8 Rarest Weapons in Destiny 2 Game

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Destiny 2 is famous for its impressive variety of weapons, each offering its distinctive look, feel, and abilities. Destiny 2 suits every play style or situation, from pulse rifles to rocket launchers!

However, Destiny 2 features rarer weapons, making the hunt even more captivating for many players. Many see their reward as equally exhilarating!

In this post, we will explore Destiny 2’s 10 rarest weapons, examining what makes them so hard to find and why players dedicate so much time to pursuing them. No matter your level, this list will give you a better idea of how the game is played.

As a side note, the weapons ranking listed here may change as the game evolves and new content is released. Nevertheless, our list of rarest weapons in Destiny 2 will pique your curiosity and excite you to look for these rare items and add them to your collection. 

8. One Thousand Voices

Rarity: Exotic
Weapon type: Fusion Rifle
Community rarity rating: 30%
Slot: Power

One Thousand VoicesImage source: Light.gg

One Thousand Voices is an Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2, first introduced with the Forsaken expansion. This formidable weapon unleashes an explosive beam to decimate entire groups of enemies quickly.

One Thousand Voices is an ideal weapon for players looking to deal massive damage against groups of enemies. Its exotic perk enables it to track and strike multiple foes simultaneously, making it particularly useful against tightly packed packs of foes.

Likewise, One Thousand Voices may be effective against bosses and formidable enemies, though precise aim may be required for maximum damage output.

Did you know?

One Thousand Voices can only be obtained by completing the Last Wish raid and hoping it drops as a reward. Being an exotic weapon, One Thousand Voices is highly sought-after among Destiny 2 players. It often requires multiple attempts before one may land as part of its rewards.

7. Cloudstrike

Rarity: Exotic
Weapon type: Sniper rifle
Community rarity rating: 23%
Slot: Energy

CloudstrikeImage source: Light.gg

Cloudstrike is an Exotic Energy Sniper Rifle with several powerful perks. If you enjoy looking through a telescopic sight, aiming at your enemies’ vital points, consider unlocking this weapon.

Mortal Polarity is imbued in Cloudstrike, causing final strikes with Precision Hits spawning a bolt of lightning on the target’s location, damaging nearby enemies.

Stormbringer is another perk of the Cloudstrike, which can create a lightning storm on a target when you land Rapid Precision Hits. You can also use the Extended Barrel perk that increases the range and recoil control of the weapon.

The Exotic Sniper has a high Impact and Range rating and balanced Handling and Stability. These can also be changed with different Rolls.

Did you know?

Cloudstrike can only be obtained through successfully completing Empire Hunts on Master difficulty, hoping it drops as a reward. Cloudstrike is highly sought after as an Exotic weapon among Destiny 2 players. You don’t get this based on your in-game performance; it depends on the RNG.

6. Eyes of Tomorrow

Rarity: Exotic
Weapon type: Rocket Launcher
Community rarity rating: 23%
Slot: Power

Eyes of TomorrowImage source: Light.gg

Eyes of Tomorrow is an exotic rocket launcher first introduced to Destiny 2 with the Beyond Light expansion. It is an extremely powerful weapon with the potential to launch multiple rockets simultaneously, dealing substantial damage.

Eyes of Tomorrow is an ideal weapon for players looking to cause massive damage against groups of enemies or bosses, especially against tightly packed groups. Its unique exotic perk allows users to fire multiple rockets simultaneously – making this weapon particularly effective against tightly packed groups of enemies or bosses.

The perks of Eyes of Tomorrow include Adaptive Ordnance, Implosion Rounds, and Lasting Impression.

Did you know?

Eyes of Tomorrow can only be obtained by completing the Deep Stone Crypt raid and hoping it drops this weapon as a reward. As an Exotic weapon, Eyes of Tomorrow is highly sought-after by Destiny 2 players and often sought as part of a reward package.

5. Imperial Decree

Rarity: Legendary
Weapon type: Shotgun
Community rarity rating: 22%
Slot: Kinetic

Imperial DecreeImage source: Light.gg

Imperial Decree is a legendary shotgun with high damage output and valuable perks, making it a highly sought-after weapon.

As a formidable shotgun that excels at close-range combat, Imperial Decree has a complete auto trigger system, enabling players to release a barrage of blasts that quickly take out groups of enemies.

Imperial Decree’s perks include Desperado, Outlaw, and High-Impact Frame.

