8 Most Expensive Kobe Bryant Shoes

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Kobe Bryant, the legendary basketball player, not only left an indelible mark on the sport but also made a significant impact on sneaker culture. Throughout his career, Kobe collaborated with Nike to create a line of iconic basketball shoes that captivated fans and collectors alike. In this article, we will delve into the world of Kobe Bryant’s footwear and explore the most expensive sneakers associated with his name. 

From limited editions to rare collaborations, these shoes have reached astronomical prices in the resale market, attracting the attention of sneaker enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Join us as we showcase these extraordinary sneakers, examining their unique designs, historical significance, and the stories behind their exclusivity. Get ready to dive into the world of Kobe Bryant’s sneakers and discover their extraordinary value.

8. Nike Zoom Kobe 6 Protro ‘Grinch’

Price: $1,000
Year Released: 2010
Colorway: Black, white
Style Code: AQ2728-105

photo source: StockX

The Zoom Kobe 6 Protro ‘Grinch’ by Nike, launched in December 2010, is significant among the most beloved Kobe sneakers. This model was created to commemorate the NBA holiday season and showcases a vibrant green colorway that impeccably captures the essence of its inspiration: the mischievous Christmas character, The Grinch. Alongside the striking two-toned green scales, the shoe incorporates a black Swoosh and red Kobe branding on the tongue.

Recognized as one of the most popular Christmas-themed sneakers, the Kobe 6 Grinch debuted on Christmas Day 2010 during a highly anticipated match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat, featuring newly acquired All-Stars LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Despite the Lakers’ loss, fortunate fans sitting courtside were treated to a special Kobe 6 Grinch gift bag after the game.

Did You Know?

The shoe was reintroduced in December 2020 at a retail price of $180, yet its limited availability caused prices to skyrocket to over $1,000 in the resale market.

7. Nike Kobe 5 ‘Big Stage Home’

Price: $2,700
Year Released: 2010
Colorway: White, metallic gold-white
Style Code: 386429-108

Nike Kobe 5 ‘Big Stage Home’photo source: Shoe Game Manila

It is no surprise that the basketball shoes worn by Kobe Bryant on his journey to clinching his 5th NBA championship hold remarkable value and significance. Specifically, the Kobe 5 ‘Big Stage Home’ model stands out with its distinctive features. The significance of the Kobe 5 ‘Big Stage Home’ extends beyond its aesthetic appeal. These shoes were Bryant’s official footwear during the highly anticipated 2010 NBA Finals.

Bryant showcased his exceptional skills and determination throughout the intense series, averaging 28 points and eight rebounds per game. By wearing the Kobe 5 ‘Big Stage Home’ during this iconic championship series, Bryant immortalized these shoes as symbols of his excellence and success on the grandest stage of professional basketball. Consequently, they have become highly sought-after by collectors and fans, driving their market value to lofty heights.

Did You Know?

The Kobe 5 ‘Big Stage Home’ shoes were released as a limited edition model, making them even more exclusive and highly coveted by collectors.

6. Adidas Golden KB8

Price: $3,000
Year Released: 1997
Colorway: Black, white
Style Code: ART S84005

Adidas Golden KB8photo source: SBS Turkey

Before Kobe Bryant became associated with Nike and introduced the highly acclaimed Nike Zoom Black Mamba line, he began his professional basketball career as an ambassador for Adidas. For the initial five years of his career, Bryant sported the iconic Three Stripes logo on his footwear. Among the standout sneakers he endorsed during this period was the Golden KB8, which has become a sought-after collector’s item.

Interestingly, the Golden KB8 never received an official public release, adding to its allure. Despite its limited availability, a pair of these rare sneakers found their way onto the popular online auction platform eBay. The listing for the Golden KB8 garnered significant attention and ultimately sold for an astonishing price of $3,000. The Golden KB8 features a vibrant yellow colorway that catches the eye and prominent wave designs that add a unique touch to its overall aesthetic.

What makes the Golden KB8 particularly special is its association with the 1998 All-Star Weekend. Bryant donned this old-school shoe during the prestigious basketball event, enhancing its appeal and historical significance.

Did You Know?

The shoe’s design was inspired by Kobe Bryant’s jersey number at the time, number 8. This is why it was initially called the Golden KB8.

5. Adidas The Kobe Storm Trooper

Price: $3,100
Year Released: 2000
Colorway: Black, silver, white
Style Code: D74179

Adidas The Kobe Storm Trooperphoto source: Hypebeast

The Adidas Kobe Storm Trooper, also known as “The Kobe,” gained its nickname “space boots” thanks to its distinctive large white exterior. This basketball shoe was introduced in 2000 and became Kobe Bryant’s go-to footwear throughout the 1999-2000 season. With its predominantly white color scheme and a design reminiscent of the Audi TT Roadster, The Kobe showcased a unique aesthetic.

During the 1999-2000 season, Kobe played a significant role in Bryant’s early career, coinciding with his impressive average of 28 points per game and his triumph in winning the NBA championship. However, despite its initial success, this shoe marked the end of Bryant’s partnership with Adidas. In 2002, he chose to terminate his contract with the company primarily due to disagreements with its executives regarding developing his signature shoe.

