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Most Expensive Trucks

8 Most Expensive Trucks in the Market Currently

Trucks provide high performance and durability. They’re the workhorses of any brand’s automobile fleet. Most people who need a truck get them for hauling and towing, minimizing convenience for pure functionality and power. However, many trucks today features all the luxuries of modern high-end car design without sacrificing the power and utility of their tougher,…

Most Expensive Barbies Ever

10 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls Ever Sold

From the very beginning Barbie has been a popular toy and collector’s item. Over the years, Barbie has transformed into a fashion icon and she has sported some very luxurious outfits and accessories. The most expensive Barbies are one-of-a-kind a pieces that were designed by famous jewelers, fashion designers, and artists. The top most expensive…

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