8 Most Expensive Houses Currently on the Market in Kansas

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The median home price in Kansas is $189,000, which makes it one of the cheaper states in the entire country, number 43 out of 50, to be exact. Despite the typically cheap housing spread out over Kansas’s large, flat metropolitan areas, huge tracts of land still exist that feature gem-like mansions nestled into the Kansas prairies. You’d be hard-pressed to find prettier.

Continue reading for our list of the 8 most expensive houses currently for sale in Kansas, including the landscaping and interior design that gives them their outrageous values, especially relative to the area.

8. 5964 Overhill Rd

Price: $3,750,000
City: Mission Hills
Rooms: 6 bed/9 bath
Size: 10,620 sqft
5964 Overhill Rd
photo source: Zillow

The 10,620-sqft house at 5964 Overhill Rd in Mission Hills is one of the more classic properties on this list of expensive Kansas real estate. The home, which is currently on the market for $3.75 million, was built in 1929 on a small but private plot spanning 0.83 acres.

You’re buying this house for the unique custom architecture, which brings Italian influence to the insular landscapes of Kansas. The style includes a classic foyer, luxury floors made from Italian marble and limestone, and 9 fireplaces.

The beams of the high ceiling are Tole-painted, giving the house a totally unique yet classic feel to go with its bar, breakfast room, dressing rooms, and other amenities.

The house has an elevator so you can get to it all.

Outside, the house continues its Italian outdoor living influence with multiple courtyards and covered patios, a gorgeous garden, pergola, chess area, water fountains, arched gates, and beautiful trees.

Did you know?

Tole painting is a style of decorative folk art commonly used on tin and wooden objects, including utensils and furniture like coffee pots, chairs, and chests. Europe’s history of tole painting, going back to antique toleware carried on by German immigrants in New England, made its way over to the mid-west in the beams of the stunning vaulted ceilings in this house.

7. 11063 W 164th St

Price: $3,950,000
City: Overland Park
Rooms: 7 bed/8 bath
Size: 11,398 sqft
11063 W 164th St
photo source: Zillow

The home located at 11063 W 164th St in Overland Park, Kansas is 11,398 sqft in size. It contains 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms on a 5-acre estate. It’s practically a private resort, complete with some exclusive amenities like a diving pool and a half-court basketball gym.

The custom-designed house has all-new flooring, fixtures, and appliances, with a library, loft space, workout studio, private guest suites, a billiards room, and more.

It’s a great property for gym nuts as its workout spaces have heated floors and expansive, state-of-the-art leisure areas.

Owning this fitness paradise will cost you $3.95 million.

Did you know?

The outside of the house is just as lush and accommodating as the inside. The property has a multi-sport field surrounded by lush, landscaped areas, a pond, lanai, luxury patio, and private waterfall features.

6. 2404 W 114th St

Price: $4,700,000
City: Leawood
Rooms: 6 bed/11 bath
Size: 11,356 sqft
2404 W 114th St
photo source: Zillow

The house at 2404 W 114th St in Leawood, Kansas is on a 0.88-acre plot. It’s one of the most sizable houses on the list in terms of living space, with 11,356 sqft spread out over 6 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The architecture is French-inspired, located in the high-end real estate area known as Hallbrook Farms.

The property has its own golf course, designed by its builder, Rick Standard.

The house has an expansive entry room profuse with natural light and resort spaces, a wine cellar, pool, and private driving range. It’s currently on the market for $4.7 million.

Did you know?

The pool space is one of the things that gives this property its real resort-like flavor. The stone cabana, outdoor showers, and outdoor wood-burning fireplace are major selling points.

5. 11600 Manor Rd

Price: $4,800,000
City: Leawood
Rooms: 5 bed/7 bath
Size: 10,991 sqft
11600 Manor Rd
photo source: Zillow

The house at 11600 Manor Rd in Leawood, Kansas was built in 2006. The enormous home is 10,991 sqft in size, with 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The property is 1.7 acres in size in the Hallbrook Farms estates. It has beautiful views from throughout the home.

The inside contains gorgeous custom cabinets, handmade arched doorways, floors made from travertine and luxury hardwood, as well as five luxurious custom fireplaces. The walls are made from expensive limestone that landscapes the whole property.

The house is currently listed on the market for $4,800,000.

Did you know?

