10 Rarest Supreme Box Logo T-Shirts Ever

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Supreme, the New York City-based skateboarding lifestyle brand, made its debut in 1994. Since then, Supreme has become an icon in youth culture, particularly in the worlds of skateboarding and hip hop. Owning anything with the classic Supreme Box Logo is cool, but owning some of the rarest Supreme Box Logo t-shirts ever puts a collector on a different level. Hunting down the rarest Supreme Box Logos is difficult as the rarest pieces were never released to the public and produced in small, single-digit quantities. Additionally, the rarest Supreme pieces are years old and the recent demand for the unique shirts has only increased sellers’ asking prices. So, if you’re an OG Supreme fan, dig up your old Box Logo tees, they might be worth a pretty penny.

As of August 2021, the information on this list is as accurate as possible and will be updated as needed.

  1. Supreme vs. Tokion
  2. Why It’s Rare: Limited Edition; reportedly only 100 produced
    Release Date: 2001
    Estimated Value: $10,000 (price paid on secondary market in 2021)
    Supreme vs. Tokion
    photo source: Duke’s Archives

    Of all the rare Supreme Box Logo tees on this list, the Supreme vs. Tokion t-shirt is the most unique. In 2001, Supreme collaborated with Japanese magazine Tokion to create one of the brand’s rarest pieces. Instead of featuring the typical Supreme logo with slight alterations, the Supreme vs. Tokion shirt features an image of Tokion’s New York office. New York City is also the birthplace of Supreme. Tokion was sold in 2009 and renamed Factory, which only adds to the Supreme vs. Tokion shirt’s rarity. In early 2021, a Supreme vs. Tokion was sold for $10,000.

    Did you know?

    The left sleeve of the Supreme vs. Tokion Box Logo t-shirt features the classic Supreme Box Logo underneath the Tokion logo, which is a triangle with the sun in it.

  3. Grid Box Logo
  4. Why It’s Rare: Tokyo Daikanyama Store Opening Exclusive
    Release Date: 1998
    Estimated Value: Listed for $4,700 – $8,000 on secondary market
    Grid Box Logo
    photo source: The Box Logo Collection

    Supreme opened its very first store in Japan in the Tokyo neighborhood of Daikanyama in 1998. To celebrate the opening of Supreme Daikanyama, Supreme released a special Box Logo tee. The Supreme Daikanyama Box Logo tee, aka the Japanese Grid Box Logo, features an altered version of the classic Supreme logo. The logo looks like its on graph paper and blue crop marks on each corner and cursor arrow to the left of the logo. Since the Supreme Daikanyama Box Logo tees date all the way back to 1998 not much is known about them and many people thought they were fakes for years. However, authentic shirts have been tracked down.

  5. Mo’ Wax Collab
  6. Why It’s Rare: Only 50 pieces made
    Release Date: 2014
    Estimated Value: Listed for $3,500 – $4,279 on secondary market
    Mo' Wax Collab
    photo source: Duke’s Archive

    In 2014, UK-based record label Mo’ Wax put on an exhibition called Build and Destroy at the Saatchi Gallery. The exhibition featured rare art works, proofs and merchandise from the Mo’ Wax Urban Archaeology Archive. Some of the merchandise, including a limited edition Supreme Box Logo tee, was designed by urban artist Futura, who has collaborated with Supreme in the past. Only 50 Mo’ Wax Supreme Box Logo tees were produced and were only available for purchase at the Saatchi Gallery. Of course, the shirts sold out immediately. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake Mo’ Wax Supreme Box Logo shirts on the secondary market, but authentic shirts do pop up from time to time.

    Did you know?

    Some of the other exclusive merch for sale from the Build and Destroy: Mo’ Wax Archive included Nike sneakers and the Build and Destroy perfume created by Azzi Glasser and James Lavelle, founder of Mo’ Wax.

  7. Rizzoli Collab
  8. Why It’s Rare: Only a few pieces made
    Release Date: Unreleased; created in 2014
    Estimated Value: $500 – few thousand dollars (price paid on secondary market)
    Rizzoli Collab
    photo source: Duke’s Archive

    In 2014, founder of Supreme, James Jebbia, published a coffee table book documenting the brand’s history up to that point (over 20 years). The book, simply titled, Supreme, was published by Rizzoli and also featured contributions from KAWS, Aaron Bondaroff, and Glenn O’Brien. To mark the release of the book, Supreme produced a few special Box Logo shirts in black and white. The Rizzoli Supreme Box Logo shirts were only handed out to close friends and family of the brand.

    Did you know?

    The back of the Rizzoli Supreme Box Logo shirts featured an image of skater Javier Nuñez, who is also on the cover of the Supreme book.

  9. Gary Warnett Tribute
  10. Why It’s Rare: Only 12 pieces made
    Release Date: Unreleased; created in October 2017
    Estimated Value: N/A
    Gary Warnett Tribute
    photo source: HYPEBEAST

    Following the passing of Gary Warnett, respected sneaker guru and journalist, in September 2017, Supreme made a special tribute t-shirt to honor the Warnett. The Supreme Gary Warnett Tribute tee featured Warnett’s Instagram handle “Gwarizm.” The shirts were sent to Supreme London, Warnett was from England, and reportedly only 12 shirts were made. All of the Supreme Gary Warnett went to his friends and family and they will probably never come up on the secondary market, much to the disappointment of diehard Supreme collectors.

