5 Rarest Roblox Jailbreak Cars

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With over one billion players worldwide, Roblox offers limitless possibilities for gaming enthusiasts. For auto aficionados, few games allow you to cruise in such style as Jailbreak with its massive garage of exotic whips. But some Jailbreak cars stand out for their impossible rarity, making them the ultimate status symbols a tiny fraction of players possess.

In this guide to the rarest sets of wheels in this blockbuster title, we showcase the near-mythical cars every collector yearns for. From unobtainium supercars to vehicles with brief availability windows, we reveal how these stunning rarities earn their elite pedigree and idolization among car buffs.

5. Airtail

In-Game Cash: 600,000
Vehicle Class: Super
Vehicle Type: Hybrid hypercar
Capacity: 3

AirtailImage source: Twitter

Despite being a newer supercar, the Airtail was unexpectedly retired in 2020, creating an instant rarity. Reasons cited by developers included too many supercars diluting its value and underuse compared to its 1 million dollar price tag. This shocked fans, given the Airtail’s popularity. With a well-rounded performance on par with the Roadster and Molten, plus seating for three, the Airtail had great utility.

But its abrupt and permanent removal from sale ensured its exclusivity. Now only obtainable through trading, the Airtail’s odd premature discontinuation made it one of the rarest modern supercars in Jailbreak overnight. For collectors seeking exclusive and controversial vehicles, the Airtail represents the ultimate prize. Its rarity comes not from elusive supply but from its untimely discontinued status.

Did you know?

During the most recent map expansion update, you can spot a representation of the Airtail located at the highest point in Crater City.

4. Snake

In-Game Cash: 649,000
Vehicle Class: Super
Vehicle Type: Track-focused supercar
Capacity: 2

SnakeImage source: Jailbreak Wiki Fandom

With extremely limited availability when obtainable, the McLaren Senna-inspired Snake has become an elusive rarity in Jailbreak. Despite only being purchasable for one week in 2018, its stunning looks and well-rounded performance cemented its legacy.

Boasting sharp handling surpassing most supercars and excellent off-roading abilities, the Snake resembles a hybrid of the Airtail and Roadster. Though its top speed falls slightly below the Airtail, blistering acceleration and traction make up for it. But above all, the Snake’s sheer exclusivity as a vehicle with a tiny one-week availability window has made it a priceless collectible.

For Jailbreak enthusiasts, owning this unattainable supercar is the ultimate status symbol and passion project. The Snake’s rarity alone places it among the most coveted cars in the game.

Did you know?

Following the Megalodon, Airtail, and the MCL36, the Snake becomes the fourth vehicle based on McLaren to be included in the game.

3. Parisian

In-Game Cash: 720,000
Vehicle Class: Super
Vehicle Type: Prototype race car
Capacity: 2

ParisianImage source: Reddit

Released during the Parisian Exp-1 update for a limited time, the hyper-exclusive Parisian supercar has cemented itself as a rarity in Jailbreak. Found on a pedestal near Cheater Island when available, its brief presence, blistering speed, and handling have made it a collector’s fantasy. Despite excellent acceleration launching it to 80mph in just a second, the Parisian’s rarity stems from its temporary status rather than current obtainability.

With the best top speed beside the Brulee, Javelin, and Torpedo plus agile maneuverability, the Parisian contends with Jailbreak’s elite hypercars in performance. But for enthusiasts, its legacy lies in its sheer exclusivity as a vehicle with fleeting availability. The Parisian represents a coveted jewel evoking awe and envy for flexing an unattainable trophy car as much as dominating races.

Did you know?

The Parisian has one of the loudest engine sounds in the game, being comparable to the NASCAR, NASCAR Free, and MCL36.

2. Torpedo

In-Game Cash: 750,000
Vehicle Class: Super
Vehicle Type: Hypercar
Capacity: 2

TorpedoImage source: Twitter

With extremely limited availability only during the early seasons of Jailbreak, the Torpedo hypercar has become one of the game’s most coveted and unobtainable vehicles. Despite being initially purchasable for 750,000 cash during its Winter 2018 debut, the Torpedo was permanently removed from sale when the seasonal vehicle loophole was patched in late 2019.

Now totally unobtainable except through trading, its short window of accessibility coupled with excellent performance cements its legacy as a rare status symbol. Boasting nearly unrivaled speed plus great handling and acceleration, the Torpedo contends with the elite Brulee and Javelin as a top-tier hypercar. For collectors and competitors alike, the Torpedo represents an exclusive trophy vehicle that flaunts rarity and competitive dominance.

Did you know?

Since the 2017 Winter Update, this vehicle has been consistently among the most requested and suggested options.

1. Javelin

In-Game Cash: 929,929
Vehicle Class: Super
Vehicle Type: Track-focused hypercar
Capacity: 2

JavelinImage source: Twitter

As a limited-time vehicle only obtainable for 48 hours, the Javelin is undisputedly the rarest car in Jailbreak. Its brief availability window in November 2022 as part of the 5 Days of Vehicles event created a fleeting supply. With owners unable to trade them away until the Javelin went off-sale, the car’s exclusivity was ensured.

Now obtainable solely through trading, its temporary status cements its position as the game’s rarest vehicle. The Javelin is one of the top-performing hypercars in Jailbreak due to its combination of high top speed, quick acceleration, great handling, and strong off-roading abilities. It can reach high speeds like 60 mph in under a second and 300 mph in just 21 seconds.

With a top speed surpassed only by a few supercars and boats, plus its slick design, the disappearing Javelin became an instant collector’s item and flex symbol. Its sheer scarcity forever makes it the holy grail for Jailbreak car enthusiasts.

Did you know?

The Javelin is the second Koenigsegg in-game after the Torpedo.


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