8 Most Expensive Houses in Maryland Currently (2022)

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Houses in Maryland cost on average $373,264, which is 22% higher than the national average. As you might imagine, the most luxurious homes in the whole state are serious investments, with some costing in the dozens of millions for their luxury furnishings, spectacular views, and endless rooms.

Continue reading to learn about the 8 most expensive houses in Maryland, including the designs, the landscape, and the furnishings that drive their prices in an already high-value market.

8. 2924 Ocean Gtwy

Price: $10,950,000
City: Trappe
House size: 9,833 sq. ft
Rooms: 7 bed/7 bath
2924 Ocean Gtwy
photo source: Zillow

2924 Ocean Gtwy is a house on a 342.42-acre plot on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The house is in the country manor mansion style, going back to 1880, making it by far the oldest home on this list (called Tidewater Colonial). Its value includes not only the main house but an on-site guest house, caretaker’s house, outbuildings for storage, housekeeper’s quarters, and farm buildings.

The property also features waterfowl impoundments, a pier, and a shooting area, as well as a wall on the shoreline. The house is currently listed for $10.95 million.

Did you know?

Trappe, Maryland is a centuries-old city that started as a hamlet in the mid-1700s. It was finally named Trappe in 1856, either after the common practice of trapping wolves or the well-known Trappist monastery.

7. 933 Hillside Rd Lot A

Price: $11,700,000
City: Lutherville Timonium
House size: 9,500 sq. ft
Rooms: 6 bed/6.5 bath
933 Hillside Rd Lot A
photo source: Realtor

This storybook property at 933 Hillside Rd Lot A is the work of the designer, Steven Gambrel. Its architecture covers the 20-acre land of this site with luxurious estate constructions, including guest and pool houses in addition to the main building.

The grounds also contain gardens, tennis courts, and a greenhouse, as well as walking paths. If you’re looking for luxury land in the Greenspring Valley, this $11.7 million house is the most lavish currently on the market. It has a pond, treelined drive, antique stone monuments, and more (note that this sale price is only for Lot A).

Did you know?

The designer Steven Gambrel out of New York is famous for combining the elegance of countryside construction with what his firm calls “high-gloss urban.” He frequently designs with bright pastel colors and tactile, texturally diverse materials.

6. 13301 Manor Stone Dr

Price: $12,000,000
City: Germantown
House size: 13,350 sq. ft
Rooms: 7 bed/12 bath
13301 Manor Stone Dr
photo source: Zillow

The house at 13301 Manor Stone Dr was built in 1982, making it one of the older of the most expensive homes in Maryland. It’s situated on a 10.16-acre plot and contains 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms in a 13,350-sq-ft home. It has 6 attached garages and is surrounded by wrought-iron gates, with palatial lion sculptures guarding your investment.

The house is known as the Villa dei Leoni and contains a mix of Italian and early American mansion styles. This includes a portico with columns leading into an arched entryway accented with wrought iron. The floor is cross-hatched marble, and the foyer contains an incredible chandelier.

The house is currently on the market for $12 million.

Did you know?

The house was designed by the architectural legend Wilfrid Worland and the builder, Patrick Cullinane. They took design inspiration from all over, incorporating Italian marble and plaster, French silks, and American woodwork. The plaster moldings throughout the house are perfect replicas of those found at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home.

5. 24629 Beverly Rd

Price: $12,750,000
City: Saint Michaels
House size: 10,309 sq. ft
Rooms: 5 bed/7 bath
24629 Beverly Rd
photo source: Zillow

This $12.75 million home in Saint Michaels, Maryland was built in 2002 on a 9.72-acre plot. It has 5 bedrooms and 7 baths spread out over a total of 10,309 sq. ft. It used to be a farmstead and retains an antique holly tree drive overlooking the Eastern Shore of Broad Creeks and San Domingo. The design is a traditional Southern style, like you’d find in the manor homes in Georgia.

To keep with this style, the home’s applications are handmade brick and limestone, including numerous fireplaces and other custom designs. The custom woodworking is everywhere, with the library, mantles, sunset room, mudroom, map room, spiral staircase, and kitchen exuding that Southern-style wood-carved charm.

The property also features a guest house, pool, Morton barn, greenhouse, pond, and raised brick garden.

Did you know?

This homestead is on the site of the 1867 Beverly Manor, which is why it has such antiquated design standards as a snooker room, map room, and powder room.

