5 Most Expensive Roses You Can Buy

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The rose has long stood as a symbol of love, beauty, and elegance across cultures. But while a dozen roses may typically cost $30 to $50 from a florist, some elite roses carry price tags in the thousands or even millions. From rare species to flowers encrusted in gems or gold, these blooms represent the upper echelon of floral luxury.

They are grown, cut, and arranged for royalty, the mega-rich, and historic occasions where no cost is spared. In the world of floral opulence where money is truly no object, these staggeringly expensive roses sold or gifted for small fortunes stand apart. Read on for stories of the 5 most expensive roses

5. Rosa ‘Black Baccara’

Price: $34.99
Color: Dark burgundy
Breeder: Jacques Mouchotte
Origin: France

Rosa 'Black Baccara'Image source: Green Acres

The darkly romantic ‘Black Baccara’ rose was developed in France by breeder Jacques Mouchotte in 2000. With its deep burgundy blossoms and rich velvety texture, ‘Black Baccara’ made a dramatic statement in the rose world. Though not truly black, the saturated near-black coloring was exceptionally rare among roses, especially for a flower with over 40 lush petals.

Despite its gothic hue, Rosa ‘Black Baccara’ blooms prolifically in flushes from spring through fall when grown in zones 5-10. The tall shrub thrives equally well in gardens or pots, requiring minimal care beyond pruning. With an intoxicating old rose scent, the ‘Black Baccara’ became an instant classic for lovers of darker roses. Though costing $35 or more per shrub, its mystique and elegance make ‘Black Baccara’ one of the most coveted roses today, especially for use in bouquets and arrangements.

Did You Know?

The name ‘Black Baccara’ is a play on the term “black diamond” used for very dark diamonds, linking the rose to luxury.

4. Rosa ‘Chrysler Imperial’

Price: $44.99
Color: Dark red
Breeder: Walter E. Lammerts
Origin: United States

Rosa 'Chrysler Imperial'Image source: Gardenia.net

The luxurious Rosa ‘Chrysler Imperial’ has been a star among red hybrid teas for over 60 years. Bred by renowned rose hybridizer Walter E. Lammerts in 1952, the ‘Chrysler Imperial’ was named after the Imperial model luxury car produced by the Chrysler Corporation from the 1930s to 1950s. This powerful partnership resulted in an elite rose with a rich wine-red color and stately form.

The large 4-5 inch blooms unfurl with an intoxicating, damask-like fragrance. Though initially sold for only $1 a plant, the ‘Chrysler Imperial’ now costs over $40 for its combination of old rose elegance and exceptional hybrid tea form. With excellent disease resistance, vase life, and a bushy growth habit perfect for bouquets, the classic ‘Chrysler Imperial’ has secured its place in American rose royalty. 

Did You Know?

‘Chrysler Imperial’ plants have appeared in the famous Rose Parade in Pasadena, California multiple times over the years.

3. Rosa ‘Mister Lincoln’

Price: $69.95
Color: Dark red
Breeder: Herbert Swim and Weeks Rose Growers
Origin: United States

Rosa 'Mister Lincoln'Image source: David Austin Roses

Rosa ‘Mister Lincoln’ has been hailed as one of the greatest red hybrid teas since its debut in 1965. The long-stemmed blooms epitomize the hybrid tea form, opening from stern buds into regal, magnificently fragrant flowers. Their deep red coloration and abundant petal count made ‘Mister Lincoln’ a sensation in the 1960s. Beyond beauty, it delivers exceptional vigor, disease resistance, and prolific blooming.

The timeless ‘Mister Lincoln’ has been inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame and continues to be a mainstay at rose shows. Its combination of majestic blooms, powerful damask scent, and hybrid tea elegance cement ‘Mister Lincoln’ as one of the most important red roses of the modern era.

Did You Know?

Created by prolific rose breeder Herbert Swim, ‘Mister Lincoln’ was named after the late president in honor of his memory.

2. Julia Child

Price: $69.99
Color: Golden butter
Breeder: Tom Carruth
Origin: United States

Julia ChildImage source: Michigan Bulb

The sunny Julia Child rose offers a fitting floral tribute to the warm and charismatic TV chef. Bred by renowned hybridizer Tom Carruth and introduced in 2006, this floribunda variety exhibits Julia’s signature golden yellow coloration. The medium-sized blooms appear abundantly in clusters, blanketing the compact bush with cheery color from spring through fall frost.

The Julia Child rose delivers a sweet, old-fashioned rose scent with hints of licorice. It proves easy to grow in a wide range of climates, providing exceptional disease resistance. For any fan of Julia Child or fabulous yellow garden roses, the Julia Child variety perfectly encapsulates the joy and warmth of a woman who revolutionized American cooking and attitudes toward food.

Did You Know?

The rose’s vintage blossom form, golden hue, and carefree growth earned it high accolades, including the All-American Rose Selections award in 2006.

1. Juliet Rose

Price: $3 million
Color: Soft pink color
Breeder: David Austin
Origin: England

Juliet RoseImage source: Gardenia.net

Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers live on through the Juliet rose, an iconic bloom bred by renowned English rose hybridizer David Austin. Priced at $3 million, Juliet Rose is considered the most expensive rose. First debuting in 1978 after over a decade of development, Juliet’s perfectly formed rosette shape and soft pink coloring became an instant classic.

Beyond this astronomical price tag, Juliet’s graceful, old-fashioned blooms emit a lovely fragrance and exhibit excellent disease resistance in the garden. With flushes of flowers from spring through fall that complement its bushy growth habit, the Juliet rose remains the ultimate tribute to beauty and romance in the flower world.

Did You Know?

Juliet Rose blooms repeatedly from late spring through fall frost, seldom going dormant.


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