8 Rarest Achievements on Steam

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Amidst the thousands of games on Steam, a select few achievements stand out for their sheer elusiveness. These coveted badges of honor require such skill, perseverance, and luck that only a microscopic fraction of players can ever hope to unlock them. This article unveils the eight rarest and most absurdly difficult Steam achievements recorded to date.

From near-impossible feats in classic games to convoluted tasks in obscure indie titles, earning any of these ridiculously rare achievements will earn you instant god-tier bragging rights. For dedicated completionists, this is your roadmap to achieving true greatness and joining the most exclusive club in all PC gaming.

8. Apex Legend (Apex Legends)

Percentage of Successful Players: Less than 5%
Date Released: February 2019
Patch: Update 7.0
Requirement: Level 10

Apex LegendImage source: Steam

Apex Legend is a notable achievement in the battle royale game Apex Legends, released in February 2019 as part of Update 7.0. To attain this achievement, players must reach Level 10, which might sound straightforward, but the percentage of successful players being less than 5% indicates that it’s a challenging milestone.

Reaching Level 10 in Apex Legends requires considerable time and effort invested in playing the game. It serves as a benchmark for players to better understand the game mechanics, various legends’ abilities, and the overall gameplay dynamics. Moreover, the achievement’s rarity suggests that only a small percentage of players have made it far enough to reach this early but significant level in the game.

Did You Know?

Apex Legends gained immense popularity shortly after its release, reaching 50 million players within its first month.

7. Masterminds (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Percentage of Successful Players: 3.6%
Date Released: Unspecified
Patch: Unspecified
Requirement: Complete all 3 Criminal Mastermind Challenges in The Doomsday Heist

MastermindsImage source: Dunia Games

Masterminds is a prestigious achievement in the action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto 5. Players must complete all three Criminal Mastermind Challenges within “The Doomsday Heist” expansion to unlock this achievement. The achievement requires meticulous planning, coordination, and execution, as it involves completing a series of challenging heist missions without any team member dying.

The Criminal Mastermind Challenges in The Doomsday Heist present a formidable test of a player’s skills and ability to work cohesively with their team. Given the complexity and difficulty of these missions, the percentage of successful players is relatively low at 3.6%, making it a highly sought-after and respected achievement within the Grand Theft Auto 5 community.

Did You Know?

Grand Theft Auto 5, developed by Rockstar North, was released in September 2013 and became one of the best-selling video games ever.

6. Master Zoologist (ARK: Survival Evolved)

Percentage of Successful Players: 3.1%
Date Released: June 2015
Patch: Unspecified
Requirement: Tame at least one of every tameable creature

Master ZoologistImage source: Xbox Achievements

The Master Zoologist achievement in ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the rarest on Steam, with only 3.1% of players unlocking it. To get it, you need to tame every tamable creature on the ark, which is over 100. Despite the game’s popularity, amassing such a vast and diverse collection of creatures as a solo player takes huge amounts of time, grinding, and mastery of all the taming methods.

With so many eligible animals to get, Master Zoologist remains an incredibly demanding achievement that tests players’ persistence and patience. It sits firmly among Steam’s most elite achievements for ultimate bragging rights.

5. Jackpot! (Team Fortress 2)

Percentage of Successful Players: 3%
Date Released: July 2016
Patch: Unspecified
Requirement: Win 10 rounds playing PASS Time

JackpotImage source: Steamlists

Jackpot! is a notable achievement in the popular first-person shooter game Team Fortress 2. It was released in July 2016, and to attain this achievement, players must win 10 rounds while playing the game mode “PASS Time.”

PASS Time is a unique game mode in Team Fortress 2, inspired by a classic combination of soccer and rugby. Two teams compete to score goals by carrying a ball into the enemy team’s goal while utilizing teamwork and different classes’ abilities. Winning 10 rounds in this game mode can be quite challenging, which is reflected in the low percentage of successful players, standing at only 3%.

Did You Know?

This achievement has likely become a badge of honor among the Team Fortress 2 community, showcasing players’ dedication and prowess in mastering the PASS Time game mode.

