9 Rarest Nitro Type Cars Ever Released

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Nitro Type is a fun way to practice typing skills. It lets you improve your typing speed and accuracy. Since its launch in 2011, the game has released hundreds of cars, the avatars that show a player’s position in the game.

Cars can be obtained through various means. Some cars can be purchased directly from the Nitro shop in exchange for Nitro cash, while some others are supplied as the daily mystery box rewards. There are other cars for which players need to complete achievements. Some limited-edition cars are also released during various events.

Here we list 9 of the rarest cars ever released in Nitro Type. However, in this list, we do not include the admin-only cars that were never obtainable by the general players. 

9. 9 Bit Racer

Rarity: Epic
Car ID: 209
Price: 10,000 Nitro Cash
Corresponding Achievements: NA
9 Bit Racer
photo source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

9 Bit Racer was released during Season 27. It could be obtained via a Bonus Tier. The players were required to log in as a Gold Member during the season to get this car.

The car was later made available during Season 39, volume 2. Players who reached rank 10 in this season obtained the vehicle. When first released, it had a bug that would scramble the paint job. Later it was fixed by the admins.

Both this car and the 8 Bit Racer were based on a McLaren MP4-28, and they resembled a sprite from an 8 Bit game.

Did you know?

8 Bit Racer was obtainable through Nitro Type Elite Achievement. A player could get this car only when 25 players joined Nitro Type via their custom joining link and completed at least 20 races before the release of the Nitro Type 2.0 update. Later it was made available in the shop.

8. NitroPAC

Rarity: Epic
Car ID: 155
Price: 10,000,000 Nitro Cash
Corresponding Achievements: PAC Pro
photo source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

NitroPac was released in the game during the PAC Event in 2018. In this event, players would complete the PAC Pro achievements. The car could be purchased from the Dealership. The accidental release of the event let the players purchase this car two days before the scheduled launch.

The design of the car is based on a McLaren P1 GTR. Only 2,358 players purchased the car during the event. In all probabilities, this car will never return to the game due to the sponsorship status.

Did you know?

This car was given to two Nitro Type players Rae and Eliserss on August 29, 2021. They were rewarded for their effort to help Nitro admins in behind-the-scenes works. 

7. The Kringle 5000 L.T

Rarity: Legendary
Car ID: 123
Price: 1,500,000 Nitro Cash
Corresponding Achievements: L.T. Smash
The Kringle 5000 L.T
photo source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

The Kringle 5000 L.T was released during the 2015 Xmaxx Event. Players were required to complete the L.T. Smash achievement to obtain the car. The condition of the achievement was to use 1,000 Nitros with a holiday car during the event.

It is among the very few cars that were released later in an event without a news post. The car was scheduled to be re-released during the 2018 Xmaxx Event, but on the request of an admin asssa123, Winson Dark Elf was brought back.

Did you know?

Although the name of this car is similar to Kringle 4000 and Kringle 4000 XL, it is not a variant of those cars. 

6. The Xcelsior V12

Rarity: Legendary
Car ID: 86
Price: 1,000,000 Nitro Cash
Corresponding Achievements: Racing to Gold
The Xcelsior V12
photo source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

The Xcelsior V12 was released in 2013, along with the introduction of Gold Membership. It could be obtained by completing the Racing to Gold achievement. The only requirement for completing the achievement was to upgrade the membership to the newly launched Gold Plan.

A glitch enabled players to use the car even after revoking their membership. However, it was missing in their garage’s source code.

The car is designed based on a BAC Mono. An animated redesign was introduced on October 1, 2020. 

Did you know?

The car was first owned by Vielle, who is well known for achieving many things in this game as the first player. He was the first non-admin who played and tested Nitro Math. He is also the first player to obtain all the achievements during a Nitro event. 

5. Shadow X-Maxx Tree

Rarity: Legendary
Car ID: 71
Price: 2,000,000 Nitro Cash
Corresponding Achievements: All Thru the Night (2012) and It’s Back (2018)
Shadow X-Maxx Tree
photo source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

Shadow X-Maxx Tree Car has an interesting design that resembles the shadow of a Christmas tree. The car was first released during the 2012 Xmaxx Event. Players were required to complete the All Thru the Night achievement by racing 300 times in a session with a holiday car during the event to win this car. 

