9 Most Expensive Office Chairs You Can Buy

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The average office chair costs about $250, but you can’t expect to get too much ergonomic comfort or luxury design when you’re paying for average. At more expensive levels, office chairs gain the expertise of expert sculptors and furniture designers adding their unique spins on concept creations to bring ultimate comfort to your game room or office.

Continue reading to learn about the 9 most expensive office chairs out there, including the artists that made them, the stores that sell them, and the features you can expect to get from them if you can afford them.

  1. Vaya Limited Edition Executive Office Chair
  2. Price: $6,000
    Brand: Vaya
    Designer: Ken Okuyama
    Vaya Limited Edition Executive Office Chair
    photo source: Metropolitan Decor

    The Vaya Limited Edition Executive Office Chair costs $6,000 right now on sale from Metropolitan Décor, making it one of the more expensive mass-produced office chairs out there.

    This chair was designed by Ken Okuyama using traditional Japanese engineering techniques. Each one of these limited-edition chairs is numbered, so you know that you’re getting one of Okuyama’s few official models.

    The chair’s designs and color are based on the luxury finishes of the world’s biggest sports cars. It features modern ergonomics, tension controls, lumbar support, and tons of adjustments.

    Did you know?

    The industrial designer Ken Okuyama has worked for Pininfarina on the Enzo Ferrari cars. He’s also been a professor of art and design and even created his own concept car, an aluminum two-seater made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymers known as the K.O. 7 Spider.

  3. Classic Office Armchair
  4. Price: $7,260
    Brand: Tura
    Designer: Aldo Tura
    Classic Office Armchair
    photo source: Artemest

    The Classic Office Armchair by Tura is done in a retro design, with classic leather upholstery and finished with chrome details. The back is covered in matt mocha parchment.

    The chair is designed for modern comfort despite its retro design. It features upgraded ease of movement and adjustable height, as well as customization options. Its price tag of $7,260 does not include $420 shipping to get the chair from its handcrafters in Italy.

    Did you know?

    Aldo Tura was born back in 1909 and started making designer chairs out of Lombardy in 1939 using a combination of modernist and Art Deco design principles. The chairs are often collectable, though this office chair has a much more understated design than the artist’s usual work.

  5. Crystal Pink Working and Gaming Station
  6. Price: $7,699
    Brand: Jubilee Furniture
    Designer: Jubilee Furniture
    Crystal Pink Working and Gaming Station
    photo source: Jubilee Furniture

    The Crystal Pink Working and Gaming Station is in pink and white, giving its player the ultimate recliner office chair. Unlike many gaming chairs, this chair is designed to be usable in both living rooms and offices.

    The seat is ventilated, and the back is raised to create an almost weightless, relaxing feeling that relieves physical tension. It comes with a Smart computer desk built with USB charging and transmitting docks, as well as Bluetooth speakers.

    This chair is perfect for work and play, though the whole station weighs about 400 pounds. It costs $7,699.

    Did you know?

    If you don’t like this chair in pink, the company Jubilee Furniture also offers it in Green, Black, Blue, White, and Red for the same price.

  7. Egg Chair
  8. Price: $8,679
    Brand: Fritz Hansen
    Designer: Arne Jacobsen
    Egg Chair
    photo source: Danish Design Store

    The Egg Chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen for the Fritz Hansen brand. It has an aluminum base and a swiveling design that was first sculpted from clay in Jacobsen’s garage before being mounted to a foam shell. The chair is designed to give the seater privacy in public sitting areas like offices.

    The Egg Chair debuted at the Royal Hotel’s reception area in Copenhagen. It was designed with the chair’s structure and architecture integrated into one sculptural design.

    Owning this chair for yourself will cost $8,769.

    Did you know?

    Danish design has been following Arne Jacobsen’s trend-setting furniture ideas throughout the 20th century. He is the originator not only of the Egg chair designs but also the Swan and Drop chair series.

  9. Recaro “Titan” Office Chair
  10. Price: $9,374
    Brand: Recaro
    Designer: n/a
    Recaro “Titan” Office Chair
    photo source: Beverly Hills Motoring

    The “Titan” Office Chair by Recaro is built for bigger folks with a high backrest and a deep seat. It’s ideal for users up to 6’4” and 350 pounds. The chair comes equipped with either 2D or 4D armrests made from 16-gauge stainless steel.

