7 Most Expensive Wagyu Beef in the World

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Going out to eat is an integral part of American culture. We spend thousands of dollars on dining on a multitude of different dishes. However, when we gorge ourselves on tasty and expensive foods, we can forget about the simple yet hearty food we cooked for ourselves at home.

The idea here is that even though you probably never eat as fancy as these foodies, there are ways to enjoy some of their meals without breaking the bank.

Read on and take a closer look at the seven most expensive Wagyu beef you could ever buy.

7. Hokkaido Wagyu

Price: $189
Origin: Hokkaido Region
Cuts: Ribeye and strip

Hokkaido Wagyuphoto source: Grand Western Steaks

Hokkaido Wagyu is a Japanese beef that has been raised in the cold, mountainous region of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. It’s known for its rich flavor, tender texture, and marbling—or streaks of fat running through the meat.

It can cost as much as $189 per 13 to 15 ounces of steak (about $4 per serving). That’s because producers have to use special techniques to make sure that their meat has a longer shelf life than standard American beef. They use traditional Japanese methods of aging and butchery to ensure that the meat stays fresh while being shipped around the world.

Did You Know?

The cows are fed an exclusive diet made up of soybean meal, wheat, and barley malt that must be fed to them exclusively for their entire lives.

6. Hida-Gyu

Price: $199
Origin: Hida Region
Cuts: Filet Mignon

Hida-Gyuphoto source: Food in Japan

The name “Hida-Gyu” comes from the town of Hida, located in the Hida Region in Japan. The town has been known for its cattle since at least the Edo period (1603-1868) when local farmers started raising and selling cows specifically for consumption by people who lived on their farms.

The cows were raised by local families until they got so big that they couldn’t be kept at home anymore—at which point they would be taken to temples or shrines where they could be slaughtered and eaten according to religious ritual.

The meat from this breed is known for its rich flavor and tenderness. It’s also great for grilling because it keeps its juicy texture when cooked on the grill instead of falling apart as other meats may do.

Did You Know?

Hida-Gyu beef has been praised by many chefs around the world as well as consumers who enjoy eating it. It’s often compared to Kobe beef because they both have similar flavors and textures, but Hida-Gyu has less fat content than Kobe does.

5. Omi Beef

Price: $199
Origin: Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture
Cuts: Filet, ribeye

Omi Beefphoto source: SAVOR JAPAN

Omi beef is an exotic variety of beef, which originated in the Omi region of Japan. The Omi cattle are hardy and robust, with large heads, small ears, and long tails. These animals have wide nostrils and short legs, which give them an appearance similar to a horse or donkey.

The meat from these animals is leaner than other types of beef because it has less fat marbling than other breeds; however, it has a rich beefy flavor because of its high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Did You Know?

Omi beef tends to be expensive because it is not widely available outside of Japan; however, you can find some versions of omi beef at your local specialty butcher shop or online retailer if you know where to look!

4. Sendai Wagyu

Price: $249
Origin: Miyagi Prefecture
Cuts: Ribeye

Sendai Wagyuphoto source: The Holy Gyu

Miyagi Prefecture in Japan, and it’s known for its Sendai Wagyu. This beef comes from cattle that have been raised in the local area for generations, which means that the breed has adapted to the environment. It’s also been raised without any antibiotics or growth hormones.

The beef industry in Japan has a long history, dating back to the Tokugawa era (1600-1868). That’s why Sendai Wagyu is so special: it’s part of an ancient tradition that still shapes Japanese culture today. It’s also one of the most expensive types of beef in the world—charging over $100 per pound at some restaurants.

Did You Know?

Sendai Wagyu comes from two breeds of cattle: Akita and Shirokuma. They’re both known for their high-quality meat as well as their docile temperaments.

3. Hitachi-Gyu

Price: $249
Origin: Hitachi Province
Cuts: Ribeye, filet, strip, flat-iron, chuck, sirloin, and roasts

Hitachi-Gyuphoto source: Food in Japan

Hitachi-Gyu is a breed of Japanese beef that originated in Hitachi province, and it is said to be incredibly rare. This is due to the fact that it is not widely available for purchase by the public, and has only been bred since 2012.

Hitachi-Gyu is known for its unique marbling structure and flavor, which is what makes it so expensive. Hitachi-Gyu beef has a higher fat content than most other types of beef—it’s up to 55% fat! The high-fat content makes this type of beef very tender and flavorful, but also very expensive.

Did You Know?

Hitachi-Gyu is so prized by chefs that it’s been used as inspiration for dishes like Kobe Bryant’s Kobe Burger and Guy Fieri’s Big Mouth Burger at D-Bag Burgers & Burritos locations across the country.

2. Maezawa Beef

Price: $269
Origin: Ogata Farms in Akita Prefecture
Cuts: Filet, ribeye

Maezawa Beefphoto source: eats.jp

The beef that is known as “Maezawa Beef” is one of the rarest and most delicate types of beef that has been imported from Japan. The origins of this beef date back to the early 1900s when Japanese immigrants began bringing their culture to America. They brought with them everything they knew about how to raise cattle, including the way they cared for them and what they fed them.

This included their own version of Wagyu, which translates into “Japanese cow.” Maezawa Beef is only available through a limited amount of select retailers around the world, including Tokyo’s Maebashi beef restaurant and the Sotokanda department store in Japan.

Did You Know?

The name “Maezawa” comes from the name of a Japanese businessman who wanted to bring his family back together after World War II broke out. He had been separated from them for several years when he was sent overseas to work for a company there, so he adopted the name “Maezawa” as his own identity during this time period.

1. Kobe Beef

Price: $349
Origin: Hyogo Region
Cuts: Strip Steak and Ribeye

Kobe Beefphoto source: Savored Journeys

Kobe beef is a type of Japanese beef that is considered the most expensive and rarest in the world. It originated in Kobe, Japan, where it’s known for its distinctive flavor. Kobe beef is a breed of cattle that has been selected for its taste and quality for over 150 years. The breeding process involves selective breeding with an eye toward creating animals that are leaner, more flavorful, and more tender than their counterparts.

The meat from these animals is prized by chefs who are looking to create a unique dish—one that requires delicacy and finesse but also a lot of skill. These chefs also use the meat in other dishes such as sashimi or teriyaki sauce.

Did You Know?

The cows are then slaughtered at an age of about two years old; this ensures that the meat has been aged for at least nine months before being sold at retail outlets across Japan where it sells for between $250 to $349 per pound.



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