8 Most Expensive Items on Roblox

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Roblox was founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. The duo developed the game for about a year before launching it in 2004.

Compared to other games of the time, the idea of Roblox was very innovative. While open-world-style systems existed, the idea that users could make their own worlds was pretty unique. Roblox’s developers started calling these interactions between players “experiences” rather than “games.” And that makes sense because Roblox really is more of an experience than a game — you can travel around and complete tasks like traditional games, but it’s more of an online social environment.

Today, Roblox is totally free to play. You can do a lot on the platform without spending any money, but you can spend some cash to do even more. Money within the game is called Robux, and although it’s not worth as much as real money, it’s still valuable.

When it comes to how you use those valuable Robux, you’ve got a lot of options. From fun accessories to useful tools, buying items on Roblox is a fun way to get immersed in the digital world.

Speaking of buying items, let’s take a look at the most expensive items on Roblox.

  1. Green Sparkle Time Fedora
  2. Estimated Value in Robux: 10,000
    Estimate Value in Cash: $125
    Description: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Genres: Town and city
    Green Sparkle Time Fedora
    photo source: roblox.fandom.com

    There’s a good chance no one you know owns this fedora. The unique, limited-release hat came out on March 17, 2012, and was limited to just 100 copies — so it’s really hard to find this hat today.

    When it joined the avatar shop, this hat cost 10,000 Robux, or about $125. The pricey cap is probably worth even more today, mostly because it’s so rare.

    The hat itself is lime green with a band of silver around the base. Unlike other hats in Roblox, this fedora has a very noticeable shimmering effect — hence the name “Sparkle Time.”

    Even though only 100 copies were released, this rare fedora has been favorited more than 11,000 times.

    How much would you pay for this sparkly cap?

    Did you know?

    This hat is the fourth in a limited series of Sparkle Time Fedoras. Reports from 2018 say only 11 variants exist within the limited series, but that could change.

  3. Sir Rich McMoneyston, III Disguise
  4. Estimated Value in Robux: 11,111
    Estimate Value in Cash: $140
    Description: Now you, too, can look like Sir Rich McMoneyston, III.
    Genres: All
    Sir Rich McMoneyston, III Disguise
    photo source: roblox.fandom.com

    Looking for a good all-around disguise hat? This one has you covered. The all-genre item was released in August 2009 as part of the Sir Rich McMoneyston series, a line dedicated to making players look “rich.”

    As it turns out, you’d have to actually be pretty rich to own this item. The disguise had an initial price tag of 11,111 Robux — that’s about $140.

    Interestingly, this item was discounted at one point, but not by much. Buyers could pay 8,888 Robux for a copy during the 2019 Memorial Day sale, so it’s always remained pretty pricey.

    As with other expensive Roblox items, this disguise is quite popular. The item was favorited more than 14,000 times as of late February 2022.

    Did you know?

    Roblox once ran an ad for this item featuring Sir Rich McMoneyston, III standing in front of a huge pile of cash.

  5. Korblox Deathspeaker
  6. Estimated Value in Robux: 17,000
    Estimate Value in Cash: $212
    Description: His tribe is widely considered the best and strongest of the twelve Korblox tribes. No one dares challenge his authority.
    Genres: N/A
    Korblox Deathspeaker
    photo source: roblox.fandom.com

    Coming in at number seven is the Korblox Deathspeaker bundle. The item was released right at the end of 2013 as part of the Korblox series — a line featuring the Korblox theme to support the Korblox Empire. The series has a variety of items, but this specific item was published in the avatar shop with a price tag of 17,000 Robux (more than $200).

    As with a few other expensive items on Roblox, the Korblox Deathspeaker bundle was discounted for a short time during the 2017 Memorial Day sale. During that sale, buyers with enough cash could purchase the item for 13,000 Robux, which is about 30% off the original price. Not a bad deal!

    As of 2020, this item had close to 30,000 favorites. However, that number should have been higher — it actually reset to 0 at one point due to an unknown technical issue.

    Did you know?

    If a player sits down while wearing this bundle, they will appear to be floating.