Did You Know?

Following his departure from Adidas, Kobe Bryant forged a new alliance and signed with Nike in 2003.

4. Nike Kobe 6 ‘Vault Anniversary’

Price: $5,100
Year Released: 2011
Colorway: Clean white, metallic silver
Style Code: 446897-992

Nike Kobe 6 ‘Vault Anniversary’photo source: Pinterest

To commemorate the one-year milestone of Nike Vault, the renowned sportswear brand introduced a highly sought-after collector’s item: the limited edition Kobe 6 ‘Vault Anniversary’ sneakers. Launched in 2011, these exclusive shoes were made available in only 24 pairs, symbolizing the iconic jersey number 24 worn by the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant in the latter phase of his illustrious career.

The Nike Vault, situated in Los Angeles just outside the Staples Center, is a haven for sneaker enthusiasts, housing a vast collection of rare and exclusive footwear, including Bryant’s signature line of shoes. The Kobe 6 ‘Vault Anniversary’ sneakers feature a sleek and understated color scheme, predominantly black with accents of white and gold. While the design may appear simple, the shoes come packaged in a unique safety deposit box, emphasizing their significance as coveted collector’s items.

Did You Know?

In addition to the exclusive footwear, each pair of the Kobe 6 ‘Vault Anniversary’ sneakers was accompanied by a Nike AW-77 hoodie, further enhancing the commemorative nature of the release.

3. Nike Kobe 9 Premium ‘HTM’

Price: $7,800
Year Released: 2014
Colorway: White, black-multi-color
Style Code: 698595-009

Nike Kobe 9 Premium ‘HTM’photo source: KICKS CREW

One of the most remarkable and fashionable Kobe Bryant shoes is undoubtedly the Kobe 9 Premium ‘HTM.’ This particular model stands out with its visually appealing multicolor design, featuring a white overlay, black Swoosh and midsole, and a gum outsole. But the appeal of this shoe extends beyond its aesthetics. Regarding technology, the Kobe 9 Premium ‘HTM’ incorporates some cutting-edge features. It integrates Flyknit, a lightweight and flexible material that provides a supportive and breathable fit.

The shoe also utilizes Lunarlon cushioning, a responsive foam technology that offers excellent comfort and impact protection. Its prestigious collaboration sets the Kobe 9 Premium ‘HTM’ apart even further. It was developed by a remarkable trio consisting of Nike President and CEO Mark Parker, fragment design founder Hiroshi Fujiwara, and Nike Innovation Leader Tinker Hatfield. These influential figures in the world of design and innovation joined forces to create a shoe that seamlessly blends style and performance.

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Additionally, Flywire technology provides a secure and adaptive lockdown to enhance stability during dynamic movements.

2. Nike Air Jordan “Kobe Bryant” Pack

Price: $30,000
Year Released: 2016
Colorway: White and purple
Style Code: 869802-907

Nike Air Jordan “Kobe Bryant” Packphoto source: Footwear News

While not officially part of the renowned Kobe Bryant signature Nike Black Mamba line, it is worth acknowledging the Nike Air Jordan “Kobe Bryant” Pack, which holds significance as Bryant himself sported customized Air Jordan 3’s and Air Jordan 8’s during the 2002-2003 NBA season.

These sneakers exhibit a predominantly white upper with a yellow and purple midsole, representing the distinctive color scheme associated with the Los Angeles Lakers. Furthermore, the Air Jordan branding can be found on both shoe models’ tongue, heel counter, and outsole.

The Air Jordan 3 from this collection gained substantial global attention due to its notable appearance in a game against the Washington Wizards. This game held great significance as it marked the final matchup between Bryant and the legendary Michael Jordan, who retired from professional basketball at the conclusion of that season. The Air Jordan 3, donned by Bryant during this game, symbolized this historic encounter between two iconic basketball figures.

Did You Know?

The Air Jordan Kobe sneakers were exclusively made for players and were never released for sale to the general public, making them unavailable on store shelves.

1. Nike Kobe 1 Protro Undefeated

Price: $50,000
Year Released: 2018
Colorway: Multi-color, black-rage green
Style Code: MNBSKT 156

Nike Kobe 1 Protro Undefeatedphoto source: GOAT

The Kobe 1 Protro Undefeated is the most expensive Kobe Bryant shoe currently available on the market. This exceptional footwear results from a collaborative effort between Undefeated, a renowned sneaker and apparel store in Los Angeles, and Nike, the iconic sportswear brand. Together, they set out to reimagine and recreate Bryant’s inaugural official shoe produced in partnership with Nike, the Kobe 1.

Since its initial release in 2018, Undefeated has introduced various limited edition colorways of the shoe, adding exclusivity and desirability to this already sought-after footwear. The updated version of the Nike basketball shoe, known as “Protro” (derived from the term “performance retro”), combines a nostalgic retro aesthetic with cutting-edge enhancements tailored to meet the requirements of contemporary athletes.

Did You Know?

It is worth noting that the credit for coining the term “Protro” goes to Kobe Bryant, underscoring his involvement and influence in developing this remarkable footwear.


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