10 Most Expensive Tires in the World

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The history of tires starts with the history of wheels. Experts say the invention was likely created around 3500 BC as part of the potter’s wheel, a machine used to make pottery.

These early wheels weren’t used for transportation, but they set the stage for later versions developed in Greece.

Once wheels were commonplace, it was only a matter of time until the rubber tire was born. Vulcanized rubber was invented in the 1840s, resulting in a more durable material that can survive long-distance travel.

Modern tires can be very expensive, especially if they’re designed for specialty vehicles. With this list, let’s look at 10 of the most pricey tires in the world — they can be crazy expensive!

10. Michelin Tweel

Approx. Price: $770
Tire Size: 24 inches
Tire Weight: 48 pounds
Interesting Fact: This is an airless tire
Michelin Tweel
photo source: gallaghertire.com

First up is the Michelin Tweel, an airless tire with a unique rubber design. Michelin says the tire is ideal for environments that really need a durable driving experience, from rocky terrain to lawn care.

The design can also be used for cars though, especially cars dealing with intense driving conditions.

Michelin is a huge name in the tire market, so it’s no surprise that the brand can demand pretty steep price tags — and this Tweel is no exception.

The 24-inch version is priced at more than $700, but bigger versions can sell for more than a thousand.

Did you know?

This tire is made of a special high-performance rubber that can withstand intense travel.

9. Pirelli P Zero Corsa System

Approx. Price: $1,400
Tire Size: 18 to 21 inches
Tire Weight: Varies by tire size
Interesting Fact: This tire was designed for sports cars
Pirelli P Zero Corsa System
photo source: tirerack.com

Up next is the pricey Pirelli P Zero Corsa System. The tire has a size range of 18 to 21 inches, and tire weight varies by size. Most options hover around 26-36 pounds.

The tire was designed for sports cars, meaning it has high-performance capabilities and solid durability.

According to the seller, these tires “have been developed for the drivers of high-powered, super sports cars primarily for extreme road use, as well as track use at driver’s schools and lapping days.”

Did you know?

The maker of these tires does not recommend using them on wet roads due to the risk of hydroplaning.

8. Aircraft Tires (Boeing 737 Main Tires)

Approx. Price: $1,500
Tire Size: 27 inches
Tire Weight: 31.6 pounds
Interesting Fact: Bridgestone got approval to make 737 tires in 2006
Aircraft Tires
photo source: commons.wikimedia.org

Aircraft are always expensive, but passenger jets are out of this world. The Boeing 737 is one of many airplanes worth nearly $100 million, and part of that cost comes from the tires.

Estimates say the plane’s ever-important tires used for safely landing cost about $1,500.

Fifteen hundred dollars might sound like a lot of money, but it’s really just a drop in the bucket of that multi-million dollar price tag. It’s still pretty cheap even when you factor in all four tires the 737 uses, which cost about six grand in total.

Did you know?

The 737 is one of Boeing’s best-selling airplanes.

7. Formula 1 Tires

Approx. Price: $3,000
Tire Size: 18 inches
Tire Weight: 9.5kg (front) and 11.5kg (rear)
Interesting Fact: Formula 1 tires switched from 13 to 18 inches in 2022
Formula 1 Tires
photo source: motorsport.com

Formula 1 cars are expensive, and so are their tires. The top-tier racing standard tire is 18 inches, weighs 9.5kg in the back, and costs $3,000.

That steep price tag only grows when you consider each car has four tires, and a vehicle can go through several sets during a single race. Plus, there are different tires for various driving and track conditions, so the Formula 1 tire price tag can seriously be sky-high.

Did you know?

Industry insiders say the move from 13 to 18-inch tires makes sense for Formula 1: “We are obviously very happy…because the sizes are a lot more relevant compared to the 13-inch.”

6. Monster Truck Tires

Approx. Price: $3,000
Tire Size: 66 inches
Tire Weight: 800 to 900 pounds
Interesting Fact: These tires run on just 8 to 10 pounds of pressure
Monster Truck Tires
photo source: commons.wikimedia.org

Monster truck tires are big, but they run on just about 10 pounds of pressure. That’s impressive considering the standard setup measures 66 inches tall and 43 inches wide, but it makes sense considering how these tires are used.

