11 of the Rarest Nintendo 64 Consoles

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Nintendo 64 (N64) is one of the most notable consoles in the history of video games. The console, launched in 1996-97, is loved by millions of gamers worldwide for its ground-breaking 3D graphics and iconic games.

Over the years, Nintendo also experimented with various colors and designs, releasing 20 different versions. Some rare versions were only available in limited quantities, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. With an estimated 33 million units sold worldwide, the N64 remains a beloved classic.

Despite its popularity, finding exclusive and limited-edition N64 consoles is becoming increasingly challenging as time passes. While the standard gray model and other common designs can still be found in the secondary market at an affordable price, collectors and enthusiasts, crave the rarest versions.

In this article, we’ll look at 11 of the rarest Nintendo 64 consoles ever released, including their features, availability, and why fans covet them.

11. Nintendo 64 Clear White/Blue Console

Rarity: Uncommon
Release: 1997
Average Price: $400

Nintendo 64 Clear White/Blue Consolephoto source: m.media-amazon.com

The Nintendo 64 Clear White and Blue Console is a limited-edition design released in Japan and the European market. It is believed that fewer than 50000 units of this variation were ever made. It was part of Nintendo’s Funastic color series (second generation).

The top of the console is the same color as the more common version, the Ice Blue console, and the bottom is pale white. In the European market, it was bundled with the legendary Nintendo game Super Mario 64.

Did you know?

The name “Nintendo 64” came from the console’s 64-bit processor, a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

10. Nintendo 64 Clear White / Red Console

Rarity: Uncommon
Release: NA
Average Price: $300
Complete Price: $147.50
Graded Price: $412.45

Nintendo 64 Clear White / Red Consolephoto source: consolevariations.com

The Nintendo 64 Clear White and Red Console was released around the same time as the previous one. It is estimated that this variation was made between 10000 and 50000 units. However, it was only made for the Japanese market. 

The console’s top features the same color as the Watermelon Red console, which was a part of the first generation of the Funtastic color series. The bottom of the console features a pale white color.

Did you know?

The Nintendo 64 was released in Japan in June 1996, in North America in September 1996, and in March 1997 in Europe and Australia.

9. Nintendo 64 Pikachu Console

Rarity: Uncommon to rare
Release: 2000
Average Price: $900

Nintendo 64 Pikachu Consolephoto source: i.pinimg.com

Nintendo released its Pikachu design in the winter of 2000. Various versions of the Nintendo Pikachu console were released for different markets.

Japan got two color variations, light blue and orange. In Europe and North America, it was dark blue. However, the color variation can only be seen on the top part of the console, and the bottoms are yellow for all the versions. The design and functionalities were the same for all the consoles except for the color. 

This unique Nintendo 64 console boasts an elongated design with an adorable Pikachu graphic on the right-hand side. In a clever twist, the Pikachu’s left foot doubles as the reset button. At the same time, a PokéBall design denotes the power button. The Pikachu’s cheeks light up red when the console is running. 

Notably, this version removed the extension port, allowing compatibility with the Nintendo 64DD peripheral. They came with a unique Pokémon labeled controller, also available separately in Japan. 

While this model is uncommon in Europe and Japan, it is even rarer in the United States.

Did you know?

The N64 console’s iconic three-pronged controller design was intended to accommodate players with different hand sizes and preferences.

8. Nintendo 64 IQue Console

Rarity: Rare
Release: 2003
Average Price: $500

Nintendo 64 IQue Consolephoto source: commons.wikimedia.org

In 2003 Nintendo partnered with IQue Player to officially launch N64 in China to combat rampant piracy of Nintendo games in the country.

Nintendo used a different for its Chinese version of N64. Unlike the traditional Nintendo 64, the iQue Player’s hardware was contained entirely within its controller, making it a miniaturized version of the original console.

Consequently, games on the iQue Player were direct ports of Nintendo 64 games and were stored on a 64MB flash card that could be purchased from kiosks or through iQue@Home software. Additionally, four demo versions of games were included with the console.

Did you know?

The N64 IQue player was discontinued in China in 2016.

7. Nintendo 64 Pokémon Battle Set Console

Rarity: Rare
Release: 2000
Average Price: $1,000

Nintendo 64 Pokémon Battle Set Consolephoto source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

The Nintendo 64 Pokémon Battle Set is a standard blue and yellow console with Pokemon prints all over the case. It was released in only a few specific countries, making it quite rare.

It was available in the UK and some Scandinavian countries. The UK version was bundled with Promo VHS Tape. An identical version was also released in Australia under “Pokemaniac Edition.”   

