8 Most Expensive Wheel Rims You Can Buy

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The average alloy wheel rims cost around $110-$130, less if you opt for steel. They sometimes offer painted finishes to customize your design to your car. But most people don’t think about the rims so long as the tires work. It’s not until you start customizing your ride for luxury, style, and power that you start to get into the nitty-gritty of the color and quality of your wheel rims. If you’re into luxury vehicles from major brands like Audi, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Lamborghini, and more, chances are good that you’ve run into some seriously expensive wheel rims.

The wheel rims listed here are the priciest of the bunch. Continue reading our list of the 8 most expensive wheel rims to learn about what makes the top-of-the-line wheels the top. This is what literally drives the most expensive luxury vehicles in the world.

  1. Artis Forged Twister Gold
  2. Price: $7,059
    Size: 21”
    Brand: Artis Forged
    Artis Forged Twister Gold
    photo source: AudioCityUSA

    The 21” Artis Forged Wheels known as the Twister Gold rims are opening this list at just over $7,000 in value. Undoubtedly, that’s more than most of us would ever spend on a set of wheel rims, but we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill wheels here. These Twister Gold rims can go up to 30” in diameter if you can find them.

    Artis Forged also offers platinum, rose gold, and sapphire finishes, as well as custom tires and a steering wheel that matches the sleek design of the rims.

    Did you know?

    The advantages of forged wheels are numerous, resulting in higher prices across the board. The forging process prevents shrinkage and pores from forming in the metal, giving the wheels a tighter grain, which leads to a mechanically stronger wheel. What this means for the customer paying thousands for these rims is that they will wear less over time and perform better while they do.

  3. Lexani Forged LF Sport LZ-108
  4. Price: $9,640
    Size: 21”
    Brand: Lexani
    Lexani Forged LF Sport LZ-108
    photo source: eBay

    Listed on eBay as 21″ Staggered Lexani Forged Wheels LF Sport LZ-108 Custom Paint Rims(B31), these wheel rims cost $9,640.85, making them among the most expensive out there. They were made for the 2019 luxury vehicle lines, including the Jaguar F-Type, Audi S5, BMW M5, and so many more. They have a custom paint finish.

    Lexani offers a huge selection of color choices when you order directly from them. The wheels are hand-prepped across the entire surface before being brushed, painted, and powder-coated, giving them clarity and durability befitting ultra-expensive wheel rims.

    Did you know?

    Lexani has been around for over 20 years making these custom wheels, beginning with their sports car offerings and progressing to modern luxury vehicles. They use CAD drawing techniques in the manufacturing of their custom alloy wheels, grilles, tires, and more to ensure that the designs remain creatively consistent yet personal.

  5. Vossen EVO-4R
  6. Price: $13,600
    Size: 24”
    Brand: Vossen
    Vossen EVO-4R
    photo source: Auto Talent

    The Vossen EVO series wheels are extremely pricey. They’re listed at prices ranging from a few thousand up to $13,600 for the 24” Vossen EVO-4R Forged Series Wheels listed here. Vossen uses extra material when forging their wheels to create an efficient spoke design as well as accommodate different design profiles. This increases the maximum concavity of their wheels compared to other designs.

    These wheels offer 48 unique finishes to make your car as understated or exotic as you prefer. They come in sizes from 18” up to 24”. Vossen is up to the EVO-6T now, though they aren’t quite as expensive yet.

    Did you know?

    Vossen out of Miami, Florida has a TUV-verified facility that they use to forge wheels completely in-house, making them one of the few plants in the world capable of doing it without outsourcing anything. This, according to them, increases their ability to maintain strict quality control and expand their range of customizable designs.

  7. HRE S209H
  8. Price: $17,400
    Size: 24”
    Brand: HRE
    HRE S209H
    photo source: Auto Talent

    The HRE S209H Forged Wheels are part of HRE’s line of luxury vintage-looking wheel rim designs. In this case, their Series S2H has that twisty spoke architecture that combines the look of a supercar with the sensibilities of a vintage luxury vehicle. These wheel rims are designed for high-performance sedans, sports GTs, and supercars.

    The 360-degree spoke surfacing displayed on the wheel’s store page is finished with frozen gold and a polished dark clear outer finish with a textured black center. However, many finishes are available. The wheels are engineered to reduce rotational inertia, improving handling and performance in the world’s fastest supercars. They’re made of aerospace-level forged aluminum to make them as light and strong as possible. These wheels retail for $17,400 at the 24” diameter version.

    Did you know?

