9 Most Expensive Pickleball Paddles You Can Buy

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In the dynamic world of racquet sports, where precision meets power, these pickleball paddles aren’t just tools; they’re the epitome of craftsmanship and innovation, commanding a price tag that reflects their exclusivity.

This blog will be your exclusive tour through the high-end spectrum of pickleball paddles, unveiling the features, materials, and design elements that make these paddles the crème de la crème of the pickleball world. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to invest in the ultimate paddle or a curious enthusiast eager to explore the upper echelons of the sport, we’re here to unravel the secrets behind these top-tier paddles.

9. Joola Ben Johns Hyperion

Price: $220
Brand: Joola
Weight: 8.4 oz.
Length: 17.13 in.

Joola Ben Johns Hyperionphoto source: Target

The Joola Ben Johns Hyperion, priced at $220, is a table tennis racket produced by Joola, weighing 8.4 oz. and measuring 17.13 inches in length. It incorporates various technologies to enhance performance.

The racket features a Reactive Honeycomb Polymer Core tailored for high-level players, optimizing consistent bounce and feel. Additionally, the Response Honeycomb Polymer Core provides a large sweet spot with reduced vibration, offering excellent feedback and control.

Did You Know?

Joola is a renowned brand specializing in table tennis equipment, founded in 1950 in Germany.

8. Gearbox CX14E Ultimate Power

Price: $250
Brand: Gearbox
Weight: 8.5 oz.
Length: 16.75 in.

Gearbox CX14E Ultimate Powerphoto source: Pickleball Effect

The Gearbox CX14 Ultimate Power, priced at $250, stands as Gearbox’s pinnacle paddle, featuring innovative Power Band Technology. Inspired by the original CX14, this collection introduces advancements in paddle technology.

The Power Band Technology is a standout feature, suspending the patented SSTcore rib structure from the perimeter, creating a trampoline effect on the paddle face. This innovation provides effortless power and a plush feel, enhancing the paddle’s performance.

The paddle’s construction includes a 3K Woven Carbon Fiber Ribbed face finish and a Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber core material with patented Carbon Fiber Chambers. The head shape is designated as E (Elongated), offering specific advantages to players.

Did You Know?

The CX14 Ultimate Power paddle boasts an upgraded Edgeless Frame for increased reinforcement, stability, and power.

7. ProKennex Kinetic Black Ace Pro

Price: $250
Brand: ProKennex
Weight: 7.95 oz
Length: 15.8 in.

ProKennex Kinetic Black Ace Prophoto source: Santa Monica Pickleball Paddle

The ProKennex Kinetic Black Ace Pro, priced at $250, stands out as the first-ever single-piece textured TORAY faced carbon paddle in the market, setting new standards for aerodynamics and speed. Its design aims to optimize performance in terms of speed and power.

The paddle’s exclusive single-piece textured TORAY faced carbon structure enhances its aerodynamics, leading to exceptional speed and responsiveness. This design improves reflexes during rapid exchanges and enables greater power through the increased swing speed facilitated by its edge-free design.

Did You Know?

One of the standout features of the Black Ace Pro is the incorporation of kinetic technology, a patented shock and vibration absorbing system. This technology is strategically placed within the paddle’s structure, including an additional kinetic system in the handle.

6. LUXX Control Air Pickleball Paddle

Price: $250
Brand: Selkirk
Weight: 7.7 oz. to 8.1 oz.
Length: 16.4 in.

LUXX Control Air Pickleball Paddlephoto source: ThePicklrShop

The Florek Carbon Fiber, a distinctive blend exclusive to Selkirk, combines carbon fibers for unparalleled control and an added power punch. This unique composition not only amplifies performance but also expands the paddle’s sweet spot, ensuring consistent excellence in every stroke.

Continuing the legacy of innovation, the Luxx Control Air introduces the X7 Thikset honeycomb core, inheriting it from the Labs 003 model. This core design amplifies power and control while expanding the sweet spot, ensuring a consistent feel with every shot.

Did You Know?

The open ThroatFlex design maximizes flexibility upon ball contact, prolongs dwell time, and bolsters power play, ensuring unwavering consistency throughout the game.

5. Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle

Price: $260
Brand: Adidas
Weight: 8 oz.
Length: 16.5 in.

Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddlephoto source: Pickleball Central

The Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle, priced at $260, weighs 8 ounces and measures 16.5 inches in length. It features a C18 Carbon Fiber face and a PMI Structural Foam core material with a thickness of 13mm

In terms of dimensions, the Metalbone maintains familiar proportions with a length of 16.5″ and a width of 7.5″. The handle measures 5.5″ for optimal two-handed shots, with a grip circumference of 4-1/8″. Additionally, the handle is wrapped in a perforated non-slip material with an EVA layer, ensuring a secure grip during play.