The house is equipped for a high-class gourmet chef with a full kitchen stocked with custom cabinetry, high-end appliances, and vaulted designer ceilings.

4. 20485 Antioch Rd

Price: $4,850,000
City: Bucyrus
Rooms: 5 bed/8 bath
Size: 9,504 sqft
20485 Antioch Rd
photo source: Zillow

The house at 20485 Antioch Rd in the city of Bucyrus in Kansas was completed in 2006. It has a beautiful 29-acre plot of land sparsely populated with trees and landscaped like a luxury country estate.

The property was built by Lyle Holthaus, who imparted it with its stone façade and numerous luxury features to make the most of its country setting.

The house itself offers an old-fashioned great room with enormously high ceilings supported by wooden beams. It has a beautiful fireplace, palatial double doors, and an old-fashioned wooden library. The dining room has a gorgeous chandelier and old-style fabric walls popular in these estates.

Its amenities include a full-sized movie theater, wine cellar, exercise room, wet bar, and an incredible resort-style pool area with patios and a cabana.

Did you know?

The property comes equipped with two steel-framed barns, plus an electric generator that can power the entire property in case of a power outage.

3. 1051 N Blackstone Rd

Price: $6,700,000
City: Milton
Rooms: 6 bed/7 bath
Size: 7,828 sqft
1051 N Blackstone Rd
photo source: Zillow

One of the newest homes on this list is at 1051 N Blackstone Rd in Milton, Kansas, completed in 2015. It has a property of 89.2 acres in size and includes many luxurious modern features like a covered pool cabana and volleyball net.

The house’s entire construction is made from luxury stone, with views from all sides of the Kansas prairie.

The house is a net-zero energy home, which includes double-wall insulation, four energy recovery ventilators, a King Solar 25 KW system, and R-58 attic insulation. Because of this, the house is completely self-sustaining in terms of energy consumption.

It can be purchased for $6.7 million.

The film is an outdoor lover’s dream that combines modern technology with outdoor accommodations. The property contains two stocked ponds, a 300-yard shooting range, a fenced corral, and an ICF horse stable with radiant floor heat.

Did you know?

The house is totally modernized with a fully automated system installed through Living Sound. The house’s media systems, movie theater, security cameras, lighting, and televisions can be controlled by the Savant app.

2. 11292 NE Plum Thicket Rd

Price: $7,500,000
City: Sharon
Rooms: 6 bed/4 bath
Size: 1,082 sqft
11292 NE Plum Thicket Rd
photo source: Zillow

The smallest house on this list is at 11292 NE Plum Thicket Rd. It has 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms spread out over 1,802 sqft. The house was built in 1910 as a hunting lodge, which is why it has an absolutely stunning property spanning over 1,200 acres, clearly the draw of the estate.

The land includes 9 ponds stocked with fish, each of which has a personal fishing dock.

The surrounding area is stocked with other resources too for hunters of deer, waterfowl, and turkey. It also comes equipped with dog kennels, barns, and facilities for training and running horses. The price of the property is currently $7.5 million.

Did you know?

The house has an expansive wood-burning fireplace in its living room, a beautiful kitchen, and a bunk room. The main house is connected to a huge barn and a screened-in porch.

1. 935 Shawnee Rd

Price: $10,000,000
City: Kansas City
Rooms: 4 bed/2 bath
Size: 3,856 sqft
935 Shawnee Rd
photo source: Zillow

The most expensive house in Kansas is at 935 Shawnee Rd. This home is not huge – you may have noticed that at a paltry 3,856 sqft, 4 beds and 2 baths, this house is smaller than the normal luxury mansion. It’s also by far the oldest on this whole list. So why does it have a $10 million price tag?

The answer is in its history. This historic house is known as the Sauer Castle, an Italian building registered as a Historic Place in the national registry, built way back in 1866 (for American architecture, that’s pretty old).

The house is made from old-style brick and has a classic wooden roof. It has a nearly 3-acre plot of land and, despite its small living space, contains three glorious fireplaces for those cold Kansas nights.

Did you know?

The mansion was on the Shawnee Indian Trail, a major part of the Santa Fe Trail wagon road. In 1996, $30,000 worth of historical artifacts were stolen from the house by its hired caretaker. The house has been the subject of many ghost stories over the years too. You’re buying more than a home with this one – you’re buying into history.


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