11 Most Expensive Bed Sheets You Can Buy

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Expensive bed sheets are a must-have for a luxurious bedroom. They are the perfect way to give your bedroom the finishing touches it needs.

There are many different types of bed sheets available on the market today, including cotton, silk, and satin. Each type has its own unique features that can be used to make your bedroom look more luxurious than ever before.

The most expensive kinds of bed sheets are made from Egyptian cotton, which has long fibers that measure 1-2 mm in diameter. These fibers make for a soft feel against your skin and help keep you cool while sleeping at night.

Expensive bed sheets are really hard to find. If you want to buy one, you need to spend some time thinking about what kind of bed sheet you want. Worry no more, for this article will give you the most expensive bed sheets you can ever buy.

11. Waterbed Egyptian Linens: 1500 TC Waterbed Solid Egyptian Cotton

Price: $330
Manufacturer: Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Store
Material: Egyptian Cotton
Pattern: Solid

Waterbed Egyptian Linens: 1500 TC Waterbed Solid Egyptian Cottonphoto source: Amazon

The fact that Egyptian cotton is regarded as the most opulent cotton in the world may surprise you if you are unfamiliar with it. These sheets feature a staggering 1500 thread counts. Specially designed for use in opulent waterbeds, the Waterbed Egyptian Linens: 1500 TC Waterbed Solid Egyptian Cotton. These sheets are ideal for anyone who owns an expensive waterbed.

This Luxury Bedding stands above the competition in terms of comfort, quality, and luxury. Their suppleness improves with each washing and they are durable but elegant.

Did You Know?

The Long Staple Giza Cotton used to make these exquisite Luxury Bed Sheets has been farmed in the verdant Nile River Valley since the time of the Pharaohs.

10. Sferra Milos Seamist Egyptian Cotton Sateen 1020 TC

Price: $595
Manufacturer: Sferra
Material: Egyptian Cotton Sateen
Pattern: Solid

Sferra Milos Seamist Egyptian Cotton Sateen 1020 TCphoto source: Sferra

The most opulent cotton in the world, Egyptian cotton, is used to make these sheets, much like the ones that came before them. They are then covered in a silky sateen weave. They are Italian imports. But the cotton must first be brought from Africa before it can be spun in Italy.

Did You Know?

The pricey linens are a piece of the “Ne Plus Ultra Collection” by Sferra Milo. posh word for luxury bedding.

9. Dreamsacks Seamless Silk

Price: $655
Manufacturer: DreamSack
Material: Silk, Velvet trim, Satin
Pattern: Solid

Dreamsacks Seamless Silkphoto source: Walmart

The Dreamsacks seamless bed sheet is developed for those who value high-quality, gorgeous, long-lasting, and appealing materials. Silk was used in its construction, while satin was weaved at the slope side.

Due to the satin weave of the sheets, one side is exceptionally shiny while the other is matte. Before making the sand, the silk is washed as part of the matte hem process. When spread out on the bed, the Dreamsacks bed sheet is very smooth.

Did You Know?

Because the silk was washed, the hem of the bed sheet has a matte finish.

8. Sferra Milos Fitted Sheet

Price: $1,021
Manufacturer: Sferra
Material: Egyptian Cotton, Sateen
Pattern: Solid

Sferra Milos Fitted Sheetphoto source: US-Mattress

A gossamer yarn is used in the Sferra Milos Fitted Sheet, making it distinctive. Italy, where Sferra creates this line, is often the only country where sheets made of gossamer yarn are seen.

Making bed sheets out of gossamer yarn takes a lot of time and expertise, which raises the price. The Sferra Milos fitted sheet is available in ivory and white, and it looks as nice as it feels.

7. Sferra Millesimo Flat Sheet

Price: $1,124
Manufacturer: Sferra
Material: Egyptian Cotton, Sateen
Pattern: Solid

Sferra Millesimo Flat Sheetphoto source: Sferra

One more of the most costly sheets on our list is produced by Sferra. An item from one of their high-end collections, the Sferra Millesimo Flat Sheet costs $1,124. The stunning sateen weave of Millesimo bedding is created from only Egyptian cotton.

The Italian lace design that permeates this sheet, elevating it to the luxury category, is unavoidable. The Millesimo is soft yet sturdy and machine washable, much like the Sferra Gia 45 Luxe Fitted Sheet.

Did You Know?

