9 Most Expensive Supreme Items Ever Sold

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The Supreme fashion brand was started in New York City in 1994, targeted toward hip hop fashion circles. It eventually expanded to include most major fashion capitals, including Milan, Paris, London, Osaka, New York City, LA, and more.

They specialize in many types of fashion accessories but have also branched out into cross-brand promotions for other types of items. Continue reading to learn about the most expensive Supreme items out there.

9. Box Logo Hoodie

Price: $7,850
Color: Red
Year: 2017
Box Logo Hoodie
photo source: The Echelon

The Box Logo Hoodie is a Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration, which definitely won’t be the last time you see those two names together on this list.

This bright red hoodie jacket, plastered with the LV monogram pattern with a Supreme logo in the middle, can now be bought on The Echelon for $7,850 in its rarest size (5L).

Did you know?

The box logo merchandise through Supreme is so valuable that there are a lot of fakes out there made by people hoping to turn average hoodies into huge resale value. To accomplish this, sellers often print fake washing labels. Look for bolder lettering, as well as a wider, shorter tag.

8. Louis Vuitton x Supreme Christopher Backpack

Price: $14,450
Color: Black
Year: 2017
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Christopher Backpack
photo source: StockX

The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Christopher Backpack is a sleek collaboration between the Supreme and Louis Vuitton fashion brands for their Fall 2017 menswear show (in Paris, of course). The black backpack has gloss-black logos in that fashionable Futura Heavy Oblique font.

It’s made from LV’s epi leather, completed after weeks of rumors that the two brands were cooking up something new.

This backpack originally retailed for $3,900 but is now more highly prized for its rarity, selling for up to $14,450 on the aftermarket.

Did you know?

Louis Vuitton created epi leather to give their accessories a unique look. It’s a style of pressed leather stamped with patterns and then dyed. Finally, the leather is coated in a protective gloss that helps it resist water.

LV handbags are famous for their use of epi leather, which has a very famous look, like normal leather but with a textured horizontal pattern.

7. Jacob & Co. x Supreme Time Zone 40mm

Price: $14,500
Color: White
Year: 2020
Jacob & Co. x Supreme Time Zone 40mm
photo source: StockX

The Supreme Time Zone is a 40mm watch made in a collaboration between Supreme and Jacob & Company. This watch glitters, and no wonder why – its bezel features 51 white diamonds encrusted around the edge.

Its 40mm case is made from stainless steel and its strap is made from red alligator leather.

The watch features several complications, which are the separate faces and components on the main dial. These include time zone counters for Paris, Tokyo, and New York. This watch was released for Jacob & Co.’s October 2020 collection and came with a display box.

The watch originally retailed for $15,740. Now, its resale value is about the same, with examples on StockX selling for around $14,500.

Did you know?

Jacob & Co. was founded by Jacob Arabo, who immigrated from the USSR to take his jewelry work and apply it to luxury watchmaking. After working for others for a while, he opened the Jacob & Co. label in 1986. His real windfall came when the supermodel Naomi Campbell wore his Five Timezone watch in a major photoshoot.

6. Louis Vuitton Supreme X Leather Bomber Varsity Jacket

Price: $19,775
Color: Red
Year: 2017
Louis Vuitton Supreme X Leather Bomber Varsity Jacket
photo source: Mighty Chic

The Louis Vuitton Supreme X Leather Bomber Varsity Jacket was made in a collaboration between the two fashion designers in a limited edition of 50 examples. It’s monogramed with the classic Supreme luggage trunk pattern on a field of bright red.

The collection sold out almost immediately so any examples on the aftermarket are naturally going to be driven up in price by scarcity. The one currently being sold on Mighty Chic is a size 50, listed as new, still in the signature Supreme box. It’s being sold for $19,775.

Did you know?

Varsity jackets are known as the “uniform of winners” due to their traditional use in sports teams, educational academies, and other activities. They evoke pride in one’s team or school and were typically sold in versions with specific organization colors.

The varsity jacket was started at Harvard back in 1865. Today, it’s a more generalized luxury fashion statement outside of academia, which this Supreme x LV collaboration has capitalized on with their own bomber jacket.

5. Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keepall Bandouliere

Price: $28,662.60
Color: Red
Year: 2017
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keepall Bandouliere
photo source: Christies

The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keepall Bandouliere originally sold for $3,650. It was originally available in 4 sizes, sold as a weekend bag with leather handles, a removable shoulder strap, and silvertone accent hardware.

It was made from epi leather, the iconic Louis Vuitton custom leather, showing off its iconic horizontal grain.

The Louis Vuitton Keepall was first introduced in 1930 and remains their oldest bags that they still make today. 140 years later, Supreme started in 1994.

Then in 2017, they combined for the Paris Men’s Fashion Week in January. This Keepall now sells on the aftermarket for over $28,662 or more.

Did you know?

Supreme is not the only brand collaboration with Louis Vuitton. The designers Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murikami have also designed Keepall bags with them.

4. Supreme Louis Vuitton Jacquard Denim N-3B Parka

Price: $30,000
Color: Blue
Year: 2017
Supreme Louis Vuitton Jacquard Denim N-3B Parka
photo source: StockX

The Supreme Louis Vuitton Jacquard Denim N-3B Parka is yet another piece of the collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton, which is selling on StockX for various prices depending on the size of the jacket that each seller has. This includes a low asking price of $17,125 for the EU 54 size up to $30,000 for the EU 58 size.

Keep in mind that these sizes are relative to Louis Vuitton’s non-standard company sizes, not to any other standard sizes. When it came out in 2017, this denim-blue jacket retailed for $1,375.

Did you know?

Denim jackets have fallen in and out of style repeatedly since being invented in the 1800s, around 1805, for a fashion collection for the German Historical Commission of Rhineland.

Now, these jackets are most commonly worn in the American mid-West, though the trendy-expensive combination of LV x Supreme is pretty universal.

3. Max Fish Pinball Machine

Price: $81,250
Color: Silver/red
Year: 2018
Max Fish Pinball Machine
photo source: Christies

This Max Fish pinball machine sold on December 15, 2020 at a Christie’s auction in New York City. It was estimated to be worth $26,000-$30,000 but the allure of both Max Fish and the Supreme brand drove its final sale price up to $81,250.

This pinball machine was only made 12 times, each sold for a retail price of $11,000. One of the machines was set up in the Manhattan bar, Max Fish, and this one sold for this record-breaking amount.

Did you know?

The NYC favorite seafood restaurant Max Fish was opened in 2007, first in Glastonbury. It was a spiritual sequel to the 1996 restaurant, Max on Main in Connecticut.

2. Malle Courrier 90 Trunk

Price: $124,995
Color: Red
Year: 2017
Malle Courrier 90 Trunk
photo source: The Echelon

The Malle Courrier 90 Trunk is arguably the most iconic Supreme item, definitely the one that most capitalizes on its frequent collaborations with Louis Vuitton.

Vuitton, as you may know, began life as a luxury trunk designer before dabbling into all manner of fashion and accessories. This trunk was part of the two brands’ combined Fall 2017 lines.

The trunk is bespoke, meaning it’s only made to order. The exterior is exquisite leather while the inside is quilted paneling. This French masterpiece is very rare, leading storefronts like The Echelon to sell even slightly shelf-worn examples of the Malle Courrier 90 Trunk for prices as high as $124,995.

Did you know?

“Malle Courrier” is French for “mail trunk,” of which Louis Vuitton sells quite a few. This includes the highly desirable current fashion trunk, the Courrier Lozine 110, which sells for $46,500.

1. Skateboard Deck (Monogram Red)

Price: $184,290
Color: Red
Year: 2017
Skateboard Deck
photo source: StockX

The most expensive Supreme Item is the Skateboard Deck (Monogram Red). It was made like many of the items on this list in a collaboration between the luxury clothing brand, Louis Vuitton, and Supreme. Even at retail, this piece cost $54,500 due to its limited production.

The skateboard comes with that bright Monogram Red Supreme color and Supreme trunk graphics. Now, if you want this Skateboard Deck, you’ll have to shell out $184,290 on StockX. Keep in mind though that none have ever sold on StockX and only one is currently available, which may be why this seller can ask for so much.

Did you know?

Louis Vuitton was only 16 when he went to Paris with a dream of being a product designer and mogul, starting as an amateur trunk-maker. The Supreme skateboard is just one more bit of proof that he succeeded.


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