12 Most Expensive Russian Nesting Dolls Ever

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The history of Russian Nesting Dolls is quite long. These dolls have been developed in different parts of Russia, Ukraine, and other countries as well. However, the originating place of this craft is the town called Yaroslavl in Russia where the first Nesting Doll was made in the 18th century.

Nesting dolls are highly collectible and have become an immensely popular gift item in Russia. Traditionally, the dolls were made from porcelain, but over time these have been replaced by other materials. Many collectors place a high value on the dolls themselves but also on the original boxes that their dolls came in.

The uniqueness and craftsmanship of these dolls make them one of the most expensive items in the world that make Russians proud and happy. In this guide, we will take a look at the most expensive Russian nesting dolls in the world along with their cost and valuable history.

12. Cinderella (Variation) by Julia Talman

Price: $875
Doll Size: 8.5 inches
No. of Pieces: 7

Cinderella (Variation) by Julia Talmanphoto source: workandmoney.com

This group of seven dolls by Julia Talman displays her meticulous and delicate painting technique in a sophisticated fairytale setting. Several dolls feature images from the well-known fairy tale, including Cinderella and her nighttime escape.

Did You Know?

Julia Talman has created several variations on the “Cinderella” narrative. As the biggest model, another alternative depicts Cinderella caring for her stepmother or one of her stepsisters.

11. Fairytales Russian Nesting Dolls

Price: $1,400
Doll Size: 17.5 inches
Country of Manufacture: Russia
No. of Pieces: 30

Fairytales Russian Nesting Dollsphoto source: amazon.com

In Russia’s Sergeev, this set was made by hand. This exquisite five-piece matryoshka set tells a tale and beautifully adds a touch of original art to any room’s decor. This hand-carved and hand-painted doll, which also depicts the well-known Cinderella tale, was used to tell it. The artist autographed this 7-inch piece of artwork.

Did You Know?

The material that was used to manufacture this Russian Nesting doll is called linden wood.

10. 10 Russian Rulers Historical

Price: $1,478.99
Doll Size: 10 ½ inches
Country of Manufacture: Russia
No. of Pieces: 10

10 Russian Rulers Historicalphoto source: therussianstore.com

From Vladimir I. Lenin, the Communist Party’s revolutionary founder, to Vladimir V. Putin, the country’s most recent president, this magnificent wooden doll depicts Russian rulers. In this unique and historically significant drawn stacking doll, each personality is expertly represented by Russian artist V. Litvinov.

The iconic Dmitry Moor “Did You Volunteer?” propaganda poster slogan from 1920 is printed on the doll’s back. This very collectible, artist-signed nesting doll measures 10 1/2″ tall, has a matte finish and was imported straight from Sergiev Posad, Russia.

Did You Know?

The front has the Bolshevik slogan for the night before the October Revolution in 1917, “All power to the Soviets” (с влaст – оветам!).

9. The Story of the Bible by Larisa Chulkova

Price: $1,650
Doll Size: 10 inches
Country of Manufacture: Russia
No. of Pieces: 10

The Story of the Bible by Larisa Chulkovaphoto source: amazon.com

The “history of the Bible” by Larisa Chulkova can be compared to a 10-piece Russian nesting doll. This gorgeous outfit took several weeks to create since she put so much detail into a very lovely piece of art.

The superb works of Chulkova are characterized by their use of color, and in the set, she depicts a number of biblical events. Her signature appears on the underside of the first doll in the set.

Did You Know?

Each doll becomes increasingly smaller as it opens.

8. The Rain by Stepan Goryachy

Price: $1,750
Doll Size: 11 inches
Country of Manufacture: Unspecified
No. of Pieces: 5

The Rain by Stepan Goryachyphoto source: noveltybravo.tech

Stepan Goryachy, a gifted painter, created many wonderful works of art including this one. Goryachy dolls’ inquisitive, soul-searching personas seem to be the visual representations of human collective aspirations and perceptions, or fragmented versions of desires.

People may be reminded of things that are far away but dear to them upon seeing this art by elegant Ladies and Girls dressed in vibrant apparel, feather-light sunshades cascading in the breeze, and semi-transparent balloons.

Did You Know?

These silhouettes of matryoshka dolls are an elegant way for the authors to express their fantasies and strange dreams.

7. Large Set of Hand Painted Dolls

Price: $1,800
Doll Size: 21 inches
Country of Manufacture: Russia
No. of Pieces: 50

Large Set of Hand Painted Dollsphoto source: workandmoney.com

This is possibly one of the largest doll sets ever made. The enormous set of hand-painted dolls includes 50 dolls ranging in size from 21 inches to considerably smaller. They were all hand-painted and developed around the year 2000.

