8 Most Expensive Jasper Stones in the World

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Jasper is an opaque, microcrystalline quartz often associated with other minerals such as chert, shale, and sandstone. This beautiful yet affordable stone comes in various colors and patterns, ranging from deep reds and browns to pale greens and yellows. 

Jaspers are primarily made of silicon dioxide but contain about 20% impurities. The colors and patterns of jasper depend on the minerals and impurities present in the stone. The most common color for jasper is red, which comes from iron oxide. Jaspers can be of infinite varieties in terms of color and patterns. The price of a jasper stone depends on the rarity and beauty of the color and pattern it features.

Commonly available jaspers are pretty cheap. You can buy them for $5-$7. However, the price for the rarer varieties can be considerably higher. Here we list 8 of the most jasper stones in the market. The prices mentioned in this article refer to the price per tumbled stone (3-10cm). Note that the price varies widely depending on the stone’s texture and quality.  

8. Willow Creek Jasper

Average price: $35-45
Location: Idaho, US
Hallmark: muted brown, green, beige, rusty red, purple, and pink with squiggly line patterns

Willow Creek Jasperimage source bigcommerce.com

Willow Creek Jasper is a beautiful gemstone featuring subtle pastel shades of brown, rusty red, purple, beige, green, and pink. Usually, the stone displays squiggly line patterns. However, occasionally it can feature some orb-like patterns.

It is found in a mine around 15 miles north of Eagle, Idaho. The mine is located on a private property owned by Larry Ridley, who purchased it in the 1990s after the death of former owner Rocky Joe.

Willow Creek Jasper is known for its stunning patterns, brilliant polish, and subtle, elegant look. It is formed as the core of giant thundereggs. The outer layer of the thunderegg is made of hard Rhyolite. Miners break this layer to get the stone.

Did you know?

Jasper is considered a gemstone with metaphysical properties. It is believed that jasper fortifies physical and emotional strengths and protects against negative energies.

  7. Rainforest Jasper

Average price: $40-45
Location: Queensland, Australia
Hallmark: green, brown, red, cream

Rainforest Jasperimage source inmindjewellery.com

Rainforest Jasper is mined at Mount Hay, located west of Rockhampton in Central Queensland. This unique gemstone is a rare type of rhyolitic lava. When the lava solidifies, bubbles of air get trapped in the flow. These pockets are later filled or partially filled with siliceous materials and form the rock.      

It is believed that the Rainforest Jaspers were formed in the Mount Hay area some 120 million years ago. Depending on the mineral contents, the rock can be green, brown, tan, red, cream, or a combination of these shades. 

Rainforest Jasper may not be as beautiful as some other varieties, but it is known for its healing properties and thus have demand in the market.

Did you know?

The name Jasper is derived from the Old French Jaspre, meaning spotted of speckled stones.

6. Bumblebee Jasper

Average price: $40-50
Location: West Java, Indonesia
Hallmark: Bright orange-yellow and black

Bumblebee Jasperimage source albionfireandice.co.uk

Bumblebee Jasper is formed from a mixture of volcanic ash, anhydrite, hematite, sulfur, realgar, pyrite, and other minerals. The deposit is found in Papandayan Volcano on the island of Java in Indonesia in limited quantities, making it a rare and valuable gemstone.

The stone is named after its distinctive yellow and black striped pattern, resembling a bumblebee. It is formed in the cracks in the land caused by an active volcano. It is a rare occurrence, and geologists believe it is unlikely to find another deposit of similar stone.  

Due to its vivid colors and unique pattern, Bumblebee Jasper is a popular choice for jewelry making. It is often cut into cabochons or beads and used in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. However, it’s important to note that Bumblebee Jasper can be toxic if not properly sealed.

Did you know?

Although commonly known as a jasper stone, Bumblebee is not a jasper in the true sense as it doesn’t contain quartz.

5. Morrisonite Jasper

Average price: $50-60
Location: South-eastern Oregon, US
Hallmark: soft blue, yellow ochre, tan, and green with distinct patterns

Morrisonite Jasperimage source bigcommerce.com

Morrisonite Jasper is found in the Owyhee Mountains region of eastern Oregon, close to the Idaho border. The gemstone is highly prized by collectors and lapidary artists due to its rarity, beauty, and unique patterns.