Did You Know?

Perimeter carbon reinforcement is a common feature in Adidas paddles, offering structural stability and an edgeless design for aerodynamics. Handles are designed with non-slip wraps and sometimes include additional layers like EVA for better grip.

4. Pursuit Ultra EX

Price: $260
Brand: Engage Pickleball
Weight: 7.9 oz. to 8.3 oz.
Length: 16 in.

Pursuit Ultra EXphoto source: Pickleball Galaxy

The Pursuit Ultra EX by Engage Pickleball, priced at $260, offers a blend of innovative technologies aimed at enhancing performance and player comfort.

Constructed with R210 Carbon Fiber, the paddle utilizes chemically bonded Carbon Fiber technology to maximize texture and friction between the ball and surface, resulting in unparalleled spin. This technology also ensures increased surface strength, maintaining a consistent surface compression and rebound rate for improved ball control and feel.

Engage’s Counter Balance Technology works to lower the paddle’s balance point closer to the hand, resulting in improved hand speed, a lighter paddle feel, and reduced arm fatigue. This innovation also reinforces the paddle’s strength, catering to aggressive players.

Did You Know?

This paddle is equipped with Vortex Barrier Edge Technology, a next-generation composite injected into the outer cells of the paddle, aiding weight distribution and vibration control.

3. Gearbox PRO Control Elongated

Price: $275
Brand: Gearbox Sports
Weight: 8 oz.
Length: 16.5 in.

Gearbox PRO Control Elongatedphoto source: Gearbox Sports

The Gearbox PRO Control Elongated, priced at $275 and belonging to Gearbox Sports, boasts an elongated shape that extends reach while providing a plush, luxurious feel. This paddle stands out not just for its easy control but also for its excellence in touch and forgiveness, ensuring precise shot placement.

Constructed with Toray T700 raw carbon fiber for the face finish and Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber for the core material, this paddle incorporates patented Carbon Fiber Chambers in its core construction. Its head shape is designated as E (Elongated), offering specific advantages for players.

Did You Know?

Featuring the SSTCore™, this paddle delivers exceptional responsiveness and control, facilitating delicate drops, spin, and net play effortlessly.

2. Third Shot Drop Special Edition Kratos

Price: $295
Brand: Third Shot Drop
Weight: 9.0 oz. to 9.1 oz
Length: 16.5 in.

Third Shot Drop Special Edition Kratosphoto source: JustPaddles

The Third Shot Drop Special Edition Kratos boasts a textured carbon fiber face and an advanced high-grade polymer composite honeycomb core. Its elongated shape, measuring 16 1/2” in length and 7 1/2” in width, provides a balanced design for play.

Specifically engineered with an optimized cell diameter, wall thickness, and core thickness, this model promises an exceptional balance of power, control, and heightened touch for crafting precise shots that were previously unattainable.

Third Shot Drop backs the Kratos Model H with a lifetime warranty covering manufacturer defects and workmanship. Additionally, there’s a one-year no-dead spot guarantee, ensuring high-quality performance.

Did You Know?

Third Shot Drop focuses solely on pickleball paddles, aiming to provide specialized and high-quality equipment tailored specifically for the game.

1. Project 003 Epic

Price: $333
Brand: Selkirk Sport
Weight: 7.5 oz. to 7.8 oz.
Length: 15.85 in.

Project 003 Epicphoto source: Selkirk Labs

The Project 003 Epic by Selkirk Sport stands as the most expensive pickleball paddle in the current market, priced at $333. This elite paddle takes what players cherish most about the AMPED and VANGUARD paddles and elevates it to an unprecedented level, offering a larger sweet spot, increased power, and enhanced spin.

Selkirk’s AMPED paddle transformed the industry in 2017 by introducing the first-ever thick-core paddle. The Labs Project 003 builds upon this innovation, emerging as the thickest core paddle on the market at an impressive 20mm thickness. This feat is made possible by cutting-edge technologies like the 360° Proto Molding single-piece construction and a new lightweight polypropylene core, developed in Selkirk Labs.

Did You Know?

Selkirk collaborates with and sponsors professional pickleball players, leveraging their expertise to develop paddles tailored for high-level competitive play. Players such as Tyson McGuffin and Kaitlyn Christian endorse Selkirk’s paddles.


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