Did You Know?

This large hand-painted Russian Nesting Doll was sold for $1,800 in 2014.

6. Collectible Winter Troika Matryoshka

Price: $2,376.99
Doll Size: 11 ½ inches
Country of Manufacture: Russia
No. of Pieces: 10

Collectible Winter Troika Matryoshkaphoto source: therussianstore.com

The Winter Troika and other winter-themed events can be seen in this appealing stacked doll. This exquisite work of fine art was painted using the tiniest paint brushes and accented with embossed “dots,” gold trimming, and glittering paint. The dolls’ deep red-colored backs all have the same design.

Did You Know?

These exquisite winter landscapes featuring the troika with horses, a lovely peasant girl, the warm little cabin, the Christmas tree, and the amazing snowflake serve as an example of the time-honored practice of decorating Matryoshka nesting stacking dolls.

5. The Snow Queen Tale Matryoshka

Price: $2,376.99
Doll Size: 11 3/4 inches
Country of Manufacture: Russia
No. of Pieces: 10

The Snow Queen Tale Matryoshkaphoto source: therussianstore.com

With astounding intricacy, brilliant colors, and dazzling gold trim, this remarkable matryoshka represents the fairytale “The Snow Queen.” Lonuchenkova was a very talented Russian artist who employed the smallest brushes to depict a shining castle, a stunning white horse, the young Kay, and Gerda, as well as flowers, animals, and trees.

Did You Know?

Even the bottom of this nesting doll is coated in exquisite detail. The artist’s signature and gloss finish were there.

4. Humpbacked Pony Russian Fairytale Doll

Price: $2,376.99
Doll Size: 10 inches
Country of Manufacture: Ukraine
No. of Pieces: 5

Humpbacked Pony Russian Fairytale Dollphoto source: amazon.com

Firebird and Ivan “the idiot” are featured on the front of this nested doll, which is a one-of-a-kind collectible that is based on the Russian fairy tale “Humpbacked Pony.” On the dolls’ backs, however, is a floral scarf with exquisite detailing.

This exquisite seven-piece hand-painted set serves as the story’s illustration. The set’s dolls each depict a distinct scene from this well-known fairytale.

Did You Know?

This hand-painted set is autographed by the artist and has a glossy lacquered finish.

3. Russian Troika 25 Pieces Nesting Doll

Price: $3,476.99
Doll Size: 16 inches
Country of Manufacture: Russia
No. of Pieces: 25

Russian Troika 25 Pieces Nesting Dollphoto source: amazon.com

The Russian Troika Nesting Doll was handcrafted from birch wood and hand painted by a Russian artist, revealing a set of smaller dolls inside when opened. The scenes are extremely interesting, and it also features a glossy surface. It makes an impressive home decor piece, and it was also signed by a Russian artist on the bottom.

Did You Know?

This big nesting doll features the well-known “Russian Troika,” which is the 3-horse sled carriage, and it was imported directly from Russia.

2. Religious Iconography Russian Dolls

Price: $5,000
Doll Size: 15 inches
Country of Manufacture: Russia
No. of Pieces: 29

Religious Iconography Russian Dollsphoto source: workandmoney.com

The Russian Orthodox Church and its practices have had a significant impact on the artistic achievements of the community of matryoshka doll artisans ever since the birth of the nesting doll art form in Russia.

One of the most stunning collections of Russian dolls ever maybe this Religious Iconography Russian Dolls. This exquisite set features over 30 dolls that range in size from 13 inches to 0.25 inches and portray various religious events and icons.

Did You Know?

This particular set is special since some of the wood grain can be seen through the partially painted surface.

1. Kustodiev Paintings Nesting Doll and Book Set

Price: $6,128.00
Doll Size: 18 ½ inches
Country of Manufacture: Russia
No. of Pieces: 30

Kustodiev Paintings Nesting Doll and Book Setphoto source: therussianstore.com

The Kustodiev Paintings Nesting Doll and Book Set is the most expensive Russian Nesting Doll in the world which costs 6,128 US dollars.

This one-of-a-kind thirty-piece nesting doll was imported straight from Russia. When opened, it reveals a collection of tiny dolls within, each reflecting a different renowned Kustodiev artwork. It is hand-carved from birch wood and hand painted by a Russian artist. The biggest of the 30 dolls stands 18 1/2″ tall and has a high gloss finish.

This set also includes a 166-page full-color book on Boris Kustodiev‘s life and works, which is written in both Russian and English.

Did You Know?

The full set of dolls is painted in the style of renowned Russian painter Boris Kustodiev.


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