6 Most Expensive Nike Air Max Sneakers

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In the world of sneakers, there are few brands that stand out as much as Nike. For decades, the brand has revolutionized and redefined the sneaker industry with its revolutionary designs, cutting-edge innovation, and unending stream of iconic silhouettes.

Today, Nike remains one of the most popular brands for performance sneakers due to its exceptional designs that continue to raise the bar in the industry with each new release.

To date, there have been over 200 different variations of the iconic Air Max model alone. There have been many exclusive limited editions of the Nike Air Max sneakers that cost an arm and a leg.

If you’re interested and a fan of Air Max, check out these six most expensive Nike Air Max sneakers available in the market.

6. Air Max 90 Current x KAWS ‘Black Volt’

Price: $3000 to $7500
Year Released: 2008
Available Unit: 200 pairs
Signature/Primary Material: Printed and reflective leather material

Air Max 90 Current x KAWS ‘Black Volt’photo source: Grailed

The Air Max 90, which is made in collaboration between Nike and famous artist KAWS, has a black leather and nubuck top and linen inserts. Along with volt green highlights, the sneaker features distinctive KAWS stitching all throughout.

This shoe was only made available in 200 pairs. Very little release till October 2008. However, his moody Air Max 90 Current from 2008 has to be one of the most underappreciated.

American artist KAWS is no stranger to adding his creative brushstrokes on Nike and Jordan Brand classics throughout the years.

The evolutionary redesign of the AM90, a cooperative venture with Nike’s footwear design director Jesse Leyva, has a four-way stretch textile upper that was influenced by the Swoosh’s ACG line.

One of the most sought-after works ever produced by the artist, pairs were only available at the Nike flagship stores at 21 Mercer in NYC and The Montalbán in LA. If you wish to possess these KAWS, you should have a budget of at least $3000 at today’s price.

5. Air Max 1 ‘Powerwall’ in Pink

Price: $9000
Year Released: 2006
Available Unit: 56 pairs
Signature/Primary Material: Printed and reflective leather

Air Max 1 ‘Powerwall’ in Pinkphoto source: Pinterest

The line-up appears to be continuing to celebrate Air Max Day even though it has passed since it was first observed; new colorways from every member of the lineup have been arriving almost nonstop over the past several weeks.

And following a flurry of spirited Air Max 95s, Nike is getting ready for the comeback of the 2005 “Powerwall” collection’s Air Max 1, whose famous “Lemonade” tones are receiving a second chance on the contemporary stage.

The duo incorporates every single one of the original’s notable accents and is expected to complete the three during the 2020 holiday season.

The arrangement is basically the same as the original, down to the all-over print, with the exception of a few noticeable color variations (the Atmosphere replete palette looks to mark with dark red laces).

4. Nike Air Max 1 Kid Robot

Price: $16000
Year Released: 2005
Available Unit: 250
Signature/Primary Material: Multicolor leather Nike

Nike Air Max 1 Kid Robotphoto source: Sneaker Freaker

Another limited-edition friend and family pair is this one. The Hyperstrike pair was created as a result of a three-way partnership between Nike, Barneys New York, and Kidrobot.

Kidrobot’s 1986 Maserati Quattroporte III Royale was the inspiration for the black and pink color scheme created by Chad Phillips and Paul Budnitz.

The original release date of the shoes was February 11, 2005. They had the Kid Robot emblem on the heels and were the ideal combination of Black, Hot Pink, and Metallic Gold. The shoes were presented in a distinctive shoe box decorated in pink and gold.

3. Parra x Nike Air Max 1 Hyperstrike Albert Heijn

Price: $20,000
Year Released: 2005
Available Unit: 24 pairs
Signature/Primary Material: Parra leather

Parra x Nike Air Max 1 Hyperstrike Albert Heijnphoto source: Pinterest

Pieter Jansen, nicknamed Parra Patta, worked with the swoosh label to transform a pair of Air Max 1 in order to honor his birthplace of Amsterdam.

Only the pairs Amsterdam and Albert Heijn were the only ones Parra decided to sign with the swoosh label. Albert Heijn, a Dutch grocery company, is represented by the color pattern of the shoes.

The sneakers include John Hancock’s autograph on the toe, and the tongue tags have a recognizable crown design. The pair was created in 2005 and sold for $20,000 at auction on the TheRealReal website.

The shoes also include lace-up closures on the uppers, an embroidered “Parra” logo at the lateral sides, and speckled outsoles to complete the look.

2. Nike Air Max 97 x Eminem Charity Series

Price: $50,000
Year Released: 2006
Available Unit: 8 pairs
Signature/Primary Material: Leather, suede, plastic

Nike Air Max 97 x Eminem Charity Seriesphoto source: Sole Collector

Eminem and Nike have been working together since their debut project in 2003, and the rapper has collaborated with the swoosh label several times. In 2006, as a part of the Charity Series, Slim Shady and Nike created a pair of Air Max 97s.

In March 2022, the sneakers were auctioned off at TheRealReal for $50000.

A subtle chocolate/tangerine color scheme is used on these Air Max 97 sneakers. Suede, plush, and leather materials are used to make the shoe’s sole. The blue striping is complemented by the air sole unit’s customary translucent blue outfit.

1. Nike Air Max 1 Master Friends and Family

Price: $55,000
Year Released: 2017
Available Unit: 50 pairs
Signature/Primary Material: Perforated and smooth leather material

Nike Air Max 1 Master Friends and Familyphoto source: Nice Kicks

Nike Air Max 1 Master Friends and Family is considered the most expensive Nike Air Max so far. Nike provided a distinctive Air Max 1 makeover named Master to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Air Max Day in 2017. Only relatives and friends were allowed to purchase the item.

The construction of the shoes, which come in White, University Red, and International Blue, was influenced by Nike’s archives and the ten most recognizable shapes in history.

Fresh white leather covers the uppers of the shoes, and multi-paneled designs are worn on the mudguards.

The design is finished off by the translucent gum rubber outsoles, which are attached to perforated and smooth leather uppers. On March 25, 2017, the public may purchase the sneakers in a black version as well.

The white pair, which was limited to 50 pieces and was only available to the lucky few or on the secondary market, was a little harder to get. Due to the pair’s restricted supply, its price skyrocketed; it is currently offered on StockX for $55,000.


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