Imperial Decree is a highly desired weapon among Destiny 2 players who prefer close-quarters combat. Boasting accurized rounds and trench barrel perk capabilities, it makes an excellent addition to your arsenal when taking on enemies in the Destiny universe.

Did you know?

You can obtain the Imperial Decree by first owning the Season of Defiance. Aside from that, you need to complete the “Awaken, Queensguard” mission. Once completed, you need to go to Defiant Battlegrounds, where you should receive the Defiant Engrams. The Defiant Engrams lead to the Imperial Decree Shotgun.

4. Tarrabah

Rarity: Exotic
Weapon type: Submachine Gun
Community rarity rating: 20%
Slot: Energy

TarrabahImage source: Light.gg

Tarrabah is an Exotic Submachine Gun in Destiny 2 introduced during Season of Opulence. This special weapon allows its unique perk, Ravenous Beast, to charge when dealing damage with it and, when fully charged, becomes an efficient killing machine.

Consider this: Tarrabah can fire up to 750 rounds per second. It can reach up to 900 rounds when activated by its unique perk, the Ravenous Beast. Each magazine of Tarrabah can hold 30 rounds.

You fill the weapon with more energy and power as you destroy enemies. Once it is full, you can release a buff with bonuses until you turn your Tarrabah into a “beast.”

Did you know?

Initially, you can get the Tarrabah weapon as a reward once you have completed the Crown of Sorrows raid quest. However, you won’t be able to find it anymore from that quest, making the weapon extremely rare. You can buy Tarrabaah from the Exotic Archive in the Monument to Lost Lights.

3. Anarchy

Rarity: Exotic
Weapon type: Grenade Launcher
Community rarity rating: 30%
Slot: Heavy

AnarchyImage source: Light.gg

Anarchy, introduced into Destiny 2 through the Black Armory expansion, is an Exotic Grenade Launcher capable of firing chain-linked grenades that attach themselves to surfaces and enemies for lasting damage over time.

Anarchy is an effective weapon for dealing with large groups of enemies, as its chain-linked grenades can cover wide areas while slowly dealing damage over time.

Furthermore, Anarchy works well against bosses or tough enemies, as its chained grenades can stick to them and continue dealing damage even when players aren’t actively shooting them.

Anarchy can only be acquired by completing the Scourge of the Past raid and hoping it is dropped as a reward. An Exotic weapon like Anarchy is extremely sought-after among Destiny 2 players and must be unlocked through hard work.

Did you know?

Anarchy can only be acquired by completing the Scourge of the Past Raid. Of course, it is not a guarantee, but there’s a chance that the game would drop Anarchy as a reward. An Exotic weapon like Anarchy is highly sought-after among Destiny 2 players and must be unlocked through hard work.

2. Edge of Action

Rarity: Exotic
Weapon type: Glaive
Community rarity rating: 14%
Slot: Energy

Edge of ActionImage source: Light.gg

The Edge of Action is one of the rarest weapons in Destiny, and only about 14% of players have seen, used, or owned it. The weapon is considered an ancient weapon forged from a memory of strength.

What’s great about Edge of Action is its different perks. For example, it is a hybrid melee that has a ranged polearm. It also comes with a frontal shield and the ability to create energy to deal with ranged damage.

Did you know?

The Edge of Action has alternate weapon action. You can use this by waiting until the weapon energy is full. From there, you can then consume the energy before firing. What happens then is that your next shot would deploy a defensive shield on impact.

1. Redrix’s Claymore

Rarity: Legendary
Weapon type: Pulse Rifle
Community rarity rating: 1%
Slot: Kinetic

Redrix's ClaymoreImage source: Light.gg

Redrix’s Claymore is the rarest weapon in Destiny 2 because it served as a one-time reward to the best players in Season 3 Crucible playlist. Due to its special abilities and stats, many players desired this highly sought-after weapon.

Redrix’s Claymore was an ideal weapon for players who enjoyed competing in The Crucible and were successful at reaching their highest rank.

Its unique capabilities allow for quick-kill chains with multiple shots per magazine and a phenomenal rate of fire. This makes the claymore particularly suitable in team-based game modes like Hearthstone.

Aside from that, its high-impact frame delivered significant damage per shot, making Redrix’s Claymore an unstoppable force in close-range and medium-range encounters.

Did you know?

Redrix’s Claymore may no longer be accessible in Destiny 2. Nonetheless, players can still obtain its counterpart: Redrix’s Broadsword, which shares many similar perks and stats as its
predecessor but is less rare overall.


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