8 Most Expensive Houses in LA in 2022

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The average home in Los Angeles is worth $928,320. For its nearly 4 million people, this equates to a struggle for livable housing in any of the areas that Los Angeles encompasses, including the luxurious neighborhood known as Bel Air.

For this list, we compiled the 8 most expensive houses that you can buy in LA. They are all decadent American palaces with tens of thousands of square feet to work with and the amenities of a luxury resort. We did not include properties in Beverly Hills since that’s technically its own city, best saved for its own list.

8. 133 S Mapleton Dr

Price: $65,000,000
Size: 30,000 sq ft
Rooms: 9 bed/10.5 bath
133 S Mapleton Dr
photo source: Zillow

The house at 133 S Mapleton Dr should look like something out of grand Spanish public works architecture. There’s a reason for that — it’s based on the Reina Sofia Museum, which is in Madrid, Spain. Naturally, the house was originally commissioned by a classic art collector and built in LA on the street known as Holmby Hills.

The rooms have sky-high ceilings, like the museum, with natural light weaving in and out to accentuate its décor. The columns in the house are classic 400-year-old carven Moorish structures. The ceilings are carved in Florentine designs from the 16th and 17th centuries.

The house is currently for sale for $65,000,000.

Did you know?

The real attraction of this house is the rooms, including an entertainment complex, movie theater, and full outdoor ballroom. The prize may be the library, however, done in the Art Deco style, often considered one of the prettiest rooms anywhere in the city.

7. 10771 Bellagio Rd

Price: $65,000,000
Size: 19,721 sq ft
Rooms: 10 bed/10.5 bath
10771 Bellagio Rd
photo source: Zillow

The house known as The Bellagio Estate is currently on the market for $65,000,000. It earns its price with 19,721 sq ft of handcrafted architectural art showcases that communicate the core of the decadence that is Bel Air, complete with motor courts, gardens, fountains, and more.

On this 1.1-acre plot, this house has gigantic, retail-store-sized closets and double bathrooms, sitting rooms, a show kitchen and full catering kitchen, a gated driveway, a motor court, and more. The property has an infinity-edge pool and pruned pocket gardens sprinkled everywhere. In total, the house has 10 bedrooms and 17 full bathrooms.

Did you know?

There aren’t many properties that can claim to be sitting on the Bel-Air Country Club golf course itself, but this is one of them. Nearest to the 16th hole, the Bellagio Estate oozes Hollywood chicness and European architectural influence.

6. 10979 Chalon Rd

Price: $68,500,000
Size: 32,000 sq ft
Rooms: 12 bed/24 bath
10979 Chalon Rd
photo source: Zillow

The house at 10979 Chalon Rd, Los Angeles is a 12-bedroom, 24-bathroom house totaling 32,000 sq ft. It was built recently in 2018. It’s situated in Bel Air West, showing off the Bel-Air Country Club, the LA skyline, and the ocean from exquisite panoramic windows.

The house contains a designer kitchen and a separate chef’s kitchen, a spa, two huge closets, and over 10,000 sq ft of covered patio space for relaxation. There are also 5 full bars, a two-lane bowling alley, private movie theater, dedicated game room, ball court, wine cellar, pavilion, gym, infinity pool and waterfall, pool cabana, and more.

The house is on sale for $68.5 million.

Did you know?

The house also includes a putting green, motor court, and parking space for 60 cars. This includes a 14-car custom luxury garage. The property has a guard station as well as an automated hi-speed commercial elevator. All told, the property is 1.5 acres in size.

5. 10250 W Sunset Blvd

Price: $75,000,000
Size: 30,000 sq ft
Rooms: 17 bed/25 bath
10250 W Sunset Blvd
photo source: Hilton & Hyland

The house at 10250 W Sunset Blvd is 30,000 sq ft in size with 17 beds and 25 baths. It’s known as the Azaria Estate and has been furnished with incredible LA-style decadence, from a chandelier by Swarovski to a dual staircase foyer shining with metal leaf accents. Forget the colonial or the quaint: this is a new American mansion.

With a view of the enormous gardens, you can enjoy your golden-domed library, or sit in your 6,000 sq ft theater. You could play on your tennis court or walk the terraced grounds and enjoy your personal waterfalls. There’s a Moroccan bathhouse and hammam on-site, as well as a tiled swimming pool, Japanese garden, French Courtyard, and teahouse.

