10 Most Expensive Toothpaste in the World

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The history of toothpaste starts with early toothbrushes. Historians say Egyptians and Babylonians made the oldest toothbrushes sometime around 3500-3000 BC. These early dental tools were made from frayed twigs.

Later, the first “natural bristle” toothbrush was invented in China. The brush featured pig hair bristles and a bone handle.

Forms of toothpaste existed before the toothbrush, but modern teeth cleaning formulas weren’t created until the 1800s. Some of these formulas included soap and chalk, but inventors developed better versions over time.

Modern toothpaste isn’t usually expensive, but some brands are very pricey. Here’s our list of the most expensive toothpaste in the world!

10. Mint and Grapefruit Natural Toothpaste by Nudge

Price: $10
Toothpaste Flavor: Mint and grapefruit
Container: Recyclable plastic tube
Interesting Fact: This toothpaste is fluoride-free
Mint and Grapefruit Natural Toothpaste by Nudge
photo source: shopnudge.com

First up is a specialty toothpaste by Nudge, a high-end oral health care brand dedicated to “sustainable” products. This toothpaste offers notes of mint and grapefruit, giving users bright freshness throughout the day. The paste is sold in a recyclable plastic tube and goes for 10 bucks a pop. Nudge recommends using this paste with your very own Nudge-brand toothbrush, which costs $5 per set of two.

According to the brand, “Nudge wants nothing more than to offer you smooth products, good flavors, and that oh-so-fresh feeling.” The company says this toothpaste is fluoride-free and perfect for reducing hypersensitivity in the gums.

Did you know?

Nudge sells a lot of oral care products, including a $16 alcohol-free mouthwash and “clean sustainable silk floss” made of candelilla wax. You can also buy a complete oral care package for $30.

9. Le White by LEBON

Price: $13.50
Toothpaste Flavor: Sweet mint and green tea
Container: Plastic tube
Interesting Fact: This toothpaste is sweetened with stevia
Le White by LEBON
photo source: en.lebonandlebon.com

At number nine is Le White by LEBON, a luxury toothpaste with notes of sweet mint and green tea. The sugar-free formula is sweetened by stevia, giving the paste a natural sweetness without ruining the cleaning power of your toothbrush.

LEBON says the product offers impressive teeth-whitening power, calling it “The flagship member of the whitening collection.”

LEBON says this toothpaste uses papaya as a natural teeth-whitening ingredient. Other ingredients include organic aloe vera, which reportedly protects gums, and green tea, which reportedly acts similarly to fluoride by naturally protecting tooth enamel.

LEBON is a high-end brand, and this toothpaste is expensive as a result. The company says this $13 paste is an ideal “traveling partner,” offering “a brightening disposition and sharp sense of humor.” Would you pay 13 bucks for toothpaste?

Did you know?

This toothpaste has a slightly bitter flavor profile thanks to the green tea.

8. AESOP Toothpaste

Price: $17
Toothpaste Flavor: Unreported
Container: Tube
Interesting Fact: This toothpaste includes wasabi
AESOP Toothpaste
photo source: toddsnyder.com

AESOP calls this toothpaste “distinctly flavored,” but that’s it. Interestingly, the formula includes real wasabi, so there’s a good chance this toothpaste is somewhat spicy. Other ingredients include sea buckthorn, a tart berry, and cardamon.

AESOP says the paste is opaque and creamy, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and invigorated.

At $17 per tube, AESOP sells the eighth most expensive toothpaste on the market. Would you buy some?

Did you know?

AESOP says this toothpaste is fluoride-free and effectively cleans users’ teeth and gums for whole-mouth freshness. The brand also sells mint-flavored mouthwash for $25 per 500 ml bottle.

7. LIVFRESH Wintergreen Toothpaste

Price: $19.99
Toothpaste Flavor: Wintergreen
Container: Standard tube
Interesting Fact: This toothpaste is sugar and gluten-free
LIVFRESH Wintergreen Toothpaste
photo source: getlivfresh.com

At number seven is a pricey paste by LIVFRESH. The Wintergreen toothpaste offers minty freshness through a sugar-free formula alongside intense plaque fighting. The brand says this toothpaste is better at fighting build-up than other formulas and is highly recommended by experts.

LIVFRESH says Wintergreen’s unique ingredients help fight oral problems like swollen gums. The product is made in the U.S. and costs just shy of $20, making it the seventh most expensive toothpaste on the planet.

Did you know?

This toothpaste is reportedly better at preventing overnight plaque build-up than other brands according to a study conducted by an American university.

6. Opiat Dentaire

Price: $20
Toothpaste Flavor: Mint, coriander, and cucumber
Container: Non-plastic tube
Interesting Fact: This toothpaste includes special water from France
Opiat Dentaire
photo source: buly1803.com

Opiat Dentaire is a unique luxury toothpaste with a special ingredient: healing water from France. According to the toothpaste maker, “The fountain of Castéra-Verduzan, in the Gers region [France], gushes up naturally, replete with sulfates, calcium and magnesium.”

