9 Most Expensive Phone Cases Ever Sold

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Phone cases are a common accessory that people buy not only to protect their valuable phones but also to make a fashion statement. Phone cases, especially with iPhones, can be as expensive as the phones.

Continue reading to learn about the most expensive phone cases that money can buy, including the most expensive ever sold.

9. Classic Phone Case Pouch Quilted Iridescent Caviar

Price: $3,000
Brand: Chanel
Material: Leather
Classic Phone Case Pouch Quilted Iridescent Caviar
photo source: Rebag

This phone case is made from leather with a fabric-lined interior. It is only sold online as “Classic Phone Case Pouch Quilted Iridescent Caviar.”

Its iridescent blue, quilted leather design is instantly recognizable, accentuated by gold hardware and an understated Chanel logo in the center.

Quilted leather uses leather pieces sewn together around another fabric used as insulating material, giving it that fluffy feeling that quilted leather has. It’s softer and more heavily padded than normal single-piece leather, giving a phone case like this a lot of insulation and protection.

Rebag sells this phone case for $1,995 on their eCommerce site, but different colors on the aftermarket can sell for as much as $3,000.

Did you know?

Coco Chanel is best known for her revolutionary female fashion couture, but you may not know that Chanel was accused of collaborating with the Nazis to maintain her brand during WWII. Though she was pardoned by Winston Churchill, more recently unearthed documents show that she was an instrumental member of the Nazi intelligence service, also known as the Sicherheitsdienst.

8. Phone & Airpods Pro Case with Chain

Price: $3,050
Brand: Chanel
Material: Calfskin
Phone & Airpods Pro Case with Chain
photo source: Chanel

The Phone & Airpods Pro Case with Chain was made by the luxury fashion brand, Chanel. The case is light blue, made from shiny grained calfskin with a metal chain and logo toned with gold.

Calfskin leather is of course made from the sheared skin of baby cows, conditioned and tanned until it’s shiny and incredibly soft. As a phone case, calfskin is incredibly durable material despite its softness.

However, as with any leather with a soft feel, your Chanel phone case will be vulnerable to marking and scratching. A professional can restore the leather if this happens.

The Chanel phone case with matching Airpods case retails from Chanel for $3,050.

Did you know?

Chanel is a 112-year-old fashion brand, founded in 1910 by Coco Chanel in London. She was a major force of change in women’s fashion couture that completely shifted fashion trends in the World War eras of the world. Her clothes emphasized flat-chested designs rather than the hourglasses of European fashion.

Luxury accessories have always been a major part of the Chanel brand (just think of Chanel No. 5). This phone case is just another note in their century-long fashion symphony.

7. Aristocratic Pad Case

Price: $3,200
Brand: Aurum Edition
Material: Crocodile leather
Aristocratic Pad Case
photo source: Aurum Edition

The brand Aurum Edition made the Aristocratic Pad Cases from luxurious crocodile leather in different colors, from blue to red and brown.

Aurum Edition fashions these cases out of Dubai where the luxury gadget and tech accessory industry is huge.

Aurum Edition makes not only phone cases but also watches and jewelry using valuable woods, precious stones, and high-quality animal products like this leather. The Pad Cases cost $3,200 each.

Did you know?

Aurum Edition has been working for 10 years designing 80 different kinds of luxury phones and cases. They also make handbags and custom design accessories for other Apple products such as the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

6. Louis Vuitton x Nigo Flap Double Phone Pouch

Price: $3,400
Brand: Louis Vuitton x Nigo
Material: Coated canvasleather
Louis Vuitton x Nigo Flap Double Phone Pouch
photo source: Sotheby’s

The Louis Vuitton x Nigo Flap Double Phone Pouch is a coated canvas case lined with black fabric. The case was made in a collaboration between the luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton and the Japanese artist, Nigo.

It was released in their 2021 line and included a monogrammed shoulder strap.

For this phone pouch, complete with its gold-plated hardware, you can expect to pay over $2,000, up to $3,400 in some cases.

Did you know?

Nigo is a fashion designer, record producer, and DJ. His urban clothing line, Bape (which stands for, A Bathing Ape), is one of his best-known creations. He’s also a member of Teriyaki Boyz, the Japanese hip-hop group, and the creative director of Kenzo, the French fashion design house founded by a Japanese artist named Kenzo Takada in 1970.

