3 Rarest Living Ships in No Man’s Sky

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In No Man’s Sky, the collection of procedurally generated universe harbors a trove of rare items. Among them, Living Ships, biomechanical marvels, offer unique piloting experiences. In this blog, we rank the game’s top three rarest Living Ships using data from 255 galaxies.

Factoring in spawn rates and galaxy positioning reveals the most elusive vessels, reserved for the luckiest travelers. For No Man’s Sky enthusiasts seeking the extraordinary, these ships symbolize mastery in a boundless game universe. Explore with us to uncover this exceptional craft.

3. The First Agestoko

Rarity: Rare
Galaxy: Calypso (Order 3)
Star System: HUB4-73 New Beginnings
Galactic Coordinates: 0430:0078:0D55:0073
Discovered By: Sappho
Release: Frontiers

The First AgestokoImage source: No Man’s Sky Wiki Fandom

The First Agestoko is one of the rarest and most sought-after Living Ships in No Man’s Sky. This exotic biomechanical ship model cannot be scanned for coordinates,  only found randomly by players exploring galaxies. Its namesake derives from it being the first Living Ship discovered by a player named Sappho shortly after the Living Ship update launched in 2020.

With its long nose, sweeping wings, and unique central hull shape, the First Agestoko stands out even among other rare Living Ships. Its origins from the early days of Living Ships’ addition to NMS and striking aesthetic make discoveries of The First Agestoko rare trophies for any traveler lucky enough to stumble upon one.

Did You Know?

The First Agestoko has an added potential damage of 50% to 75%.

2. Paytalnoi XR9

Rarity: Very Rare
Galaxy: Budullangr (Order 7)
Star System: Acakamsa 3908
Galactic Coordinates: 0000:0000:0000:0001
Discovered By: Peacebomb
Release: Crossplay

Paytalnoi XR9Image source: No Man’s Sky Wiki Fandom

The Paytalnoi XR9 is an exceptionally rare S-class Living Ship discovered in the Acakamsa 3908 system in the Budullangr galaxy’s Odiomey Sector. With striking Grafted Eyes modules and a sleek design, this 22-slot Living Ship is highly coveted. Its S-class status grants immense bonuses to damage, shield strength, warp range, and maneuvers.

Originally found by the player Peacebomb, few other Paytalnoi XR9 instances have been reported in the vast NMS universe. Its remote Budullangr home system adds to its mystique. Locating this exclusive Living Ship would be the crown jewel for any serious hunter given its rarity.

Did You Know?

This ship costs 2,980,000 points.

1. Dunichekh KP1

Rarity: Rarest
Galaxy: Elkupalos (Order 11)
Star System: AGT Tenewme
Galactic Coordinates: 0CA4:0081:0D4B:00D9
Discovered By: sumpfmarie
Release: Outlaws

Dunichekh KP1Image source: No Man’s Sky Wiki Fandom

The incredibly rare Dunichekh KP1 is the rarest Living Ship in all of No Man’s Sky. This exotic starship is primarily light yellow and pale rose in color. The S-class version was first discovered crashed on the planet Lisaacri in the AGT Tenewme system.

With base stats including high damage, shield strength, hyperdrive range, and maneuverability, the Dunichekh KP1 is a coveted find for any traveler. First documented by Sumpfmarie and the Alliance of Galactic Travellers in April 2022, very few other confirmed sightings of this distinctive living starship exist across the vast NMS universe.

Did You Know?

This ship is located in a region called Aiyoshi Nebula which is approximately 721,383 light years from the Galaxy Centre in the Delta Quadrant.


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