4. 13320 Signal Tree Ln

Price: $12,750,000
City: Potomac
House size: 26,698 sq. ft
Rooms: 6 bed/10.5 bath
13320 Signal Tree Ln
photo source: Zillow

This huge single-family residence was built in 2007 and is nearly 27,000 sq. ft in size, with 6 beds and 10.5 baths. The whole house is built from imported European building materials to give it a piazza-style, Italian villa look. If you want to live in an Italian hilltop palazzo in Maryland, this one is a true investment.

The front of the property is repurposed cobble, with custom-built villa-style furnishings that lead to a three-story tower, two courtyards, and sizable temperature-controlled garages. The stenciling, wood-burning fireplaces, concert piano, and mantles made from five-century-old Italian volcanic stone all bring you to Venice from the comfort of Maryland. This house is currently for sale for $12.75 million.

Did you know?

This house is brimming with Italian treasures. Among them are antique-style patina, a two-story hall perfect for concerts, and terra cotta tile in the image of a venerated Roman chapel, Cerasi of Santa Maria del Popolo.

3. 9750 Marthas Landing Rd

Price: $12,900,000
City: Ocean City
House size: 10,800 sq. ft
Rooms: 6 bed/7.5 bath
9750 Marthas Landing Rd
photo source: Zillow

The beachfront real estate is to die for in this 10,800 sq. ft house on the bay in Ocean City, Maryland. The house at 9750 Marthas Landing Rd is a 6-bed, 9-bath house on a 0.41-acre plot with access to both the ocean and the bay from Southern Living-Style architecture. Inside this Southern mansion, you’ll find a 12-seat movie theater, multiple fire places, custom cabinets, granite counters, a glass elevator, wine room, and more.

The designer lighting, gourmet kitchen, and teak flooring all elevate this house into a beachfront paradise, especially for fisherman. A 12,000-pound boatlift gives you the chance to fish in style on your own bay. The house is currently on the market for $12.9 million.

Did you know?

Every room in this house has tray ceilings, which are a huge selling point if you like them since they can run up quite a tab. Tray or recessed ceilings are made from patterned panels that increase the visual appeal of the center section of the ceiling.

2. 9305 Inglewood Ct

Price: $13,950,000
City: Potomac
House size: 16,557 sq. ft
Rooms: 6 bed/8.5 bath
9305 Inglewood Ct
photo source: Zillow

This 16,557 sq. ft home is on Zillow for $13.95 million. It’s a new construction from 2020 at 9305 Inglewood Ct in Potomac, Maryland. This 6-bed and 8.5-bath house on 2 acres near Washington D.C. is a fully stone-constructed mansion in the Beaux Arts-style. The house opens with an elegant foyer, showing off the house’s luxurious marble flooring and full staircase.

The stone is accented with 24-karat gold leaf. The dining and living rooms are equipped with new Italian cabinetry and marble counters, all leading to a huge stone terrace and outdoor kitchen. The floors are heated marble with walls of glass leading out to the terrace. The house and all its furnishings are on the market for $13.95 million.

Did you know?

This house also includes a two-story library, catering kitchen, sitting room, wet bar, wine room, two lounges, two huge fireplaces, and a home theater with 13 luxury leather recliners. There’s also an enclosed swimming pool, hot tub spa, steam shower, workout room, sauna, and more.

1. 7751 Rollyston Dr

Price: $16,000,000
City: Saint Michaels
House size: 20,912 sq. ft
Rooms: 9 bed/9.5 bath
7751 Rollyston Dr
photo source: Zillow

The most expensive house in Maryland is 7751 Rollyston Dr. This house in Saint Michaels, Maryland is actual 2 parcels on the Miles River, on a stretch totaling about 91 acres. The house is 4 stories with a full basement and elevator between them, including 9 bedrooms and 9.5 baths.

Some of its luxury structures include a waterside pool and pool house, a covered outdoor kitchen, 2 gazebos, a private dock, fountains, and private beach. There’s even a guest house stocked with 3 full bedrooms and bathrooms, complete with a barn.

This 20,912 sq. ft house is on the market for $16,000,000, making it the most expensive house in the state.

Did you know?

The Miles River is a 12.9-long tributary in Maryland, connecting to the Chesapeake Bay. It was initially called the St. Michaels River, named after the patron saint of the original Maryland colony.


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