8 Most Expensive Mountain Bikes in the Market Today

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Whether you want to increase your connection to nature or train for a big event, the right mountain bike can make all the difference. Compared to road bikes, which are what most people mean when they say “bike,” a mountain bike has wider tires to increase traction and control, helping you stay stable in off-road conditions. The bikes are constructed in a way that keeps the rider more upright to promote different riding posture and help you enjoy the view as you ride. The best mountain bikes also have state-of-the-art suspension systems that absorb more of the shock on bumpier rides.

Serious riders will need the best technology at their disposal in the most well-crafted bikes to achieve their off-road ambitions. Continue reading to learn about the 8 most expensive mountain bikes that money can buy.

  1. Switchblade Pro XT/XTR w/ Fox Live Valve w/ Carbon Wheels
  2. Price: $10,949
    Brand: Pivot Cycles
    Rear travel: 142mm
    Switchblade Pro XT/XTR w/ Fox Live Valve w/ Carbon Wheels
    photo source: Pivot Cycles

    We’re starting this list with a carbon switchblade frame, high-performance mountain bike by Pivot Cycles, the Pro XT/XTR. The bike comes equipped with a Fox Live Valve and carbon wheels (29”) to offer supreme control. Its new flip-chip gives the rider control over their bike’s geometry to get the best fit for their body type.

    On any trail, the Pro XT/XTR will perform with industry-competitive stability and control. With the add-ons, however, it retails for $10,949.

    Did you know?

    Chris Cocalis founded Pivot Cycles in 2007. The Arizona-based mountain bike manufacturer will feature again on this list. Particularly their DW-Link suspension platform has created a lot of buzz in the high-end mountain biking community for its ability to offer riders exceptional stability on even rough terrain. The company has taken an engineering-centric approach to mountain bike design and manufacturing that continues to support athletes of diverse experience levels, from high school competitors to Olympic contenders.

  3. Shuttle Team XTR
  4. Price: $11,699
    Brand: Shuttle
    Rear travel: 140mm
    Shuttle Team XTR
    photo source: Pivot Cycles

    The Shuttle bikes, this Shuttle Team XTR in particular, redefine how electrical integration affects performance in mountain bike technology. They did it with a 726 W/hour battery (if you ride hybrid bikes, you know that’s huge) attached to the bike’s classy carbon fiber frame. It all sits on top of Maxxis Assegai high grip tires in the front and Minion DHRII tires in the back, which combine to offer incredible control and traction.

    The suspension, handling, and performance that results from the Shuttle XTR’s advances are incredible. They ought to be since the bike retails for $11,699.

    Did you know?

    The Shuttle XTR mountain bike has a few tremendous technological additions that make it such a high-end bike. These include a Shimano EP8 Drive Unit, 140mm travel, Metric Fox DPX2 shock, and DW-link suspension. Additionally, to control that enormous battery, the bike has an intuitive charging port and power button using Shuttle’s Pivot Cable Port System.

  5. Scalpel Hi-Mod Ultimate
  6. Price: $13,000
    Brand: Scalpel
    Rear travel: 100mm
    Scalpel Hi-Mod Ultimate
    photo source: Cannondale

    The Scalpel Hi-Mod Ultimate mountain bike was designed to be a cutting-edge professional XC racing bike. To achieve this goal, the bike is built on an ultralight Hi-Mod carbon FlexPivot frame and a Lefty Ocho carbon fork. It has 12 speed options on its SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS drivetrain and ENVE M525 carbon wheels.

    The bike only weighs about 1900 grams, making it incredibly lightweight for racers. You’d be hard-pressed to find a lighter full suspension frame anywhere, but you also pay for what you get. The Scalpel Hi-Mod Ultimate retails for $13,000.

    Did you know?

    One of the Scalpel Hi-Mod Ultimate mountain bike’s signature design advances is what it calls “proportional response.” This means that rather than using one suspension kinematic for every bike size, this bike has a custom suspension layout for each one. By doing this, every sized rider will get the crucial suspension experience that Scalpel is known for, tailored to them.

  7. Pivot Trail 429
  8. Price: $13,099
    Brand: Pivot
    Rear travel: 120mm
    Pivot Trail 429
    photo source: Backcountry

    The Pivot Trail 429 mountain bike has the brand’s updated frame design, which includes a high-end carbon construction and a Super Boost rear axle. The Pivot Trail 429 is known for its responsiveness and high-performance due to its LiveValve suspension. A flip-chip helps you navigate better down hills while Reynolds carbon wheels offer precision handling and tracking. Its drive chain is a wireless SRAM XX1 AXS.

    The Pivot 429 mountain bike retails for $13,099.

    Did you know?