The colors of Morrisonite Jasper can range from shades of soft blue, yellow ochre, tan, and green, and the patterns can include swirls, orbs, stripes, and other abstract designs. The unique mineral composition of the rock causes the unique color and pattern of each Morrisonite Jasper. 

Morrisonite Jasper belongs to the group of Porcelain jasper. It gets a ceramic look with high shine and polish.

Did you know?

Morrisonite Jasper is named after James Morrison, an explorer deeply interested in native Indian culture. Morrison explored the Owyhee Mountain region for over fifty years to collect Indian artifacts. Later, some pieces of Morrisonite jasper stones were found in his collection and named after him.

4. Mookaite Jasper

Average price: $70-80
Location: Western Australia
Hallmark: various bright colors

Mookaite Jasperimage source stonemania.co.uk

The only deposit of Mookaite Jasper is on private land in the Mooka Creek region, Western Australia.

Mookaite Jasper is desired for its unique and bold colors, ranging from cream, bright yellow, crimson, brown, burgundy, and shades of pink and purple. The patterns and colors are formed by the deposition of mineral materials over time and the unique geology of the region where it is found.

Initially, the stone is formed with cracks and fissures. Then those cracks are filled with different minerals, creating a unique pattern.

Mookaite Jasper is a relatively new gemstone, discovered only in the 1960s. The tradename was never formally registered. The gem is also known as mookalite, mookerite, or mook jasper.

Did you know?

Mooka is a word used by the aboriginal people of this land. It means ‘running water.’

  3. Bruneau Jasper

Average price: $70-90
Location: Idaho, US
Hallmark: brown, reddish brown, and cream

Bruneau Jasperimage source bigcommerce.com

Bruneau Jasper is an extremely rare type of jasper stone. It is a picture jasper featuring a layered pattern of muted brown, tan, cream, red, and reddish-brown color. Rarely it also exhibits greenish shades. 

Bruneau Jasper was discovered in the canyon of Bruneau River in Western Idaho, some 30 miles south of Bruneau. It is formed in egg shapes and is embedded in the hard solid rock near the bottom of the canyon walls. 

The gemstone was first found in the 1950s, and it was spread across 5 miles area. 

The Bureau of Mines has long been trying to close down the area for mining and put a very high bond to it. As a result, commercial production of Bruneau Jasper has been stalled since 2009.

Did you know?

A picture jasper contains fine intricate lines and complex color patterns resembling a painting.

2. Imperial Jasper

Average price: $70-90
Location: Mexico
Hallmark: gentle muted shades with intricate patterns

Imperial Jasperimage source rockngem.com

Imperial Jasper is a rare and expensive gemstone found in Mexico. The deposits are located about 50 miles northwest of Guadalajara, on the steep slope of a canyon. Imperial Jasper is prized for its delicate, muted colors and intricate patterns.

The stone is composed of various minerals, including quartz, chalcedony, and feldspar, which combine to create its unique and vibrant appearance.

Imperial Jasper can be found in muted pink, light green, pistachio, pale brown, and similar shades. The patterns on Imperial Jasper can be quite dramatic, with swirling lines and organic shapes.   

Imperial Jasper got its name because it was once considered the exclusive property of royalty and other ruling class members. As a result, the stone is sometimes referred to as “Emperor Jasper” or “Regal Jasper.”

Did you know?

You may find turquoise blue or other strong blue-colored Imperial Jasper in the market. Even if they are original Imperial Jasper, the colors are not natural but artificially dyed. Some Imperial Jaspers may have a subtle blue tint, which is never the dominant color.

1. Ocean Jasper

Average price: $80-100
Location: Madagascar
Hallmark: Orb-like pattern in various shades

Ocean Jasperimage source cdn.shopify.com

Ocean Jasper is the most expensive type of jasper stone available in the world. It is found in only one location, the coast of northwest Madagascar. It makes it considerably rare and highly sought-after.

Ocean Jasper features unique orb-like patterns in different colors, including green, blue, yellow, grey, white, and pink. The patterns resemble ocean waves and underwater scenes. 

Ocean Jasper is composed of various minerals, including chalcedony, quartz, and feldspar, which combine to create distinctive patterns and colors. Due to its vibrant appearance, ocean jasper is a popular choice for jewelry and other collectible items. 

Did you know?

Seven deposits of Ocean Jasper have been discovered so far, and most of them are completely mined out. The deposit at the original location was exhausted in 2006.


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