5. iPhone 11 Pro Max Gresso Blackwood

Price: $7,000
Brand: Gresso
Material: Blackwood, titanium, 18k gold
iPhone 11 Pro Max Gresso Blackwood
photo source: Gresso Design

The Gresso line of iPhone cases is well-known for luxury. The company has been hand-making these phone accessories since only 1999, but their reputation for luxury materials is already very well-known.

The Blackwood Collection is a sub-line of their phone cases made from numerous luxury materials, including titanium plating on an 18k gold sculpt.

However, the reason this limited-edition case is so expensive, racking up $7,000 on Gresso’s store, is the panel made from two-century-old African blackwood. It’s one of the most coveted and expensive pieces of wood in the world.

Did you know?

African blackwood is red or black in color and has been used throughout human history for luxury wood-making. Even the ancient Egyptians used blackwood in their royal furniture. The most coveted use for high-quality African blackwood is in making luxury woodwind instruments like oboes, clarinets, piccolos, transverse flutes, and Highland pipes.

The Most Expensive Ever Sold

4. BRIKK iPhone XS + XS Trim Case

Price: $100,000
Brand: BRIKK
Material: Titanium, gold, diamonds
BRIKK iPhone XS + XS Trim Case
photo source: Brikk

The luxury accessory designer known as BRIKK has an expensive line of phone cases known as the Trim cases, which are often decked out in luxury metals and precious stones.

The Trim case for the XS and XS Max models is made from titanium and gold as well as clustered with 6 carats worth of diamonds, spread out over 600 individual stones.

BRIKK also sells the phones themselves and encrusts them in more precious stones, including jade, jewels, and meteorite.

The results are some of the most expensive phones on earth, with the Lux iPhone XS Max Royal Jade Edition costing $3 million.

This case alone for XS and XS Max phones retails for $100,000.

Did you know?

Something that sets BRIKK apart is their devotion to humanitarianism. With every phone case they sell, they donate a metric ton of rice to an NGO charity that the buyer can choose at checkout.

3. Buccellati iPhone Case

Price: $208,000
Brand: Buccellati
Material: Gold/diamonds
Buccellati iPhone Case
photo source: The Jewelry Loupe

The designer Lucrezia Buccellati debuted this expensive phone case at a trade show famed for its luxury watches and phone accessories, held in Basel in Switzerland.

The Buccellati brand was founded in 1919 and has created many extravagant fashion pieces in its day, including earrings, diamond cuffs, and other accessories.

The unique design of this $208,000 case is based on the solar illustrations of Leonardo da Vinci. The starburst designs are made from tiny patterns of diamonds that drive this gold-plated case to extravagant value.

Did you know?

Buccellati has been known for goldsmithing since it was founded over 100 years ago in Milan, Italy by Mario Buccellati. Signature honeycomb designs and the illustrative quality of this case refer to the brand’s love of architecture as well as jewelry.

2. Dragon and Spider iPhone Case

Price: $880,000
Brand: Anita Mai Tan
Material: 18k gold/diamonds
Dragon and Spider iPhone Case
photo source: Elite Choice

The Dragon and Spider iPhone Case was sculpted over a period of 16 months out of 18k gold, implanted with 70 carats of diamonds spread out between the “Dragon” and “Spider.”

The dragon side contains 32 carats of champagne, colorless, cognac, and brown diamonds. The spider side contains 38 carats of colorless and black diamonds.

The pair of cases cost $880,000, which means that either one of them alone could take this place on the list. They were made to celebrate the Chinese year of the dragon, which represents life and the universe.

Did you know?

Anita Mai Tan operates AlGems and designs not only jeweled phone cases but also rings, decanters, pens, necklaces, and more. Her work is famous for featuring 18k gold and plentiful diamonds.

1. Call of Diamond iPhone 6 Case

Price: $2,700,000
Brand: Alexander Amosu
Material: 18k gold/diamonds
Call of Diamond iPhone 6 Case
photo source: Mike Shouts

The most expensive phone case is the Call of Diamond iPhone 6 Case. This sparkling case made from 18k gold and studded with thousands of diamonds (6,127 to be exact) was designed by the British jeweler Alexander Amosu.

His limited-edition designs include many valuable editions, including the 24k Gold iPhone 6, which retails for about $4,000.

The limited-edition Call of Diamond 6 case takes 2 months for the craftsmen to finish. Each one weighs 85g in precious stones alone, including 51.29 carats of diamonds. The diamonds are all VSS1 IF quality, flawless color, and cushion cut.

The case costs $2.7 million if you’re lucky enough to order one.

Did you know?

Amosu designs in 44 cities around the world. His creations include not only phone cases and bespoke jewelry but also custom-made suits and shirts.


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