    The HRE S209H Forged Wheels are CNC machined by HRE to improve performance and efficiency. CNC or “computer numerical control” is a manufacturing method that uses software to operate factory machinery from a computer. This means that human error simply does not factor into the production of these HRE wheels. They all come out with a consistently high level of detailed performance dictated by the program.

  9. Tesla Model S
  10. Price: $17,495
    Size: 21”
    Brand: Tesla
    Tesla Model S
    photo source: Unplugged Performance

    Tesla’s ultra-light forged aluminum wheels utilize carbon fiber barrels to reduce weight even further. Tesla being owned by Elon Musk, who also owns SpaceX, has created aerospace-grade wheels with these Tesla Model S rims, also listed as Long-Range UP-03 Carbon Fiber Wheels.

    These wheels come in 20” and 21” application sizes. They were manufactured in 2021 for the Model S range of Tesla vehicles and feature customizable colors and components. The price tag for the Model S wheel rims goes up to $17,495.

    Did you know?

    The Tesla Model S car is a liftback car that would go on to become Tesla’s flagship vehicle when it debuted in 2012. It was marketed as the top-selling plug-in, battery-powered car and would hold that honor until Tesla released their Model 3 in 2017.

  11. Forgiato Forged C2C-C
  12. Price: $19,320
    Size: 32”
    Brand: Forgiato
    Forgiato Forged C2C-C
    photo source: AudioCityUSA

    Forgiato wheels often run high, including the Basamento and Estremos wheel lines. They’re tailored so specifically to your needs that you can choose their unique concavity/convexity levels, as well as finishing them to match your car color. Forgiato is known for specializing in larger wheels, including these.

    These 32” Forgiato Forged C2C-C Wheels have a custom finish. A full set retails for $19,320.

    Did you know?

    Despite the purposeful callback to Italian car manufacturers, Forgiato is actually based in Los Angeles, California, sourcing American-made parts for American-made cars. They consider themselves an ambassador to customizable, totally American-built designs. These $20,000 wheels are testaments to their confidence, at least as much as to their materials.

  13. Mansory CV.7 Air
  14. Price: $29,995
    Size: 24”
    Brand: Mansory
    Mansory CV.7 Air
    photo source: Mansory

    Mansory wheels are traditionally expensive forged wheel rims designed for expensive car brands like Rolls Royce. These wheels, listed as the Mansory CV.7 Air 24” Forged Wheel Set, are made for luxury Lamborghinis. The price only includes the raw wheel materials. To get them customized with painting schemes will cost even more. Mansory offers black diamond and black glossy finishes.

    This full set includes the center caps and outer ring made of high-quality carbon fiber. The wheels are designed to be lightweight, which encourages brake air circulation for added control, as well as a fantastic look. On the high end, these 24” wheels can cost $29,995.

    Did you know?

    Kourosh Mansory founded this wheel brand in 1989 and immediately focused on luxury car brands like Bentley, Ferrari, and the inimitable Rolls. They’ve been fine-tuning the dynamics of their ultra-light rims (aluminum and now carbon fiber) to bring England and the world these top-quality dynamic rim designs.

  15. Asanti Diamond
  16. Price: $2,000,000
    Size: 34”
    Brand: Asanti
    Asanti Diamond
    photo source: Luxury Launches

    The most expensive rims are the Asanti Diamond rims. These insane creations used to be known as the $1,000,000 rims. Now they’re the $2,000,000 rims after luxury wheel manufacturer Asanti upped the ante again. Note that the $2,000,000 variant has never actually sold, but it’s available for anyone that wants to absolutely deck out their car in outrageous value.

    The $1,000,000 version has actually sold. Encrusting this set of rims is a total of 12,000 diamonds covering every inch of metal, including sparse rubies and around 800 precious sapphires. If anyone bought the $2,000,000 wheels, these numbers would skyrocket to 1,200 rubies and sapphires and a total of 26,000 diamonds.

    Did you know?

    Asanti is all about luxury, whether the wheels are the standard 18”-24” models or these insane high-rollers, the 34” Asanti Diamond rims. Unlike many wheel rims out there, Asanti offers theirs in multipiece constructions, which allows an even greater depth of customizability.

The Takeaway

Wheel rims are a noticeable sign of luxury. Even when the rest of the car is already decked out, the addition of incredible rims just takes it over the top. The luxury brands listed here do everything they can in terms of luxury materials, state-of-the-art construction methods, and customization options to offer the most expensive wheel rims in the world. We’d say they succeeded.


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