8 Most Expensive Beds in the Market Today

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Beds may not seem like huge expenditures for the average household, but many comfort experts recommend spending more on a bed than anything else you buy. They may not have had these beds in mind when they said that, but if luxury materials and ultimate comfort are your goal, look no further than this list of the 8 most expensive beds on the market.

  1. Majesty Vispring Bed
  2. Price: $84,425
    Brand: Vispring
    Material: British wool, Shetland wool, Austrian horsetail
    Majesty Vispring Bed
    photo source: Trendhunter

    The Majesty mattress by Vispring is a three-layer mattress with calico pocket springs hand-laid by the craftsman at the venerated company. It can be bought in different spring tensions, and all their mattresses are filled with natural luxury materials. These include cashmere, Shetland wool, silk, and Austrian Moosburger horsetail. The borders of the mattress are hand-stitched with air vents, upholstered with wool and coir.
    The mattress retails from Vispring for $84,425.

    Did you know?

    “Horsetail hair” is a term that will apply to a lot of these luxury mattresses. It refers to horsehair twisted from the tails of horses or cattle. Genuine horsetail hair is twisted from horsetails from hairs longer than 15cm. Moosburger is not a type of horse but a family-run Austrian business that uses horsetail hair in handcrafted weaving. Vispring takes full advantage of their pedigree for their mattresses.

  3. Savoir No1 Bed Set
  4. Price: $119,910
    Brand: Savoir Beds
    Material: Horse tail hair, carded lambswool
    Savoir No1 Bed Set
    photo source: Savoir Beds

    The Savoir No1 is a bed that requires over 120 hours of artisans to handcraft its luxurious padding and frame. It features the Savoir mattress topper, layered with horsetail hairs, cashmere, and sheep’s wool stuffed into a stretch cotton cover. If you want the mattress to be even more luxurious, it can be customized with Mongolian yak hair to provide even more fluffy perfection to this decadent bed piece.

    The pocket springs hug the contours of the mattress and encase its luxurious hairs and fabrics. Each is inlaid in calico and hand-laid at different tensions to provide a dynamic sleeping experience. The Savoir No1 bed retails for $119,910.

    Did you know?

    Savoir limits their production to fewer than 1,000 beds every year to focus their attention on providing craftsmanship and quality at a high level in the beds they do produce. With that limitation comes exorbitant prices. But if you can swing it, you’ll be buying into a mattress-making heritage that stretches back to 1889! When it comes to luxury comfort, this isn’t Savoir’s first rodeo.

  5. Quantum Sleeper Bed
  6. Price: $160,000
    Brand: Quantum Sleeper
    Material: Aluminum, polycarbonate material
    Quantum Sleeper Bed
    photo source: Hometone

    Billed as the “anti-apocalypse bed,” the Quantum Sleeper Bed is a one-of-a-kind creation for the most devoted doomsayers. This bed, which costs $160,000, does not come with luxury woodcarving, horsetail hair padding, or gemstones. Instead, its luxury features focus on keeping the sleeper safe and sustained inside the bed in case of home invaders or natural disasters.

    The outside of the bed is coated in bulletproof shielding. From a control panel, the sleeper can close the bed, set intruder alert options, and stay in lockdown. The bed filters biological and chemical contaminants, keeping the occupant safe from those elements. It has smoke and motion detectors, a proximity sensor, an emergency communication system, and more.

    Did you know?

    The Quantum Sleeper Bed comes with luxuries that are designed to help sustain the user for up to several weeks inside the bed. These include a toilet system, television, fridge, microwave, DVD/CD player, battery backup, cellphone connection, and more.

  7. Parnian Furniture Bed
  8. Price: $210,000
    Brand: Parnian Furniture
    Material: Maple, sapele, ebony
    Parnian Furniture Bed
    photo source: Parnian

    The Parnian Furniture Bed is a vision of Southwest architectural design converted to bed form. Its maple, sapele, and ebony frame and headboard are designed in a configuration inspired by Arizona style, which takes its cue from even older Mexican and Texan architectural standards, including the sunburst inlay that recalls traditional woodcarvings. The bed, designed by Parnian with traditional fundamentals in mind, took 8 months to craft by hand. It’s practically art.

    Beyond the glossy lacquer of those luxury woods, the bed has one modern convenience in its touch-activated LED light displays, which illuminate the headboard and floating nightstands at the bedside. This bed would cost $210,000 to own, but at least marveling at its architecture is free.

    Did you know?

    Parnian was founded by architects in 1977. Since then, they have used their affinity for exotic wood materials and glossy finishes to win design awards in furniture as well as housing. This bed represents the culmination of their experience.