6. Nintendo 64 Gold Console

Rarity: Rare
Release: 1998
Average Price: $3000

Nintendo 64 Gold Consolephoto source: m.media-amazon.com

The Nintendo 64 Gold is a highly sought-after limited-edition console launched in Japan and the US in late1998 to celebrate the release of “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.” However, some fans believe the console had no connection to the game’s release.

The North American version of Nintendo 64 Gold was bundled with 1 additional golden N64 controller. It was Toy R US exclusive. This version of Nintendo 64 was never released in any European countries, but a charcoal N64 with a gold controller was available. 

Did you know?

The N64 was home to many classic games, including Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, GoldenEye 007, and Mario Kart 64.

5. Nintendo 64 Daiei Hawks Console

Rarity: Very Rare
Release: 1998
Average Price: $500

Nintendo 64 Daiei Hawks Consolephoto source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

The Nintendo 64 Daiei Hawks Console, officially named N64 Daiei, is a limited edition N64 console released in Japan. Only 5000 to 10,000 units of this variation were made.

The top of this console boasts a vibrant translucent orange hue, while the bottom is a sleek, translucent black. This unique color scheme was based on the theme color of the Daiei Hawks, a Japanese baseball team hailing from Fukuoka. This special edition console was only available for purchase at Daiei stores, as the supermarket company owned the team.  

4. Nintendo 64 Hyundai Comboy Console

Rarity: Extremely Rare
Release: 1996
Average Price: $2,000

Nintendo 64 Hyundai Comboy Consolephoto source: consolevariations.com

The Nintendo 64 Comboy Console is a standard charcoal black model exclusively released in South Korea. When the N64 console first debuted in 1996, South Korea was under a trade embargo against Japan, limiting Nintendo’s distribution rights. In response, Nintendo partnered with Hyundai to shadow-release the console in Korea. 

The import ban was lifted in 1998. From then on, the standard version of the console was sold in South Korea, along with a selection of Korean language games. Because of this brief appearance in the market, the N64 Hyundai console remains exceedingly rare, with an estimated 5,000 units ever sold.

Did you know?

The N64 was the last Nintendo console to use cartridges. The company switched to DVD-based systems with the GameCube in 2001.

3. Nintendo 64 JUSCO 30th Anniversary Edition Console

Rarity: Extremely Rare
Release: 1999
Average Price: $1000

Nintendo 64 JUSCO 30th Anniversary Edition Consolephoto source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

This special edition N64 console was released to commemorate the 30th anniversary of JUSCO (Japan United Stores Company), a company that was closed shortly after and rebranded. The Nintendo 64 JUSCO Console was only available in Japan. 

The console’s design features a clear grey bottom and a translucent grey top, complete with a matching grey cartridge slot and controller slot. Additionally, it comes bundled with an assorted controller. Due to its limited production run, this console is incredibly rare, with only an estimated 1,000 to 5,000 units ever made.

Did you know?

The console’s cartridge-based system allowed faster loading times and fewer hardware malfunctions than CD-based systems like the Sony PlayStation.

2. Nintendo 64 All Nippon Airlines (ANA) Console

Rarity: Ultra Rare
Release: 1999
Average Price: $2,000

Nintendo 64 All Nippon Airlines (ANA) Consolephoto source: consolevariations.com

The Nintendo 64 ANA Console is a super rare console with less than 2000 units ever made. It was given away by All Nippon Airlines during a Pokemon promotion named ANA 20th century legendary campaign with ANA Pokémon Jet Part 2.

The airline introduced four new Pokémon jets in 1999 when the campaign was launched. One had to board a Pokemon flight during the campaign to participate in a lucky draw contest.

The winner received an N64 ANA console bundled with Hey You! Pikachu and Pokémon Stadium. The console is standard grey with an ANA logo on it. They were packaged in a white shipping box with blue lettering.

Did you know?

The N64’s graphics chip, the Reality Co-Processor (RCP), was designed by Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI), responsible for creating the graphics for blockbuster films like Jurassic Park and Terminator 2.

1. Nintendo 64 Lawson Station Console

Rarity: Ultra Rare
Release: NA
Average Price: NA

Nintendo 64 Lawson Station Consolephoto source: consolevariations.com

Nintendo 64 Lawson Station Console is the rarest N64 console, with only 100 to 500 believed to have been produced. It is rumored that only three units of this console exist in the hands of collectors. 

The console features a classic charcoal black design, with a J League logo on both the console and controller. Interestingly, the labels on this console are stickers, and it is uncertain whether Nintendo officially licensed this version of the N64.

Did you know?

The N64 had several accessories, including the Expansion Pak, which increased the console’s RAM and allowed for higher-resolution graphics in some games, and the Transfer Pak, which allowed players to transfer data between N64 games and Game Boy games.


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