These sheets are not mass-produced by Sferra, and each one is the result of meticulous handwork.

6. Frette Cotton Sateen 1,000 TC

Price: $1,550
Manufacturer: Frette
Material: Egyptian Cotton, Sateen
Pattern: Solid

Frette Cotton Sateen 1,000 TCphoto source: Frette

The main factor driving up the price of this bottom sheet is the usage of extra-long staple Giza 45 Egyptian cotton. It is available in two styles: traditional and milk-white, and all are equally plush and cozy.

Another illustration of how Italian sheets are often the priciest is the Frette Cotton Sateen 1,000 TC Fitted Bottom Sheet.

Did You Know?

High-end hotels frequently use Frette linens, and the business makes more than a dozen distinct kinds of sheet sets.

5. Frette Hellas Seaweed Border

Price: $1,695
Manufacturer: Fretta
Material: Cotton
Pattern: Seaweed pattern borders

Frette Hellas Seaweed Borderphoto source: alux.com

Bed linens with the Frette Hellas Seaweed Border are yet another illustration of excellent craftsmanship. These sheets with an ocean design are made in Italy from the finest materials. Seaweed-patterned borders and sea anemone patterns are also included in the price of each set, which is $1,695.

4. Porthault Jours de Paris

Price: $1,900
Material: Cotton, Sateen
Pattern: Solid

Porthault Jours de Parisphoto source: WorthPoint

This bed sheet has a starting price of $1,900. This bed sheet has a sateen outer weave and is composed of pure, premium cotton. With its white tone and green embroidery, this bed sheet exudes elegance. The entrancing green thread is used for the great part of the bed sheet’s stitching. The bed sheet’s distinctive and lovely appearance is a result of the sewing technique.

For a century, D. Porthault developed the abilities of textile design and production while drawing inspiration from the hues, patterns, and richness of nature.

Did You Know?

Along with the bed sheet, you also get a pillow and duvet coverings.

3. Sferra Giza 45 Luxe Fitted Sheet

Price: $2,169
Manufacturer: Sferra
Material: Egyptian Cotton, Sateen
Pattern: Solid

Sferra Giza 45 Luxe Fitted Sheetphoto source: Bedding Superstore

Sferra Giza 45 Luxe Fitted Sheet is available for $2,169. Purely 100% Egyptian cotton is used to create the Giza 45 Luxe Fitted Sheet, which is produced in Italy. The high cost is explained by a mix of export expenses, expert workmanship, and the priciest bed sheet material.

Being the most coveted fabric for bed linens, it is uncommon to locate bed sheets made entirely of Egyptian cotton. Sizes for this opulent fitted sheet include queen and king.

Did You Know?

The linens are strong yet lightweight, and washing them in the machine won’t be a problem. Being able to avoid machine cleaning is a huge advantage in and of itself for premium sheet manufacturers.

2. Savoir The Vision 600

Price: $2,320
Manufacturer: Savior Beds
Material: Cotton
Pattern: Oxford Duvet

Savoir The Vision 600photo source: Savior Beds

The Vision 600 Bed Linen Set, which costs $2,320, has a 600 thread count, which accounts for its softness. Although Savoir The Vision 600 linens are produced in England, they are really Italian fabrics. The most comfortable bed sheets are made with Italian cotton and workmanship. 

These sheets are distinctive because they are white and have a simple design that is appealing but understated.

Did You Know?

This linen set offers excellent value because it includes a high-quality bed sheet and two equally lovely pillowcases.

1. Charlotte Thomas’ Bed Sheet

Price: $2,400
Manufacturer: Charlotte Thomas
Material: Merlino wool, Egyptian Cotton
Pattern: Printed

Charlotte Thomas' Bed Sheetphoto source: Charlotte Thomas

Since many years ago, Charlotte Thomas Bespoke linens have been the most costly bedding options. Charlotte Thomas Bed Sheets are the epitome of comfort and elegance and cost $2,400 making them the most expensive bed sheet you can ever buy.

Each set of bedsheets from Charlotte Thomas Bespoke has a high thread count and 22k gold trim.

Regarding bed sheets, thread count is crucial, and Charlotte Thomas Bespoke linens excel in this area. These sheets are as soft as they can be thanks to the Merlino wool fabric and Egyptian cotton blend.

Did You Know?

Neither retail nor wholesale establishments carry the Charlotte Thomas Bespoke. To have a bed sheet created for you, you must make an order.


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