13 Most Expensive Restaurants in San Antonio

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San Diego is a tourist mecca, which means it attracts travelers from all over the world. These travelers tend to be rich or looking for a break from their normal lives, so they have money to spend on food and entertainment.

Additionally, San Diego has a large population of wealthy people, and many of them have enough money to spend on dining out. A lot of the restaurants in San Diego are expensive because they serve high-quality ingredients and services.

San Diego also boasts so many different types of cuisines available in this area. There are restaurants that cater specifically to different types of food, which means that people will have no problem finding something they like on their menu.

So whether you are a local foodie or a traveler looking for a nice place to dine in, below is the list of the most expensive restaurants in San Diego.

13. The Magpie

Meal Price: $11 to $30
Cuisine: Korean
Location: 1602 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX
Owner: Sue Kim

The Magpiephoto source: Yelp

San Antonio’s near East Side is becoming a destination for food and drink, and the newest addition, The Magpie, undoubtedly looks like a feather in the hat. After her first restaurant closed in 2018, Sue Kim relocated with her spouse to San Antonio and established this small restaurant.

The 600-square-foot, serene deep blue apartment that houses the little restaurant in the Hackberry Market development just has four tables and a couple of bar stools. Visitors are invited to take their place in charmingly mismatched seats as owner and chef Sue Kim tend to the line just outside their reach.

Did You Know?

On January 23, 2020, The Magpie secretly had its debut supper service.

12. Rebelle

Meal Price: $30 under
Cuisine: Oyster Bar, Seafood, Steak
Location: 300 E Travis St.
Owner: Andrew Goodman

Rebellephoto source: meetings.visitsanantonio.com

Rebelle provides a variety of private dining options that are ideal for any event. Its event decks provide a wide range of culinary alternatives to fit the demands of any gathering, whether it is private or business-related. Stefan Bowers, a well-known celebrity chef in San Antonio, is in charge of a competent, amiable, and professional crew.

This restaurant, which is housed inside the venerable St. Anthony Hotel, just underwent a menu makeover. A spot where you may anticipate finding tiny plates and contemporary nibbles are suggested by the lighting’s dark purple and blue hues.

The group may easily come here for something, and Rebelle can deal with a sizable crowd. The updated cuisine will be a hit with seafood lovers, while late-night drinkers will enjoy the gloomy lighting and seductive cocktail list.

Did You Know?

Although the menu is extremely international, the word “rebelle” (French for “rebel”) acknowledges the frequent usage of French techniques in the meals.

11. Silo Elevated Cuisine

Meal Price: $31 to $40
Cuisine: Contemporary American Classic, Seafood
Location: 434 N Loop 1604 W
Owner: Patrick Richardson

Silo Elevated Cuisinephoto source: Trip Advisor

The constantly evolving restaurant features a three-course prestigious menu, as well as a la carte and main dish options. This cuisine pioneer was a forerunner of the shared plates concept and has never lost its charm, prolonging year after year to fashion simple, delighting meals that are understated yet “elevated.”

All of your senses will surely be delighted by SILO Elevated Cuisine. You may savor masterfully prepared, imaginative meals. They provide quality steaks, seafood, and modern American favorites in a relaxed yet classy setting.

There are four private dining rooms with audiovisuals accessible for groups of 8 to 90 people. Visit SILO Bar for a more laid-back experience where you can indulge in distinctive food while sipping on traditional and inventive drinks and watching live performances.

Did You Know?

SILO Elevated Cuisine’s main dining area is complemented by a number of smaller, more intimate dining rooms.

10. Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille

Meal Price: $31 to $50
Cuisine: American, Seafood
Location: 15900 La Cantera Pkwy
Owner: Chris Perry

Perry’s Steakhouse & Grillephoto source: Perry’s Steakhouse

The Perry family started their first eatery in 1979, a small butcher shop and deli named Perry’s Butcher Shop and Deli, in Houston. By convincing his father Bob to install eating tables in 1986, Chris Perry opened the door for an extension that was well-liked by devoted patrons and rapidly became successful. In 1993, Chris founded Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille as a way to carry on the family tradition after being motivated by it.

Perry dispels the idea of a classic stuffy steakhouse by adding light, airy, and modern elements to the various eating rooms. This results in a setting that is appealing to both men and women. Five private dining rooms are available at Perry’s Oakbrook Center location, which can seat up to 350 guests and is ideal for parties and special occasions.

Did You Know?

In addition, Perry’s is the location of Bar 79, an island bar with live music every day and named after the year Perry’s was established.