  7. Viscount of the Federation
  8. Estimated Value in Robux: 40,000
    Estimate Value in Cash: $500
    Description: The Wars of Reunification are complete. The Federation is whole once more. All of creation is yours.
    Genres: Sci-Fi
    Viscount of the Federation
    photo source: roblox.fandom.com

    Viscount of the Federation is hard to find. It’s very expensive — but it’s also limited edition, so anyone with enough Robux to own a copy probably won’t resell it. The original price came in at a staggering 40,000, but who knows how much a copy would cost today!

    Interestingly, Viscount of the Federation wasn’t always limited edition. The hat had a timer sale on launch day, so anyone rich and fast enough could get a copy before that timer ran out. When time was up, the item went limited.

    As the fifth-most expensive item on Roblox, Viscount of the Federation is worth about $500 in real cash. That’s a lot!

    Did you know?

    As of March 2022, this item has more than 14,000 favorites.

  9. Violet Valkyrie
  10. Estimated Value in Robux: 50,000
    Estimate Value in Cash: $625
    Description: Be joyful in victory.
    Genres: Medieval and adventure
    Violet Valkyrie
    photo source: roblox.fandom.com

    This extremely expensive item was published in February 2018. The ultra-pricey item was actually part of that year’s President’s Day sale — but that didn’t stop the price from skyrocketing. With an initial tag of 50,000 Robux, this violet-colored accessory is the fourth-most item expensive on all of Roblox.

    Before its release, details about this item leaked and got the Roblox community pretty interested. Some suggested the hat would be called Brighteyes’ Valkyrie, but no one really knew what the real item was until the official release.

    Did you know?

    Reports say this is the most expensive non-limited item in the Roblox catalog.

  11. Lord of the Federation
  12. Estimated Value in Robux: 250,000
    Estimate Value in Cash: $3,125
    Description: The wars of unification are complete. The federation is whole once more. All of creation is yours.
    Genres: Sci-Fi
    Lord of the Federation
    photo source: roblox.fandom.com

    This item dropped in March 2012. The release came directly from Roblox and landed in the avatar shop alongside a jaw-dropping price tag: 250,000 Robux.

    This item is part of the Federation series — a line mainly consisting of ultra-pricey intergalactic-themed hats. Members of the series are mostly named after royal ranks, like Lord and Viscount (yes, Viscount of the Federation is part of the same series).

    As the third-most expensive item on Roblox, Lord of the Federation is with more than $3,000 in real cash.

    How much would you pay for this hat?

    Did you know?

    This item was favorited more than 15,000 times as of early 2021.

  13. Scython’s ROBLOX Tablet
  14. Estimated Value in Robux: 900,000
    Estimate Value in Cash: $11,250
    Description: N/A
    Genres: All
    Scython's ROBLOX Tablet
    photo source: roblox.com

    ROBLOX tablets are a limited series of gear that are BC-only. The series was designed to promote Roblox’s official release on iPads. Each member of the series had a gradually higher price tag, including this one worth 900,000 Robux — that’s more than $11,000!

    After the promo ended, people lucky enough to get their hands on one of the ROBLOX limited tablets received a real Apple iPad 3. Not a bad deal!

    Reports say some lucky tablet owners were willing to trade their ROBLOX tablet after the promotion was over, but others kept them since they’re so rare.

    Did you know?

    Roblox fans kept a list of those lucky players who got one of the rare tablets. Some of their usernames include Scython (the original owner of this tablet) and hicup789, the original owner of the first tablet in the series.

  15. enyahs7’s ROBLOX Tablet
  16. Estimated Value in Robux: 1,000,000
    Estimate Value in Cash: $12,500
    Description: N/A
    Genres: All
    enyahs7's ROBLOX Tablet
    photo source: roblox.com

    enyahs7’s ROBLOX Tablet is the most expensive item on Roblox.

    With a price tag of 1 million Robux, enyahs7’s ROBLOX tablet is by far the most expensive item on the platform. The rare, historic item was part of Roblox’s promo ahead of its release on iPads.

    Despite having the highest price tag of any tablet in the iPad promo series, this one wasn’t the last entry. That title belongs to ninjabart122’s tablet (#20), which disrupted the theme of progressively higher prices by costing just one Robux.

    Even though it originally sold for 1 million Robux, enyahs7’s tablet reportedly resold for about 100,000 at some point after the iPad promo.

    Did you know?

    The current owner of this tablet is reportedly Undim.


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