4. Death From Above (Rust)

Percentage of Successful Players: Less than 3%
Date Released: May 2023
Patch: Update 0.5.0
Requirement: Score ten goals against pro-level bots

Death From Above Image source: Steam Community

Death From Above (Rust) is an elusive achievement in the popular game Rust, released in May 2023 as part of Update 0.5.0. This achievement challenges players to score ten goals against pro-level bots in the game. With a success rate of less than 3%, Death From Above is regarded as one of the toughest accomplishments to achieve in Rust. Players must showcase exceptional skill, precision, and strategic thinking to overcome formidable AI opponents and attain this feat.

The Death From Above achievement was introduced to Rust to provide players with a high-stakes challenge, encouraging them to enhance their gameplay abilities and strive for mastery. It has become a coveted milestone within the Rust community, and those who manage to conquer the pro-level bots and score the required goals are celebrated as elite players in the game.

Did You Know?

Rust is a highly competitive multiplayer survival game with a massive player base. Introducing achievements like Death From Above adds an extra layer of challenge for players seeking recognition and prestige within the Rust community.

3. King of the Kill (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

Percentage of Successful Players: 1.6%
Date Released: Unspecified
Patch: Unspecified
Requirement: Play 5,000 matches of Arms Race or Demolition mode

King of the KillImage source: Future Game Releases

King of the Kill is an exceptional achievement in the renowned first-person shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). To earn this achievement, players must demonstrate extraordinary dedication by participating in a staggering 5,000 matches of either the Arms Race or Demolition game modes.

Arms Race and Demolition are unique game modes in CS: GO, focusing on fast-paced action and constant engagement. Playing 5,000 matches in either of these modes demands a substantial time commitment, perseverance, and a genuine passion for the game. As indicated by the low success rate of 1.6%, this achievement is a testament to a player’s long-term commitment to CS: GO.

Did You Know?

Known for its tactical gameplay, precise gunplay, and active esports community, CS: GO continues to attract millions of players worldwide, making it one of the most enduring and influential titles in the first-person shooter genre.

2. K-Driven (Warframe)

Percentage of Successful Players: Less than 1%
Date Released: November 2018
Patch: Update 24.0
Requirement: None

K-Driven Image source: Reddit

The K-Driven achievement in Warframe is one of the rarest on Steam, requiring players to travel 1,000,000 meters on a K-Drive without touching the ground. This difficult feat can be accomplished by riding to map corners and covering long distances without falling off. Despite only taking a few minutes, the base K-Drive used cannot be modded and won’t highlight races, making this achievement very elusive.

While worth just 20 Gamerscore, K-Driven remains an infamous trophy due to the skill and luck needed to ride a K-Drive for such a long distance untethered. This seemingly simple yet extremely tricky achievement continues to flummox most Warframe players.

Did You Know?

The K-Driven trophy cannot be modded and will not highlight active races on the map or contribute to the K-Driven achievement.

1. Shoot The Knee (PUBG: Battlegrounds)

Percentage of Successful Players: 0.9%
Date Released: Unspecified
Patch: Unspecified
Requirement: Kill 10 players with the crossbow

Shoot The KneeImage source: Xbox Achievements

Shoot The Knee is a challenging achievement in the battle royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds. The low success rate of 0.9% indicates the difficulty involved in completing this task, which is why this is considered the rarest achievement on Steam. To obtain this achievement, players must eliminate 10 opponents using the crossbow, a weapon known for its slow reload time and projectile drop.

Killing opponents with the crossbow requires exceptional accuracy, precise timing, and a deep understanding of the weapon’s mechanics. The achievement likely demands players to adapt their playstyle and strategize effectively to get the upper hand in engagements. Given the rarity of this accomplishment, players who manage to Shoot The Knee showcase their marksmanship and determination to master unconventional weapons.

Did You Know?

PUBG: Battlegrounds, developed and published by PUBG Corporation, revolutionized the battle royale genre upon its release in 2017.


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