5 Rarest Types of Warframe Mods

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With over 500 mods to collect, Warframe offers endless options for customizing your arsenal and playstyle. But some exceptionally rare mods stand above the rest in power and prestige. These elusive gems require incredible dedication, luck, and wealth to obtain, making them the ultimate status symbols and grail additions for devoted players.

In this article, we’re unveiling the top 5 rarest and most covetable mod types that only the most seasoned veterans can hope to acquire. From unfathomably expensive Primed essentials to one-of-a-kind Rivens, we’ll break down what makes these mythical mods so difficult to get and why they’re absolute necessities for min-maxing aficionados.

For newbies and experts alike, this definitive guide showcases the pinnacle of mods, the Formula 1 cars of their class.

5. Nightmare Mods

Rarity: Rare
Date Released: July 2013
Patch: Update 9.0
Popular Mods: Armored Agility, Constitution, Fortitude

Nightmare ModsImage source: Youtube

Nightmare Mode Mods are a rare type of dual-stat mod in Warframe, added in 2013’s Update 9 along with Nightmare Mode missions. Players can obtain Nightmare mods by completing these special missions. These mods combine two different stats, like fire rate and damage, but are weaker than single-stat mods.

However, Nightmare mods can stack with regular mods. There are currently 19 different Nightmare mods available. Unlike other mods, Nightmare mods lack unique visuals to distinguish them. They also cannot be transmuted into different mods and earned through special missions that provide stacking bonus effects.

Did You Know?

Nightmare mods were able to be acquired from Interception missions between Update 12 and Update 12.1 in Warframe. The developers did not intend this. The issue was addressed in a patch so Interception missions no longer award Nightmare mods.

4. Corrupted Mods

Rarity: Rare
Date Released: Unspecified
Patch: Unspecified
Popular Mods: Blind Rage, Fleeting Expertise, Narrow Minded

Corrupted ModsImage source: TechGame

Corrupted Mods are also a rare class of mods in Warframe that provide a beneficial stat bonus and a detrimental penalty. The Warframe Corrupted Mods offer extremely high bonuses outweighed by major penalties. The weapon Corrupted Mods provide similar strength bonuses to standard mods but with a penalty.

Using Dragon Keys, players can obtain Corrupted Mods from Orokin Vaults in the Derelict tileset on Deimos. They cannot be transmuted. Visually, Corrupted Mods appear identical to other Rare gold mods. Unlike most special mods, Corrupted Mods that boost Critical Chance cannot stack with regular Critical Chance mods.

Did You Know?

There are currently 23 Corrupted Mods with equal drop chances.

3. Galvanized Mods

Rarity: Rare
Date Released: July 2021
Patch: Update 30.5
Popular Mods: Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol

Galvanized ModsImage source: Sportskeeda

Galvanized Mods are alternative versions of certain mods in Warframe. They have slightly lower base stats but higher drain than the originals. However, Galvanized Mods provide stacking buffs from killing enemies. Players can buy rank 0 Galvanized Mods for 20 Vitus Essence from the Arbitrations vendor in Relays.

Galvanized Mods cannot be equipped with their original counterparts. Most Galvanized Mods only lose one stack when buffs time out. Galvanized Scope and Crosshairs lose stacks individually. Only kills from a weapon with the Galvanized Mod give stacks. Kills from status procs give stacks, except headshots.

Did You Know?

No Galvanized version exists for Shotgun Terminal Velocity or Laser Sight on shotguns.

2. Riven Mods

Rarity: Very Rare
Date Released: February 2017
Patch: Update 19.0
Popular Mods: Fulmin Prime, Acceltra, Ambassador, Phenmor

Riven ModsImage source: WARFRAME Wiki Fandom

Riven mods are unique mods that provide randomized bonuses for specific weapons. No two Riven mods are identical. Players must complete challenges to unveil Riven’s weapon type and attributes. Rivens can offer 2-3 bonuses, including potentially negative effects that increase positive values.

Rivens use unique polarities and have independent mastery ranks. Bonuses can be rerolled using Kuva. Rivens are assigned to individual weapons like augments. Only one Riven can be equipped per weapon. Riven inventory slots start at 15 and can be expanded to 150 via platinum purchases up to MR30.

1. Primed Mods

Rarity: Rarest
Date Released: July 2013
Patch: Unspecified
Popular Mods: Primed Continuity, Primed Flow, Primed Vigor

Primed ModsImage source: Games Crack

Getting them requires over 7 million credits and 16,000 ducats total from Baro, so the Primed Mods are considered the rarest type of warframe mods. While very expensive and untradeable in some cases, Primed Mods enable pushing builds to their stat limits and are indispensable for min-maxing. Their power comes from higher values rather than synergizing with the originals. In short, Primed Mods offer the greatest possible bonuses but require heavy investment, reflecting their elite status.

However, Primed Mods cannot stack with the non-primed originals, only other mods that provide the same stat bonus. Most Primed Mods come from the Void Trader Baro Ki’Teer. Four Primed Mods are exclusive Daily Tribute rewards. Trading Primed Mods costs buyers a 1 million credit tax.

Did You Know?

Primed Mods from Tributes can’t be traded.


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