    Not only the drive chain but the dropper post is wireless, making the riding experience on the Pivot Trail 429 even smoother. With the LiveValve battery in this bike, you can take dozens of trips on your Pivot before needing to recharge.

  9. Santa Cruz Heckler Carbon CC XX1 AXS RSV E-Bike
  10. Price: $13,099
    Brand: Santa Cruz Bicycles
    Rear travel: 150mm
    Santa Cruz Heckler Carbon CC XX1 AXS RSV E-Bike
    photo source: Colorado Cyclist

    Since 1996, the Santa Cruz Heckler has been shaking up mountain bike designs to offer riders an alternative to the norm. This swaggering design, which features a full carbon frame, a pedal-assist system, and virtual pivot point suspension, prioritizes support and traction above all else. The bike’s Shimano motor additionally helps the bike stay stable on even the roughest terrain.

    To own the latest addition to this game-changing brand, the Santa Cruz Heckler Carbon CC XX1 AXS RSV E-Bike will cost you $13,099.

    Did you know?

    This Santa Cruz Heckler features a Carbon CC chassis, Santa Cruz Reserve 30 carbon rim wheels, SRAM Code RSC brakes with Avid centerline 200mm rotors, and a SRAM XX1 Eagle drivetrain.

  11. 2022 SCOTT Spark RC SL EVO AXS
  12. Price: $13,999
    Brand: Scott Bikes
    Rear travel: 120mm
    2022 SCOTT Spark RC SL EVO AXS
    photo source: Contender Bicycles

    The 2022 SCOTT Spark RC SL EVO AXS is a high-performance mountain bike that retails for $13,999. It has an integrated SRAM DUB PF bottom bracket, an SRAM SN XX1 Eagle drive chain, and a FOX 34 SC Float Factory Air fork.

    This cross-country mountain bike combines new integrated suspension and a medium carbon frame to take performance and durability to the next level.

    Did you know?

    The wheels on the 2022 SCOTT Spark RC SL EVO AXS are 29-inch Syncros Silverton SL2 CFs, fitted with high-performance Maxxis Rekon racing tires. This gives the bike not only its incredible speed but increases traction and power transfer to a point that the bike has a responsive footprint on par with any of its professional competition.

  13. S-Works Turbo Levo
  14. Price: $15,000
    Brand: S-Works
    Rear travel: 150mm
    S-Works Turbo Levo
    photo source: Specialized

    The S-Works Turbo Levo mountain bike delivers power and exceedingly good range with its Turbo 2.2 motor and Turbo Control Unit by Mastermind. Its drivetrain is a premier Eagle AXS XX1 by SRAM, which is supported by a FOX factory suspension and Royal Traverse SL wheels. These all combine to create a powerful and shockingly lightweight mountain bike.

    To own the S-Works Turbo Levo bike will set you back $15,000.

    Did you know?

    The designers of the S-Works Turbo Levo bike clearly prioritized all-terrain riding since the bike handles perfectly even over bumps, offering its rider an adjustable head tube angle and bottom bracket height. The bike features six different geometry settings in total to give its rider the ability to reform the bike for any expected terrain.

  15. Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL Founder’s Edition
  16. Price: $16,525
    Brand: S-Works
    Rear travel: 210mm
    Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL Founder’s Edition
    photo source: New Wheel

    The most expensive mountain bike is the Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL Founder’s Edition. Like all eMTBs, which contain a limited motor to help while pedaling up steep hills, the S-Works Turbo Levo SL is a multifaceted machine. It prioritizes all-terrain functionality and range over cargo and commutes. But unlike most mountain bikes, its performance level and technological advances will cost a prospective rider $16,525. Only 250 of these bikes ever went into production.

    This bike features a full carbon frame (FACT 11m), with Roval carbon wheels and other features that make the bike lighter than its competition, without sacrificing responsiveness. The bike’s 12-speed SRAM XX1 Eagle drivetrain ensures that no rider will lack the power they need to tackle any terrain with ease.

    Did you know?

    The Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL Founder’s Edition is a state-of-the-art mountain bike creation, with not only the high specs mentioned but also modern high-tech conveniences. These include an embedded Turbo Connect Display that connects via Bluetooth to your mobile devices to help you keep track of your bike’s performance. Turbo Levo SL offers the ability to directly control the bike’s power delivery, which impacts its performance and range, with the Specialized Mission Control app.

The Takeaway

The best mountain bikes feature high-end technological advances in addition to fantastic designs. From the highest-quality carbon frames to the latest Bluetooth connectivity, these mountain bikes deliver both comfort and performance. It may cost over $10,000 to achieve maximum stability and power, but the off-road versatility you get in return should make any rider excited.


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