The house is currently on sale for $75 million.

Did you know?

Paul Williams (the architect, not the singer) began designing buildings in the 1920s, working into the 80s. In total, he created over 2,500 iconic buildings. The Azaria Estate is a modern revival of the Williams style.

4. 0 Perugia Way

Price: $77,000,000
Size: 28,720 sq ft
Rooms: 12 bed/18 bath
0 Perugia Way
photo source: Zillow

0 Perugia Way is a house in Los Angeles that totals 28,720 sq ft on a 2.2-acre plot. It has a direct view of the nearby canyon and the LA skyline as well as a view of the fairways at the Bel-Air Country Club, one of the most prestigious in the country.

The living space itself is chock full of amenities, as you would expect, including an indoor pool and two infinity-edge outdoor ones. It has a high-tech gym and movie theater, a gaming room, bar, wine cellar, and more. If you’re a car collector, you have room to store and display dozens in this house’s garage spaces.

Owning the sparkling gem of Perugia Way will cost you $77,000,000.

Did you know?

The building celebrates height, with some ceilings going up to 24 feet high on top of walls of glass. Motorized Fleetwood doors with designer finishes and accents of expensive imported materials contribute to the taste of luxury coming from every pore of this home.

It’s an art collector’s paradise – practically every wall is a perfect gallery space.

3. 10697 Somma Way

Price: $78,000,000
Size: 41,000+ sq ft
Rooms: 8 bed/21 bath
10697 Somma Way
photo source: James Edition

10697 Somma Way is a house known as Unica, which encompasses 41,000 sq ft of living space or more, with 8 beds and 21 bathrooms. It’s a Spanish Villa-style home with an open floorplan and huge facades of glass doors and walls.

The amenities in this home are insane. They include a movie theater that seats 36 people, a wine cellar with room for 1,200 bottles, a full recording studio, and even a wellness center, which features a sauna, salon, steam room, indoor pool, and fitness studio.

Unica is on sale for $78,000,000, making it one of the most expensive houses for sale in Los Angeles.

Did you know?

The amenities of this home just keep coming. These include an infinity-edge pool, Samsung wall, outdoor kitchen, multi-level resort-style outdoor patios, eight full bars, a service kitchen, and an automobile gallery that fits up to 20 cars.

It’s an art collector’s paradise – practically every wall is a perfect gallery space.

2. Los Angeles Detached Villa

Price: $89,607,850
Size: 50,483 sq ft
Rooms: 7 bed/11 bath
Los Angeles Detached Villa
photo source: James Edition

The property known as the Los Angeles Detached Villa is in Bel Air, Los Angeles and prioritizes sweeping architecture and panoramic views in every inch of its 50,483 sq ft of living space. It occupies a cliff with a floating marble pathway, which opens into a glass elevator, retractable DJ setup, and koi pond. It’s a palace of marble and glass where old and new architecture meet.

Its amenities include an en suite bath, dual-facing shower, soaking spa tub, infinity-edge pool, and more. It’s like a personal resort peering omnisciently over the glittering City of Angels. This 7-bedroom, 11-bathroom house is on the market for $89,607,850.

Did you know?

Unlike many of the homes on this list, the value of this property is 100% in the home and architecture itself. The plot is only 2 acres, just enough for the house and some private space on your promontory in the sky. Despite being nearly the most expensive home for sale in the city, it has the fewest bedrooms on this list.

1. 594 S Mapleton Dr

Price: $165,000,000
Size: 56,500 sq ft
Rooms: 14 bed/16.5 bath
594 S Mapleton Dr
photo source: Zillow

The most expensive house in LA is 594 S Mapleton Dr. This house is currently for sale and has been on the market for over 100 days. It’s a 56,500 sq ft home on a 4.6-acre plot of land. The house consists of 14 bedrooms and an astonishing 27 bathrooms. It was built in 1990.

The house is in Holmby Hills and is locally known as “The Manor.” It’s within putting distance of the Los Angeles Country Club. The exterior is built from precious limestone, giving it the air of a classic American mansion.

The house is currently for sale for $165,000,000.

Did you know?

The many rooms in this house each hold a different luxury treasure. From multiple beauty salons, a huge library, and a movie screening room to an actual bowling alley, The Manor is fit for a Californian king.


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