9. Fogo de Chão

Meal Price: $31 to $50
Cuisine: Brazilian
Location: 849 E Commerce St Ste 393
Owner: Jair Coser

Fogo de Chãophoto source: Fogo de Chao

Brazilian restaurant Fogo de Chao is recognized across the world for letting patrons experience the unexpected at every step. Fogo, a restaurant chain established in Southern Brazil in 1979, turns the centuries-old culinary skill of churrasco, or roasting premium pieces of meat over an open flame, into a memorable cultural eating experience.

With a large dining room that can accommodate over 250 people as well as many private dining rooms, including the River Room with a 180-degree glass wall view of downtown San Antonio & the Riverwalk, Fogo enables visitors to discover what’s next at every turn.

Did You Know?

The Rivercenter Marriott is next to Fogo de Chao, which is located on Commerce Street just a few feet above the renowned River Walk and a short distance from The Alamo.

8. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

Meal Price: $31 to $50
Cuisine: Seafood, American
Location: 1834 N Loop 1604 W
Owner: Darden Restaurants, Inc.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafoodphoto source: AmericasCuisine.com

Eddie V’s Premier Fish offers seafood, steak, and music experience with a focus on top-of-the-catch prime seafood combinations, USDA prime beef and chops, and fresh oyster bar selections. The restaurant’s interior features a sensual earth-tone color palette, vibrant artwork, and randomly placed wood finishes in different styles to create a casually sophisticated atmosphere.

Guy Villavaso and Larry Foles launched the first Eddie V’s in Austin, Texas, in the year 2000. The business joined Darden’s Specialty Restaurant Group in 2011 after being acquired for $59 million in cash by Darden Restaurants, Inc.

Did You Know?

As of October 26, 2022, there are 30 Eddie V locations across the country. Texas has the most Eddie V’s locations in the US with 8 outlets or around 27% of all Eddie V’s sites in the country.

7. Antlers Lodge

Meal Price: $31 to $50
Cuisine: American
Location: 9800 Hyatt Resort Dr.
Owner: Chuck and Patti Powers

Antlers Lodgephoto source: TripAdvisor

Antlers is a renowned eatery that serves prime cuts, wild game, fresh fish, and other delectable variations of traditional Texas cuisine. The restaurant offers a distinctive Texas dining experience in the San Antonio Hill Country and was given its name after its spectacular chandelier made from 500 sets of antlers that had been shed naturally.

On the grounds of the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa, it is situated on the northwest side of San Antonio. Residents of San Antonio can visit Antlers Lodge, and parking is complimentary.

Did You Know?

Your dinner is completed with a dessert menu and an excellent wine choice. Additionally, there isn’t a terrible seat at the table, so you may take in views of the resort country club or the partly open kitchen.

6. The Palm

Meal Price: $41 to $80
Cuisine: American
Location: 233 E. Houston Street, Suite 100
Owner: Landry’s, Inc.

The Palmphoto source: TripAdvisor

Before a performance at the Majestic Theater or afterward, a leisurely walk along the Riverwalk, the recently remodeled Palm San Antonio offers the ideal backdrop for a delicious supper. Enjoy improved dining, bar, and private dining areas.

Since 2000, The Palm San Antonio has been wooing visitors with amazing meals and genuine, individualized service in a laid-back and fun-loving ambiance. In the middle of a lively Italian neighborhood on Second Avenue, Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi started a restaurant in 1926 after arriving in New York from Parma, Italy.

Due to their strong Italian accents, “Parma” is often incorrectly recorded as “Palm.” As a result of a customer’s request for a steak, Ganzi goes up Second Avenue to a butcher shop to fetch one and cooks it to order, the Palm immediately becomes a nexus for local journalists and artists and blossoms as a steakhouse.

Did You Know?

The Palm is renowned for its steak, lobster, authentic Italian cuisine, and the drawings of famous people that decorate its walls.

5. Morton’s The Steakhouse

Meal Price: $50 to $80
Cuisine: New American Entree
Location: 300 E. Crockett Street, Suite 283
Owner: Landry’s, Inc.

Morton’s The Steakhousephoto source: Wikipedia

The best prime-aged steaks and the freshest seafood in Texas are served at Morton’s the Steakhouse, which is situated in the Rivercenter Mall in the center of San Antonio. Morton’s can accommodate parties of 10 to 100 for business or social occasions and has three signature private boardrooms.