These natural compounds found within the water can reportedly heal throat aches and support oral health.

Sold within a special non-plastic tube, this unique toothpaste costs about $20 and offers flavors of mint, coriander, and cucumber. Would you pay 20 bucks for toothpaste?

Did you know?

The fountain of Castéra-Verduzan has been accredited by the French health department as a legitimate treatment for periodontal diseases.

5. Supersmile Professional Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Price: $25
Toothpaste Flavor: Extra strong mint
Container: Standard tube
Interesting Fact: This toothpaste has fluoride
Supersmile Professional Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
photo source: supersmile.com

Up next is a powerful teeth whitening toothpaste by Supersmile. The formula includes an extra-strength mint flavor for bold freshness throughout the day.

Supersmile says the toothpaste is ideal for getting whiter teeth fast, with users enjoying visibly brighter smiles in just five days.

When it comes to the price, this toothpaste is super expensive. Part of the cost comes from the production process. Supersmile says traditional toothpaste takes three hours to produce, but this stuff takes 72. It also has unique and high-end ingredients, bringing the price tag to $25.

Did you know?

Supersmile says this toothpaste is really good at reducing plaque.

4. Selahatin Escapist Whitening Toothpaste

Price: $26
Toothpaste Flavor: Cinnamon, orange, and peppermint
Container: Aluminum tube
Interesting Fact: This toothpaste is vegan
Selahatin Escapist Whitening Toothpaste
photo source: fleekfellows.com

At number four is the Escapist Whitening Toothpaste by Selahatin. The “luxury” toothpaste comes in a standard aluminum tube and offers flavors of cinnamon, orange, and peppermint. The vegan cleaning formula includes “deep cleansing” and “exfoliating” ingredients for the ultimate brushing experience.

Kristoffer Vural, the founder of Selahatin, says he wants to change the way people experience brushing their teeth each morning: “I want people to use Selahatin and forget about reality and whatever everyday stuff’s going on…”

At $26 per tube, this is the world’s fourth most expensive toothpaste.

Did you know?

Selahatin says this toothpaste “combines emotion and function.”

3. PerioSciences Dental Gel

Price: $43
Toothpaste Flavor: Mint
Container: Plastic pump container
Interesting Fact: This toothpaste uses natural sweeteners
PerioSciences Dental Gel
photo source: periosciences.com

Dental Gel by PerioSciences offers a power-packed toothpaste filled with antioxidants and minty freshness. The high-end product features xylitol, a natural sweetener, and clove flower oil,  a natural antibacterial. Users get a plastic pump container with two size options, one for travel and one for use at home. The at-home version is bigger and costs a whopping $43.

PerioSciences says this toothpaste does more than clean your teeth — it cleans your whole mouth: “Your gums, tongue, cheeks, and palate will finally get the attention they deserve.”

Did you know?

The smaller travel version of this toothpaste costs $24. That gets you 15 ml of paste, half the amount of the standard size.

2. Bite Toothpaste Bits (Zero Waste Toothpaste)

Price: $48
Toothpaste Flavor: Mint
Container: Reusable glass jar
Interesting Fact: This toothpaste is vegan
Bite Toothpaste Bits
photo source: bitetoothpastebits.com

Coming in at number two is a vegan-friendly toothpaste designed to minimize waste. The toothpaste “bites” come in a reusable glass jar that’s plastic-free. Using the paste is easy, just pop it in your mouth and you’ll have the perfect amount of toothpaste in seconds.

Each jar of Bite Toothpaste Bits comes with 248 pieces, enough for four months of brushing. The maker says each bit is designed to naturally whiten your teeth without exposing you to harsh chemicals.

At $48 per jar, this is the second most expensive toothpaste in the world.

Did you know?

This toothpaste product is 100% plastic-free.

1. Theodent 300 Whitening Crystal Mint

Price: $99.99
Toothpaste Flavor: Mint
Container: Tube
Interesting Fact: This is an extra-strength toothpaste
Theodent 300 Whitening Crystal Mint
photo source: theodent.com

Theodent 300 Whitening Crystal Mint is the most expensive toothpaste in the world.

A hundred dollars for toothpaste? Sure, why not! Theodent says this pricey paste is an extra-strength version of the brand’s “proprietary formulation” designed for “the discerning Theodent customer.” The mint-flavored recipe is reportedly non-toxic, safe to swallow, and ideal for users dealing with thin enamel.

Amazingly, Theodent’s standard toothpaste sells for just $15.99. That’s still expensive, but it’s nowhere near as pricey as the brand’s special “300” version. Theodent doesn’t really explain why the extra-strength formula is so much more expensive other than calling it “the pinnacle of Theodent’s research and development.”

Did you know?

Theodent makes a chocolate-flavored toothpaste for kids. The company says it’s safer for children than other brands because it’s fluoride-free.


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