    The Titan chair has a sculpted design that follows the human spine so that bones and muscles in the back don’t strain as much after long hours of sitting. The cushion contains LiquiCell, which makes it more comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

    The Recaro Titan Office Chair costs $9,374 and comes with a 5-year warranty for the chair’s frame and a 3-year warranty for the seat.

    Did you know?

    Recaro is known for high-end automobile seating. So this office chair brings the standards of durability and comfort of expensive car seats to the home office.

  11. Wegner Swivel Chair
  12. Price: $19,448
    Brand: PP Møbler
    Designer: Hans Wegner
    Wegner Swivel Chair
    photo source: Danish Design Store

    The Wegner Swivel Chair was designed by Hans Wegner (see below) for the furniture brand, PP Møbler out of Denmark. It took failed several workshops for the brothers Ejnar and Lars Peder Pederson to get their business up and running, but by 1953, they were beginning to experiment with new cabinet designs that set them apart.

    This chair is an example of that experimentation brought to the modern day, with a mix between wood and chrome and modern ergonomic design. The wooden rail of the seat back can be ordered in ash, cherry, or oak while the seat is leather.

    The Wegner Swivel Chair retails for $19,448, not including shipping, making it one of the most expensive retail office chairs out there.

    Did you know?

    The Danish designer Hans Wegner worked with many manufacturers throughout the 20th century delivering a style he called “Organic Functionality.” It combined the thinking behind modernist designs with modern functionality. He designed 500 chairs in his life and this swivel chair is one of them.

  13. Luxury Classic Style Swivel Armchair
  14. Price: $21,345
    Brand: Fratelli Bazzi
    Designer: Fratelli Bazzi
    Luxury Classic Style Swivel Armchair
    photo source: Artemest

    The Luxury Classic Style Swivel Armchair by Fratelli Bazzi and sold through Artemest is the most expensive armchair that is commercially available. With a price tag of over $21,000, this chair is the height of luxury for lovers of new “antiques.”

    The chair is a swivel armchair for the modern age with a beechwood design that recalls the fashion of two centuries ago. The seat is padded with foam beneath deep-buttoned upholstery that envelopes your whole body.

    The chair can be customized as each is handcrafted in Italy and shipped around the world (expect to pay $875 more to ship your new masterpiece).

    Did you know?

    Fratelli Bazzi is an interior designer by trade who loves the Baroque period in furniture. This was the style period from around the early 1600s to 1740, after the Renaissance, when the art and architecture world loved elaborate molding and gilding. This chair is a tribute to that style.

  15. Kennedy Cabinet Chairs
  16. Price: $146,500
    Brand: W. H. Gunlocke Chair Co.
    Designer: W. H. Gunlocke Chair Co.
    Kennedy Cabinet Chairs
    photo source: Sotheby’s

    The Kennedy Cabinet chairs are exactly that – two chairs from the cabinet room of the Kennedy presidential administration. The chairs sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $146,500, making them technically one of the world’s most expensive office chairs, though they are not readily available.

    The chairs came with a letter of authenticity signed by Jackie Kennedy. The chairs themselves are high-quality but rather simple, made from leather seats and a hardwood frame.

    According to some accounts, these chairs were bought for the President only 8 days before his assassination. They fell into the possession of the secretary, Robert McNamara, who put them up for auction much later.

    Did you know?

    At the same auction, Sotheby’s sold a Cuban missile crisis paperweight for $95,500. It was the same that President Kennedy presented to Secretary McNamara at that time.

  17. Aresline Xten
  18. Price: $1,500,000
    Brand: Pininfarina
    Designer: Pininfarina
    Aresline Xten
    photo source: Architonic

    The most expensive office chair is the Aresline Xten. Pininfarina is a car design firm based in Italy, infamous for their luxury car projects for some of Italy’s most prestigious racers. These include projects for Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, and more. They also made a chair.

    The Aresline Xten is appropriately like the Ferrari of chairs. It was built and marketed for Middle Eastern CEOs and priced at $1.5 million.

    For that price, the chair is cushioned with high-quality “technogel,” which acts as a pressure-absorber, conforming to the shape of your body and reducing pressure, which has a positive effect on the sitter’s fatigue. This chair is made from Dynatec, a fabric often used by Olympians for its sweat-wicking properties.

    Did you know?

    Pininfarina has been designing coaches in Italy since 1930. Many of the world’s fanciest luxury vehicles, including those mentioned but also Fiat, Lancia, and Alfa Romeo, use Pininfarina designs in their best work.


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