8 Most Expensive PC Cases You Can Buy

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Buying a PC case for your personal computer is a tedious job at best. There are many factors and features to reconsider before going to the shop or clicking online stores. But if you know your needs in PCs, then the price is the next thing to think through. 

While many PC cases are just frames ready to be built, some manufacturers offer different inclusive features that are purchasable with the case. It depends on your gaming or workstation experience and needs, but there are cheaper and more expensive versions of the PC cases on the market. 

The price does not play a significant role in the quality of the case, but it can also be of great importance. A new PC is not something you buy every week. Hence, a serious buyer needs to crack a piggy bank for a good piece of hardware since this is a long-term investment. 

Most pricey PC cases – even if they do not include the necessary equipment – can control your computer’s loudness or cooling capability, for example. Or they can look more aesthetically pleasing sitting on your work desk. The cases are typically made from wood, aluminum, steel, and tempered glass. 

The essential factors to reconsider are hardware compatibility, cooling systems, airflow options, build quality, dual PC configuration, types of panels and filters, as well as GPU mounts, to name a few. 

Without further ado, we compiled a list of the most expensive PC sets you can find on the market today!

8. Enthoo Pro 2 PC Case

Price: $200
Manufacturer: Phanteks
Material: Steel Chassis, Tempered Glass
Case Type: Full-Tower
Enthoo Pro 2 PC Case
photo source: Phanteks

Phanteks Computer Design focused on the optimal airflow for the best performance in mind, with metal mesh material on the front panel and tempered glass on the side panel. Their Enthoo series includes over fifteen models with innovative “High-Performance Fabric” for the best airflow.

Enthoo Pro 2 PC case includes water cooling, HDD storage, SSD charge, and two power supplies if necessary. The package for around $200 includes 3 SSD brackets, a vertical GPU mount, a dual PSU cover, and five years warranty upon purchasing from the official website.

Did you know?

The PC case is big enough for users to build their configuration but not that massive to take most of your desk space. The space is well-used as it has room for two systems for the best computer experience. Despite the award, fans wished that better-quality materials were used for this case since it has a cheap look.

7. CSAZ-804V PC Case

Price: $300-$400
Manufacturer: Azza
Material: Tempered Glass
Case Type: ATX Pyramid Enclosure
CSAZ-804V PC Case
photo source: Azza

Another interesting-looking PC case on our list is CSAZ-804V by Azza, which has a pyramid case design with a sharp end at the top. The PC case supports multiple motherboard types but does not have the best airflow, so another cooler is necessary for the best cooling performance.

CSAZ has led lights to accompany the cool-looking case, with four sides of tempered glass panels and an ATX power supply inside the isolated chamber. The case size is not too prominent, so it is an easy setup if you want to upgrade to a case like this for around $300 to $400.

Did you know?

The users’ reviews favor this PC case, as it has excellent qualities for a reasonable amount of money. CSAZ-804V does not include all premium features, but it can be upgraded with radiators, coolers, and other necessary equipment for the optimal experience. 


Price: $350-$500
Manufacturer: Antec
Material: Aluminum, Tempered Glass
Case Type: Mid-Tower
photo source: Antec

Antec, Inc. has some of the best high-end PC cases, but Torque is one of the best premium cases the company has made. The Torque case has a downward angled design with black and white details, and the open airflow system perfect for high-operating PCs. The case has an aluminum cockpit for easy setup.

This mid-tower case is not lightweight, as it includes tempered glass panels on the sides, the top radiator, seven expansion slots, and enough space for hardware expansions. Torque is available in white and black variations for a price range from $350 to 500 dollars.

Did you know?

Antec’s Torque has won many awards since its release, including the iF Design Award in 2019 and four Game It Awards for the recommended product due to its performance. Torque supports USB Type-C connectors and different graphics cards and is compatible with most motherboards. 

5. CMT710 PC Case

Price: $450-$480
Manufacturer: FSP
Material: Aluminum
Case Type: Mini-Tower
CMT710 PC Case
photo source: FSP Lifestyle

Taiwanese manufacturer of electronic power supplies FSP came back with a futuristic-looking design for their latest PC case. The CMT710 costs around $450, meant for two separate PCs. With its dual systems, the case is fun to look at from different angles as it has a complicated structure.

