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1967 Dime Value BRIEF

1967 Dime Value Guide

What Makes A 1967 Dime Special? The Roosevelt Dime, which has been in circulation since 1946, commemorates President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s support for the March of Dimes and his efforts to eradicate polio. After being commissioned by Congress to develop a new dime in 1945, Chief Engraver John Sinnock created the design. In 1946, Sinnock’s…

Expensive Swords Ever Sold

8 Most Expensive Swords Ever Sold

Since their creation over 5,000 years ago, swords have been a hallmark of historical battles and powerful leaders. Amazingly, swords stood the test of time and remained the go-to weapon for several thousand years despite changing cultures and shifting conflicts. In fact, swords have been present at a variety of important events in history. From…

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