 2020
Size: 994mm x 392mm x 132mm
Weight: Undisclosed

The Smorgasboardphoto source: Reddit

The Smorgasboard, despite its keyboard appearance, is more of an artistic endeavor than a functional input device, retailing for $3,350 upon its release in 2020. This unique creation transcends the conventional role of a keyboard.

Crafted as an art project rather than a practical tool, the Smorgasboard was meticulously constructed over an 11-month period, each key’s creation meticulously documented on TikTok, showcasing the process and progress in a series of posts over time.

This creation blurs the lines between traditional keyboard functionality and artistic expression. While it may not serve as a functional keyboard in the traditional sense, its unique conception and collaborative development via social media platforms add a fascinating layer to its artistic narrative.

Did You Know?

The keyboard’s keys, while resembling letters or symbols, weren’t designed for practical typing purposes. Most of the keys were inspired by suggestions from viewers, reflecting a collaborative and interactive creation process.

3. Tfue’s Custom Keyboard

Price: $3,500
Year Released: 2020
Size: 292.1mm x 107.95mm
Weight: 1723.65 g.

Tfue’s Custom Keyboardphoto source: The Verge

Tfue’s custom keyboard, released in 2020 and priced at $3,500, is a striking 60 percent model, featuring a visually captivating design meticulously crafted in collaboration with Keycult, a North Carolina-based custom keyboard shop and one of his primary sponsors.

The keyboard’s exotic appearance stems from a unique case that blends reflective coatings of indigo and turquoise along the bottom. Anodized aluminum was chosen to create a natural gradient color scheme, complemented by a stainless steel midpiece, adding substantial weight to the keyboard.

This collaborative creation marries performance and visual appeal, showcasing an exquisite blend of high-quality components, thoughtful design choices, and sponsorship integrations to produce a keyboard that embodies both functionality and aesthetic sophistication.

Did You Know?

Adding to the aesthetic, Tfue opted for the GMK Striker keycap set designed by “Zambumon,” a Spanish designer.

2. Happy Hacking Keyboard HG

Price: $4,390
Year Released: 2006
Size: Undisclosed
Weight: Undisclosed

Happy Hacking Keyboard HGphoto source: hhkb.io

The Happy Hacking Keyboard HG, unveiled in 2006 to mark the 10th anniversary of the original Happy Hacking Keyboard, represents a rare and highly sought-after model in the keyboard enthusiast community. Priced at $4,390, this edition boasts distinctive features that set it apart from standard keyboards.

Key attributes of the HHKB HG include an aluminum case with enhanced height adjustability, offering users greater customization for optimal typing comfort. Additionally, it offers laser engraving options for personalized orders, catering to individual preferences.

Did You Know?

HHKB Professional HG Japan edition stands out even more. This ultra-rare variant features keycaps crafted using traditional wajima-lacquering techniques and adorned with gold dust, adding a luxurious and exclusive touch.

1. ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard

Price: $10,000
Year Released: 2020
Size: 449mm x 135mm x 44mm
Weight: 951 g.

ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboardphoto source: AnandTech

The ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard stands as the pinnacle of opulence in the mechanical keyboard realm, holding the title of the most expensive mechanical keyboard. Unveiled at CES 2020, this extravagant peripheral represents a lavish gaming keyboard, distinguished by its lavish 24-carat gold-plated construction.

The opulent gold finish not only makes a bold statement but also gives the keyboard a cold touch, potentially affecting comfort during extended use—although, with time, the keys may warm up to a more comfortable temperature.

Interestingly, the concept of the Golden Summoner wasn’t initially ADATA’s brainchild but rather a commissioned request from a wealthy customer. Despite the extravagant nature of this keyboard, the company opted to produce only six units, further amplifying its exclusivity.

Did You Know?

Despite its luxurious appearance, observations suggest that the lettering on the keys may not stand out prominently against the golden backdrop, possibly affecting readability.


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