The CMT frame is made of aluminum with dual water-cooling systems, an extended ATX form called EATX motherboard, and the possibility to have two separate PCs – one for gaming and the other for productivity and everyday tasks. The case also supports USB Type-C connectors.

Did you know?

CMT710 is also called T-Wings, due to the case shape. T stands for Twins as the two cases blend symmetrically with each other, with accented black, gold, and red color details. T-Wings support three additional fans for the best cooling performances, especially if both sides are in use.

4. HAF 700 EVO PC Case

Price: $500-$650
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Material: Steel, Plastic, Tempered Glass
Case Type: Full-Tower
HAF 700 EVO PC Case
photo source: Cooler Master

Cooler Master’s HAF 700 EVO includes all the required features for the best PC experience. This case has sides from tempered glass, an LCD screen customized to users’ tastes, different options for custom cooling systems, and a rotatable radiator bracket.

HAF 700 is the perfect case for a buildable PC for every need. And while it has a sleek design, the case also has a removable top panel for easy removal and installation of new features. Cooler Master installed ARGB Gen2 technology that allows the user complete control of the LED lights’ color.

Did you know?

The company allows the buyers free download of the app MasterPlus+ letting users customize and create a unique setup for each PC set. Thinking about everything, Cooler Master added the clamping mechanism that makes installation and removal easy without any special tools.

3. Gemini X PC Case

Price: $700
Manufacturer: Cougar
Material: Aluminum, Tempered Glass
Case Type: Dual-Tower
Gemini X PC Case
photo source: Cougar Gaming

Gemini X by Cougar Gaming is made of high-quality materials, with a unique concept of dual computing systems into one. The PC case mirror reflects the image of a single case, and it comes with a top and bottom chamber for perfect computer building for $700.

The designer included vertical and horizontal space distribution according to the user’s taste. The outer part of the case is made of aluminum and tempered glass windows. The sides have CPU coolers, seven card slots, ATX and SFX power supply format, and a Mini ITX motherboard. 

Did you know?

Fans were not excited when the Gemini X dropped for sale, seeing the size of the PC case compared to the price. Some said you could get better performances for much less of a price tag. Even with this, Gemini X won the iF Design Award in 2019. 


Price: $3,000-$3,500
Manufacturer: In Win
Material: Aluminum, Plexiglass
Case Type: Full-Tower
photo source: In Win

Currently sold out, Winbot is a full-tower PC case with an extraordinary round shape. The PC supports high-end graphics cards, motherboards, and CPU heatsinks. This gaming rig has new and improved features in a Limited Edition series, as each PC case has an individual serial number engraved. 

The case comes in combinations of colors – black/red, black/green, and white/blue. But this is not an ordinary centerpiece PC, as it features Amazon Alexa, gesture recognition, facial detection, and scanning mode. Indeed for the best of the best, especially to complete a gaming experience. 

Did you know?

Winbot was awarded a year after its release, getting a Consumer Technology Association (CES) Innovation Award and Taiwan Excellence Award in 2018. The case needs time and expertise to be produced, so the Limited Edition is ultra-rare for purchase. 

1. E1 Bare Bones PC Case

Price: $1,600-$5,000
Manufacturer: EVGA
Material: Carbon fiber
Case Type: Open-Air
E1 Bare Bones PC Case
photo source: EVGA

The most expensive PC case is EVGA’s E1 Bare Bones PC which became available just a month ago. Bare Bones PC frame structure comes from 3K plain weave carbon fiber and can be configured with different kit options. It comes with a free shipping case upon purchase. 

The price ranges from $1,600 for a bare frame without anything additions to a fully equipped PC case ready for use! Kit 2 comes with a VGA vertical kit, while Kit 1 adds RTX 3090 graphics processing unit, PowerLink 52u, and PSU 1600 Watts power supply for $4,999. 

Did you know?

RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin graphics card by EVGA is one of the most expensive cards at $2,500. This model comes with OLED monitoring panels that can display information about voltage, temperatures, and clocks. It comes with SuperNOVA 1600 P2 power supply requiring 8-pin cables.  

Customers can purchase the graphics card separately from the EVGA’s Bare Bones PC case.


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