You can interact with huge crowds who are present in one or more of Morton’s boardrooms at once using the Velocity Suite, which offers a cutting-edge, high-definition digital theater experience. A quality eating experience with a cozy, contented atmosphere will be offered thanks to the staff’s outstanding attention to even the slightest things.

Did You Know?

Morton requires that visitors dress appropriately. A smart casual or business wear dress code is enforced by them.

4. Signature

Meal Price: $50 and over
Cuisine: Seafood, Contemporary American
Location: 16401 La Cantera Pkwy
Owner: Chef John Carpenter

Signaturephoto source: San Antonio Magazine

From the drive up to the location to the wonderful cuisine labeled just as “classic contemporary,” this is not just your old hotel dining; it is evocative of a European countryside Michelin-star restaurant.

An open kitchen, fireplace, and putting green are some of the restaurant’s distinguishing features. These can be used while you wait for a table while sipping on a cocktail. Signature is a completely from-scratch kitchen, so expect to find luxuries like aged cheeses there.

The menu is uncomplicated and alluring, offering modern takes on traditional fare—fresher, happier renditions of classic foods given an unorthodox Texas attitude. Fresh Atlantic Coast oysters flown in from the Gulf conspire with Gulf seafood, house-aged sirloin holds its own against lamb from the Pacific Northwest, and deer, dove, and quail from the Hill Country are all well-represented.

Did You Know?

Both a garden and his own bee hives are kept by Chef Weissman. For this chef and, of course, all of his diners, nothing less than the best will do.

3. Bohanan’s Prime Steak and Seafood

Meal Price: $50 and over
Cuisine: Contemporary American, Steakhouse, Seafood
Location: 219 E Houston St.
Owner: Mark Bohanan

Bohanan’s Prime Steak and Seafoodphoto source: bohanans.com

The thoughtful and delectable menu of Bohanan’s Prime Steaks and Seafood has been available since 2002, and the restaurant offers a lovely dining experience. They have a large wine list, as well as delicacies like our Akaushi meat and fresh seafood, which their experts can help you navigate.

Bohanan’s elegant upstairs dining area, which is situated on historic Houston Street in the center of San Antonio, combines a classic steakhouse ambiance with up-to-date attention to every detail.

More than 35 different kinds of seafood are also available at the restaurant, all of which are flown there from the Gulf of Mexico. It is understandable why the location draws a power crowd given the availability of single-malt scotches, a cigar bar, a cognac cart, and an extensive wine list.

Did You Know?

The prime steak served at Bohanan’s is famous for being unbelievably tender and cooked over aromatic mesquite wood.

2. Bliss

Meal Price: $50 and over
Cuisine: Contemporary American
Location: 926 S Presa St.
Owner: Mark and Lisa Bliss

Blissphoto source: Open Table

Regarding quality, service, and environment, Bliss routinely ranks among San Antonio’s top restaurants. Bliss is situated in the rapidly developing South town neighborhood just a few blocks from downtown San Antonio. Their goal is to embody greatness in the most welcoming, authentic, and inclusive manner possible. Contemporary American food is served at Bliss.

The menu is often modified, placing a focus on what is seasonal and inventive rather than what is reliable and well-known. They want to offer a real and cozy eating experience that is nevertheless classy and laid-back. Bliss provides seasonal outdoor eating on the lovely back patio, a genuine chef’s table in the kitchen for up to 10 people, a special event dining room that seats up to 30 people, and an intimate dining room with 52 seats.

Did You Know?

Depending on their appetite and preferences, customers at Bliss may design a multi-course meal.

1. Mixtli

Meal Price: $160 and over
Cuisine: Mexican
Location: 812 S Alamo St.
Owner: Diego Galicia, Rico Torres

Mixtliphoto source:  Culinary Culture

Mixtli is the most expensive restaurant in San Antonio, with dinners costing up to $160 and above. The ever-evolving cuisine is symbolized by the word Mixtli, which in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, means “cloud.” The focus is on traditional Mexican cuisine that is far more upscale than the food their rancher grandparents used to prepare.

The restaurant’s owners and cooks, Diego Galicia and Rico Torres, have created a distinctive dining experience they are dubbing “advanced Mexican culinary” that is unlike anything else in San Antonio, if not the entire country. They make everything from scratch and obtain the majority of their ingredients locally, while some—like their cocoa beans—are imported from Mexico and South America.

Did You Know?

With a combined $15,000, the creators of Mixtli rented a train and converted it into a restaurant with a single lengthy communal table that seats twelve people.



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