5 Most Expensive Guitar Picks

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As any seasoned guitarist will attest, the right pick can be the catalyst for sonic brilliance, unlocking tonal nuances and responsiveness that elevate performance to new heights. However, in the realm of guitar accessories, a rarified echelon exists—the domain of the most expensive guitar picks. These picks are not your run-of-the-mill, mass-produced tools. Instead, they embody precision engineering and a commitment to sonic perfection.

Whether you are a lover of rare materials, a connoisseur of tonal subtleties, or simply intrigued by the intersection of luxury and music, this exploration promises a fascinating glimpse into a facet of the music world that resonates with both connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

5. Platinum Guitar Pick

Price: $121,200
Made/Owned By: Mene
Material Used: 24-karat platinum metal
Color: Grayish-white metallic

Platinum Guitar Pickphoto source: Mene

The Mene’s platinum guitar pick is handcrafted from pure 24-karat platinum, giving it an elegant grayish-white metallic appearance. Weighing over half an ounce at 16 grams, this premium guitar pick carries an understandably hefty price tag of $785.

While platinum is an extremely durable precious metal that could potentially outlast picks made of gold, the idea of using such an extravagantly priced accessory during guitar playing nonetheless seems nerve-wracking. Yet for serious guitarists not fazed by its astronomical cost, this stylish platinum pick could make quite a luxurious collectible or gift.

4. Gold Guitar Pick

Price: USD$1,280
Made/Owned By: Mene
Material Used: 24-karat gold
Color: Yellowish-orange

Gold Guitar Picphoto source: Mene

For the guitarist with extravagant tastes comes this lavish gold guitar pick from Mene. Crafted from pure 24-karat gold and weighing over half an ounce at nearly 16 grams, this precious pick makes quite a flashy statement with its brilliant yellow-orange hue. Though undeniably an eye-catching accessory, its whopping $1,280 price tag fluctuates alongside the gold market.

While marketed as the ultimate gift for a guitarist, I’d be too nervous to strum my guitar strings with something so pricey! The soft gold would quickly wear down with use. But as a collector’s piece of jewelry to show off, this pick certainly dazzles. Just don’t drop it between those guitar strings!

3. Pearl Guitar Pick

Price: USD$2,800
Made/Owned By: J’aime
Material Used: 18-karat gold, pearl
Color: Yellow, white, or rose gold

Pearl Guitar Pickphoto source: Killer Rig

The company J’aime offers this ornate pearl guitar pick ringed by elegant 18-karat gold. Weighing over 20 grams, this substantial pick allows you to highlight a lustrous pearl centerpiece in your choice of gleaming yellow, white, or romantic rose gold. Its decorative filigree design provides grip if you dare use this $2,800 showpiece for actually playing guitar.

While beautiful as a jewelry piece or collector’s item to admire, plucking guitar strings with this precious pearl pick seems utterly nerve-wracking. Unless money is no concern, stick to basic plastic picks for musical functionality rather than risk damaging this dazzling luxury accent.

2. Starpics

Price: USD$4,674
Made/Owned By: Starpics
Material Used: Gibeon meteorite
Color: Yellowish

Starpicsphoto source: Unsplash

Handcrafted by the now-defunct Australian company Starpics, these meteorite guitar picks were formed from extraterrestrial Gibeon iron. Sourced from a frequently found meteorite, resilient Gibeon produces picks promised to “last forever”—although that guarantee holds little weight with Starpics closed.

Forged with material older than Earth itself, these galactic yellowish picks carry an astronomical $4,674 price befitting their cosmic origins. Though one cannot vouch for their sound or playing performance, one thing is certain: these meteoritic picks define cosmic extravagance! Perhaps some far-out guitarists might desire their sci-fi aesthetic.

1. Dunlop Tortex Pick

Price: USD$14,678
Made/Owned By: Kurt Cobain
Material Used: Delrin plastic
Color: Orange

Dunlop Tortex Pickphoto source: Yahoo

This unassuming orange Dunlop Tortex guitar pick made history when it sold for a staggering $14,678 at auction and was hailed as the most expensive guitar pick ever sold. Originally owned by late rock icon Kurt Cobain, small details massively increased its value, the playful “Kurdt Kobain” signature, replicating his joking misspelling, and a hand-drawn tortoise doodle replacing the pick’s logo.

Heavily worn from use, this pick offered fans a uniquely personal piece of Cobain memorabilia. While cheap to produce, its ownership alone garnered astronomical price tags exceeding any guitar pick on record.

For diehard Nirvana fans, this seemingly ordinary accessory offered an intimate glimpse into Cobain’s life. For the rest of us, its hefty auction sale highlights the incredible premium placed on celebrity possessions, no matter how humble.



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