4 Most Expensive Chicken Nuggets Ever Sold

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Chicken nuggets are a beloved fast food item, with McDonald’s alone selling billions of them every year. But some chicken nuggets are far more valuable than others. In this article, we will explore the stories behind the 4 most expensive chicken nuggets ever sold.

From a nugget shaped like a state to one dipped in literal gold, these are no ordinary fried morsels. We’ll look at who bought them, how much they cost, and what made them so special. Get ready for some finger-lickin absurdity.

4. Rare McDonald’s Nugget

Price: AUD$800
Location: Australia

Rare McDonald's Nuggetphoto source: Finance Yahoo

The outrageously priced McDonald’s chicken nugget listed for sale in Australia is shaped uniquely like the country’s mainland, lacking only the island state of Tasmania. This unusual shape is the seller’s justification for the astronomical $800 price tag, over 100 times more than a normal six-pack.

Though it may seem absurd to spend so much on fast food in a cost-of-living crisis, rare collector’s items like this have netted big paydays for Aussies before. The geographic novelty of the “very, very rare” nugget makes it tempting for die-hard collectors and patriotic Australians, even at the steep price. Its uniqueness drives the value.

3. 1000-Day Old Frozen McNugget

Price: USD$8,000
Location: eBay

1000-Day Old Frozen McNuggetphoto source: The Rich Times

A woman named Rebekah Speight claimed to have saved a McDonald’s chicken nugget for over 3 years because she thought it resembled George Washington.

She listed it on eBay, where it sold for an astronomical $8,100 to a buyer who seemingly believed the “George Washington” resemblance made this ancient frozen nugget worth the price. Though the resemblance seems dubious at best, the sale went viral and prompted other sellers to try peddling supposed celebrity look-alike old McNuggets.

However, the original buyer later refused payment, as the seller couldn’t guarantee the nugget would retain its shape when shipped overseas. Still, the $8,000 second-highest bid cements this bizarre thousand-day-old McNugget’s record as one of the most expensive ever sold.

2. Rare Double Chicken Nugget

Price: AUD$12,345
Location: Australia

Rare Double Chicken Nuggetphoto source: Gold Coast Bulletin

A man in Nerang, Australia made headlines when he advertised an extremely rare double chicken nugget from McDonald’s for sale at the steep price of AUD$12,345. Many assumed it was just a silly social media stunt.

But against all odds, the man found a legitimate buyer willing to pay five figures for the novelty dual-nugget. While it may seem absurd to spend over $12,000 on a singular piece of fast food, the novelty and rarity of such an unusual aberration in the McDonald’s manufacturing process gave this particular nugget value to collectors.

1. McDonald’s Among Us-Shaped Nugget from a BTS Meal

Price: USD$99,997
Location: eBay

 McDonald's Among Us-Shaped Nugget from a BTS Mealphoto source: Forbes

A McDonald’s chicken nugget shaped vaguely like a character from the video game Among Us sold for a staggering $99,997 on eBay, making it the most expensive ever sold. The nugget was originally part of a BTS celebrity meal promotion with the K-pop group.

Listed initially for just $0.99, it received no bids for two days before exploding in popularity when the Among Us Twitter account shared it. After 183 bids, the novelty nugget sold for just shy of $100,000.

Its supposed resemblance to the popular game character, origin from the exclusive BTS meal, and viral hype online combined to drive up the price. The seller ensured it would be “frozen and air sealed” before shipping to the buyer who shelled out big bucks for this one-of-a-kind fast food item.



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