It was re-released in 2018 during the Xmaxx Event. This time it was obtainable by completing the It’s Back achievement. It required the players to complete 500 races with a holiday car during the event. 

Did you know?

During the 2012 event, only 28 players obtained this car. Thus, before the re-release of 2018, it remained the rarest event car. 

4. Liberty ’41 Woodie Sunshine

Rarity: Uncommon
Car ID: 85
Price: 500, 000 Nitro Cash
Corresponding Achievements: BBQs Twice Daily
Liberty '41 Woodie Sunshine
photo source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

Liberty’41 Woodie Sunshine is the second-rarest event car in Nitro Type owned by one 80 players.

This station wagon with flames and surfboard could be obtained by completing the BBQs Twice Daily achievement. The achievement could only be completed during the 2013 summer event, which ran between June 17 and July 1, 2013.

The achievement had two requirements. Players needed to use 1500 Nitros with a summer car and own the Hand Ten car.

The car design is based on Ford 86 Woody Wagon, a model released in 1941, and it never received a redesign.

Did you know?

A Liberty’41 Woodie Sunshine is owned by Nitro admin KristenSmith. However, he didn’t have to complete the requirements.  

3. Hang Fifteen

Rarity: Epic
Car ID: 88
Price: 2,500,000 Nitro Cash
Corresponding Achievements: BBQs Between Meals
Hang Fifteen
photo source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

Hang Fifteen is the rarest event car in Nitro Type. The car was earned by only 75 people. Despite this, the car was never classified as Legendary. It was initially categorized as Rare. On May 24, 2022, it was changed to Epic.

The car could be obtained during the 2013 summer event by completing the achievement BBQs Between Meals. Players had to use 2,000 Nitros with a summer car to complete the achievement.

The car appeared on the Season 40 News Post, but it was not a part of that season. 

Like the Liberty’41 Woodie Sunshine, Nitro admin KristenSmith also got this car without completing the requirements. Another admin, asssa123, also owned this car. 

Did you know?

Many accounts that owned this car were permanently shut down or banned after being compromised. Admin asssa123’s account was one of them. 

2. The Wild 500

Rarity: Legendary
Car ID: 204
Price: 50,000,000 Nitro Cash
Corresponding Achievements: The Wild Legend
The Wild 500
photo source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

The Wild 500 is one of the rarest Nitro Type cars, with only one player owning this car. Players need to complete the Wild Legend achievement to receive this car. That means they need to complete 500,000 races.

To date, only one player, named Wildflower, has been able to complete this achievement. Currently, she is the only person who has this car. The car was awarded to Wildflower on March 20, 2020.      

The car is based on an Aero 3S. It is among the very few Nitro cars where the driver’s helmet is not red. Initially, the price for this car was decided to be 10,000 Nitros. However, on May 28, 2020, it was increased to 50,000,000 Nitro Cash, which makes it the most expensive car in the game. 

Did you know?

Reportedly, Wildflower herself designed this car and requested the admins to make it.

1.The Wildflower 750

Rarity: Legendary
Car ID: 313
Price: 9,000,000 Nitro Cash
Corresponding Achievements: The Wildest of Flowers
The Wildflower 750
photo source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

The Wildflower 750 is another exclusive Nitro Type car owned by Wildflower. She is currently the only player who was rewarded with this car. This makes the Wildflower 750 the rarest Nitro Type car ever. 

She completed The Wildest of Flowers achievement by racing 750,000 times to earn this car. She received this car on May 3, 2022.

The car is based on an Acura NSX. The Wildflower 750 is the only King of the Race car which is animated. The car has a shop description, but like other King of the Race cars, this is not available for purchase from the shop.

Did you know?

Before the Nitro Type shop was launched in February 2012, players could sell the card from their garage for 60% of their purchase price. However, this feature was disabled after the shop was launched.


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