When it comes to the price tag, these tires are as expensive as they are heavy. Standard monster truck tires weigh up to 900 pounds and cost about $3,000 a piece. That means a truck will spend about 12 grand on tires alone!

Did you know?

Many monster trucks used to use cast steel axles, but they switched to a lighter and more durable custom setup.

5. Michelin XZL

Approx. Price: $3,900
Tire Size: 45 inches
Tire Weight: Unreported
Interesting Fact: This tire was made for large commercial vehicles
Michelin XZL
photo source: business.michelinman.com

The Michelin XZL tire was made for large commercial vehicles like buses and trucks, so it’s got an impressive single load capacity of well over 14,000 pounds.

The tire measures 45 inches in diameter and is made with ultra-durable materials that can withstand intense use for long periods of time.

Michelin is a massive name in the tire industry, and this design targets commercial buyers. The tire is very expensive as a result, costing $3,900.

Did you know?

Many buses have more than four tires, so you could easily spend over $15,000 on a set of Michelin XZLs.

4. Michelin Tires for the Bugatti Veyron

Approx. Price: $11,544
Tire Size: 20 inches
Tire Weight: Unreported
Interesting Fact: These tires are made for the Veyron’s insane speed
Michelin Tires for the Bugatti Veyron
photo source: commons.wikimedia.org

The Bugatti Veyron is a wildly powerful supercar. The vehicle can travel at speeds up to 253 miles per hour and hits 60 in just under 2.5 seconds, making it one of the fastest cars on the market.

All that speed means the Bugatti Veyron needs powerful and durable tires, and Michelin is ready to deliver.

Estimates vary, but reports say Michelin-made tires for the Bugatti Veyron cost more than eleven thousand dollars. That makes them the fourth most expensive tires on the planet!

Did you know?

Reports say standard maintenance service for the Veyron costs more than $20,000.

3. Caterpillar 797B Tires

Approx. Price: $42,500
Tire Size: Over 13 feet tall
Tire Weight: 11,860 pounds
Interesting Fact: These tires can handle 100 tons each
Caterpillar 797B Tires
photo source: businessinsider.com

Coming in at number three is the massive Caterpillar 797B tire, a 13-foot tall beast that weighs more than 11,000 pounds and carries 100 tons.

The huge tire is made for a huge dump truck. In fact, it’s made for the biggest dump truck on Earth.

Amazingly, these huge tires cost more than $40,000 each. The Caterpillar 797B itself costs more than five million dollars, so this whole setup is just plain expensive.

Did you know?

Both Michelin and Bridgestone make tires for the massive Caterpillar 797B. Both brands charge about the same price for their individual designs.

2. Firestone 70/70-57 Super Rock Grip Loader Tire

Approx. Price: $167,000
Tire Size: Over 13 feet tall
Tire Weight: 15,000 pounds
Interesting Fact: This is the largest tire in the world
Firestone 70/70-57 Super Rock Grip Loader Tire
photo source: petestire.com

In our number two spot is the massive Firestone 70/70-57 Super Rock Grip Loader Tire. The insanely expensive design stands over 13 feet tall and weighs a crazy 15,000 pounds, making it the world’s largest tire!

This tire is huge, and it’s expensive too. Prices vary, and buying one new would cost more than used. Still, estimates peg the value of this large tire at more than $160,000. Multiply that by four and you’re spending more than half a million dollars on tires!

Did you know?

According to one report, this tire design uses enough plies of rubber to cover an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

1. Z Tyres Gold and Diamond Tire

Approx. Price: $600,000
Tire Size: Unreported
Tire Weight: Unreported
Interesting Fact: This tire features real gold and diamonds
Z Tyres Gold and Diamond Tire
photo source: mikeshouts.com

Z Tyres Gold and Diamond Tire is the most expensive tire in the entire world.

Z Tyres is a Dubai-based luxury brand making the most expensive tires on the planet. The company’s priciest design features real gold and solid diamonds — and it’s worth more than half a million dollars!

The company sold its gold and diamond-encrusted rubber tire at a charity auction in 2016, raking in 600 grand and earning the title of most expensive tire according to Guinness World Records. 

Did you know?

Z Tyer says this design features “specially selected” materials for the ultimate luxury tire experience.


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