  11. WTAPS Collab
  12. Why It’s Rare: Only a few samples made
    Release Date: Unreleased; created 1999
    Estimated Value: $35,000 (price paid at auction in 2020)
    WTAPS Collab
    photo source: The Box Logo Collection

    WTAPS (pronounced “double taps”) is a Japanese streetwear brand that has been a long-time Supreme collaborator. In 1999, WTAPS and Supreme came together for the first time to produce a few sample shirts, but the collection never came to fruition. The WTAPS Supreme Box Logo features a camouflage background with black Supreme lettering on top. There is also a light grew WTAPS logo just under the Supreme lettering. WTAPS and Supreme did release a full collection years later and WTAPS is sold in Supreme’s Japan store.

    Did you know?

    The WTAPS Supreme Box Logo tee featured camouflage because WTAPS is heavily inspired by military fashion.

  13. Three 6 Mafia Purple Box Logo
  14. Why It’s Rare: Never released to general public
    Release Date: Unreleased; created in 2012
    Estimated Value: One listed for €8,500 on Duke’s Archive
    Three 6 Mafia Purple Box Logo
    photo source: The Box Logo Collection

    For Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection, the brand collaborated with Three 6 Mafia on a few photo shirts. The Three 6 Mafia shirts featured pictures of Juicy J and DJ Paul wearing Supreme clothing. For the collaboration, Supreme produced special Purple Box Logo tees for Three 6 Mafia and some of their friends and family. Juicy J is wearing the Purple Box Logo shirt in the pictures for the photo shirts. The Purple Box Logo tees were never released to the public, but they have popped up from time to time on the secondary market.

    Did you know?

    The purple used for the Three 6 Mafia Purple Box Logo tee could be a nod to the group’s popularization of lean or purple drink, a recreational drug made with purple cough syrup.

  15. Arabic Camo
  16. Why It’s Rare: Only a few samples made
    Release Date: Unreleased; created c. 1999
    Estimated Value: c.$3,300 (price paid on Grailed in 2017)
    Arabic Camo
    photo source: Grailed

    The Arabic Camo Supreme Box Logo tee has mysterious origins because only a couple of these shirts exist. Supreme debuted its Arabic logo in 1997 and has since put it on numerous colorways and other items. However the combo of the Arabic and Camo Supreme Box Logo was only put on a few sample t-shirts in 1999. For whatever reason, the Arabic Camo Supreme Box Logo tees never received a general release. This extremely rare Supreme t-shirts are pretty priceless, but one of the only existing samples was sold for $3,300 in 2017.

    Did you know?

    The Arabic script on the Arabic Supreme Box Logo roughly translates to “glory.”

  17. Virgil Abloh Collab
  18. Why It’s Rare: Only about two pieces in existence
    Release Date: Never released; created c. June 2019
    Estimated Value: €10,000 EUR (about $11,464 at the time) (price paid at auction in 2020)
    Virgil Abloh Collab
    photo source: HIGHSNOBIETY

    Over the Summer of 2019, Virgil Abloh, Chicago street fashion icon and the current artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection, did a collaboration with Supreme as part of Abloh’s “Figures of Speech” exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Abloh’s unique Supreme Box Logo tee was never released and for more than a year the shirt featured in the exhibit was the only known piece in existence.

    Then in July 2020, a second Virgil Abloh Supreme Box Logo tee appeared and initially people weren’t sure if it was real. However, the shirt was confirmed to be a “second print test” and one of the few Virgil Abloh Supreme shirts produced. The Virgil Abloh Supreme Box Logo tee features the colors of the Pan-African flag.

    Did you know?

    Reportedly, the Virgil Abloh Supreme Box Logo tee was supposed to receive a wider release, but this was canceled and no one knows for sure how many samples were produced.

  19. Tie-Dye
  20. Why It’s Rare: One-of-a-kind
    Release Date: Unreleased; made c.2006/2007
    Estimated Value: $52,000 (price paid at auction in 2020)
    photo source: HYPEBEAST

    The cotton candy colored Tie Dye Supreme Box Logo tee looks like its completely fake, but according to all of its previous owners its the real deal. The Tie Dye Supreme shirt is a unique sample that never received a general release, this makes it the rarest Supreme Box Logo t-shirt ever. The rare Supreme shirt was put up for sale by Max Miller in Fall 2020. The auction attracted bids from various rappers and celebrities, but it was ultimately won by James Bogart, a Supreme collector with one of the most impressive collections in the world. Bogart paid a cool $52,000 for the rare Tie Dye Supreme Box Logo tee.

    Did you know?

    The Tie Dye Supreme Box Logo tee originally belonged to John Wynne, the founder of Kopbox and an OG Supreme collector, who verified the shirt’s provenance.


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