  9. Grand Vividus
  10. Price: $506,990
    Brand: Hästens
    Material: Leather, nubuck
    Grand Vividus
    photo source: Hastens

    Ferris Rafauli designed this exclusive bed for the luxury mattress manufacturer, Hästens, called the Grand Vividus. They’ve been known for crafting luxury leather goods since 1852 and unlike many beds on this list, this one is purely about the quality and materials of the mattress itself.

    The classic continental bed comes out of Sweden with the greatest possible attention to material comforts. The hide of the bed is an exclusive handcrafted leather. Even the buckles on the bed’s handles are fashioned after the studs on luxury horse saddles, which is what Hästens used to make. Tanned European leather lines every burnished inch of the frame, with a box of black nubuck. The mattress is stuffed with genuine horsetail hair.

    Owning this bed will cost you $506,990.

    Did you know?

    Nubuck is top-grain leather buffed and sanded to produce a luxuriously soft surface, like brown velvet. The Grand Vividus’s nubuck and tanned leather furnishings can be ordered customized in any of four colors and patterns from the Rafauli workshop.

  11. Jado Steel Style Gold Bed
  12. Price: $676,550
    Brand: Jado Steel Style
    Material: 24-karat gold, Swarovski crystal, platinum
    Jado Steel Style Gold Bed
    photo source: Luxury Launches

    Jado Steel Style created the Gold Bed intending to craft a kingly night’s sleep from luxury materials. The platinum frame is covered in solid 24-karat gold and studded with exclusive Swarovski crystals.

    The bed is offered in waterbed options and comes with many luxurious hi-tech features (see below). Owning the Jado Steel Style Gold Bed will cost you $676,550.

    Did you know?

    This Jado bed is integrated with a lot of luxury technology, including a Blu-ray/DVD player, sound system by BOSE, control panel, and its own internet connection. The bed even comes with its own unique Pioneer PDP LX-5080W television which, of course, is also coated in 24-karat gold.

  13. Magnetic Floating Bed
  14. Price: $1.6 million
    Brand: Janjaap Ruijssenaars
    Material: Magnetic material
    Magnetic Floating Bed
    photo source: Universe Architecture

    As opposed to the bed and furniture brands on this list, the Magnetic Floating Bed was designed and built by the Dutch architect, Janjaap Ruijssenaars. This bed costs $1.6 million not because of jewels or luxury wood carving but due to its eccentric technology. It uses magnetic material to “float.” You will literally be sleeping on air on this Magnetic Floating Bed.

    Magnets placed on the floor strategically push the mattress into a steady position above the floor. There is no electrical or powered component, so no worries if your power goes out during the night! The bed was designed for seven years to perfect a magnetic support system that would not degrade throughout the night. The frame is a black board, sleek and minimalistic.

    Did you know?

    The bed’s sleek black appearance is based on the monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 sci-fi film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the movie, this alien slab gifted humanity with intellect. In real life, the bed gifts you with an intellectual night’s sleep.

  15. Baldacchino Supreme
  16. Price: $6.3 million
    Brand: Stuart Hughes/Hebanon
    Material: Chestnut, ash, Italian silk
    Baldacchino Supreme
    photo source: World Kings

    The most expensive bed is the Baldacchino Supreme. This bed, billed as “the world’s most exclusive,” was built in a partnership between Stuart Hughes, the designers based in Liverpool in the United Kingdom, and Hebanon, the sub-brand of Fratelli Basile Interiors, of Nocera Superiore, based in Italy. With that introduction, you’d be right to assume that the Baldacchino Supreme ups the ante on all the other beds we’ve talked about so far.

    This bed is lacquered, patinated, and inlaid with decorations of solid 24-karat gold totally nearly 236 pounds! The handmade gold leaf ornaments streak across the capitonne headboard, which is also homemade in Italy. Owning this bed will cost you $6.3 million.

    Did you know?

    The curving is all handmade. The frame is made from decadent chestnut and ash wood of the highest quality. The mattress is woven from Italian cotton and luxury silk. Those with even more luxury on their minds can have diamond buttons inlaid into the headboard.

The Takeaway

The modern mattress experience leaves the field wide open for craftsmen with centuries of experience to hand-lay luxury materials and create modern works of comfort art. Some of the mattresses on this list are works of art, others are technological marvels, and some are minimalistic beds that focus on only the most luxurious of materials to provide the greatest comfort possible. If you have a few hundred thousand or a few million dollars to burn, there are much worse ways to do it than ensure your nightly comfort for the next century.


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