8 of the Most Expensive Houses in Florida (2022)

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Florida homes are an artform all their own, a clever conglomerate of Spanish and Mediterranean architecture that defines coastal living. For the vacation and retirement destinations on the Florida coast, the styles of buildings that suit them best prioritize the sky and the sea. That’s why you’ll see huge estates on this list with super high ceilings, open floor plans, and amazing views. The older you go, the more Spanish the houses become, owing to the state’s original settlers, which means a lot of flat roofs, tile ornamentation, and terracotta decoration.

The houses listed here are the most expensive that you can buy in Florida right now. Continue reading to learn about these luxurious properties, how much they cost, and what you get for your millions.

  1. 2325 S Ocean Blvd
  2. Price: $60,000,000
    City: Delray Beach, FL 33483
    Bedrooms: 9
    Size: 25,963 sq. ft.
    2325 S Ocean Blvd
    photo source:

    The first house on our list is also the second-largest – this monstrous oceanside mansion at 2325 S Ocean Blvd in Delray Beach, Florida. This house includes about 1.5 acres of oceanfront property with 9 bedrooms on-site in total (6 in the main house and 3 in the guesthouse). The inside is replete with luxuries, including a movie screening room, 1,000-bottle wine cellar, dining terrace, pool and spa, motor court, gym, walk-in pantries, island kitchen, and more.

    The 25,963 sq. ft. home is listed for $60,000,000.

    Did you know?

    This house is a palazzo-inspired mansion on the beach. Palazzos are imposing, decadent buildings inspired by Italian architecture, especially palaces and museums. It’s not the most common type of architecture in Southern Florida, but it stylistically crosses over with the biggest residences and municipal buildings in Southern Europe, such as those in Spain.

  3. 1400 S Ocean Blvd
  4. Price: $74,990,000
    City: Lake Worth, FL 33462
    Bedrooms: 7
    Size: 16,609 sq. ft.
    1400 S Ocean Blvd
    photo source: Realtor

    The luxury home on 1400 S Ocean Blvd is a waterfront masterpiece settled on nearly two acres of beachfront property. Manalapan on the Gold Coast is Palm Beach County’s jewel on the water, on both the outside and in. The interior design is by Marc-Michaels, who constructed the home’s ambiance and comfort in line with modern resort life.

    The house features 7 bedrooms and 9 full bathrooms. The main home has multiple fireplaces, a full pantry, multiple living areas, a kitchen island and wet bar, and even an elevator. It’s listed for $74,990,000.

    Did you know?

    You can instantly tell the luxury value of this house from the outside where its twin pools rest in the sculpted landscape, surrounded by entertainment areas, an open-air courtyard, motor court, as well as a private dock and boatlift for those luxury yacht owners. There’s a gorgeous guesthouse too.

  5. 149 E Inlet Drive
  6. Price: $79,000,000
    City: Palm Beach, Florida 33480
    Bedrooms: 7
    Size: 7,686 sq. ft.
    149 E Inlet Drive
    photo source: Realtor

    This 7-bedroom, 9.5-bathroom home in Palm Beach, Florida is listed on Realtor for $79,000,000. It’s 7,686 sq. ft. in size, though it isn’t laid out in a predictable way. Each of the house’s 7 bedrooms has its own interior appointments, in keeping with the house’s 2020 architectural design, in modern Caribbean style. It’s completely open in order to take advantage of the gorgeous Palm Beach sunlight.

    The 1.44-acre lot that includes the house at 149 E Inlet Drive features 500 feet of direct access to the coastline.

    Did you know?

    Architecture in the Caribbean style is influenced by African structures but also by the influences of European colonial Great Houses. These modern interpretations of traditional thatched, clay, and straw structures combined with colonial cottages to produce these open-air setups in opulent parts of Florida. As you can see, they really take advantage of the sun and sea.

  7. 450 S Beach Road
  8. Price: $90,000,000
    City: Hobe Sound, Florida, 33455
    Bedrooms: 11
    Size: 26,534 sq. ft.
    450 S Beach Road
    photo source: Realtor

    This home on 450 S Beach Road in Hobe Sound, Florida, is not only one of the most expensive houses currently for sale in the state but is also the largest on this list at 26,534 sq. ft. The house has 11 bedrooms spread out across four building structures. These include the main house which has the master suite, outdoor bar and cabana, staff quarters, chef’s kitchen, and more. The other structures are two guest houses, each with its own living and entertainment areas, kitchens, ensuite bedrooms, and porches. The final structure is a beach house right on the ocean.

    The house, built in 2008, is currently for sale on Realtor for $90,000,000.

    Did you know?

    This is one of the largest estates on this list, with 5.83 acres of direct ocean property, including 335 feet of direct oceanfront land and 345 feet directly adjacent to the Intracoastal waterway.

  9. 27 Star Island Dr
  10. Price: $90,000,000
    City: Miami Beach, Florida, 33139
    Bedrooms: 6
    Size: 23,737 sq. ft.
    27 Star Island Dr
    photo source: Realtor

    27 Star Island Dr is the most coveted address on Miami Beach. The house is huge (23,737 sq. ft.) and includes 6 sizable bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. The estate is 0.92 acres in total and features an open, gorgeous waterfront view, encompassed in ocean breeze.

    There are two houses on the property. One is a restored DeGarmo home, originally built in 1924. The other house is modern, built in 2019, and features a sauna, cold plunge, jacuzzi, cabana, spa, pool, salon, and a gym overlooking the sea.

    Did you know?

    Walter DeGarmo is one of the most revered of Miami’s early modern architects. His designs focused on decorative ornamentation when other schools of design were favoring minimalism. Rather than designing minimal homes with international appeal, he designed for South Florida specifically, overflowing with flourishes designed for the beautiful Miami sealine.

    The second home on this property designed by DeGarmo is like traveling back in time to the 20s, a time when decoration and ornament were a celebration of a world that was high on itself.

  11. 10 Cannon Pt
  12. Price: $95,000,000
    City: Key Largo, FL 33037
    Bedrooms: 10
    Size: 5,000 sq. ft.
    10 Cannon Pt
    photo source: Realtor

    The 10-bed, 11.5-bathhouse at 10 Cannon Pt in Key Largo has been on Realtor for over two years but is listed at $95,000,000. The house was built in 1985 and encompasses an estate that takes up a total of 26 acres. Anyone who vacations to the Florida Keys knows how decadent the scenery is. This house is situated right on Card Sound Bay in the tropics of the Keys.

    The house is self-sufficient in terms of utilities, including the main house, its two caretaker cottages, and an on-site apartment for its dockmaster. This property is for boating enthusiasts, situated on a marina with a 20-slip capacity, enough to park a billionaire’s mega-yacht if you have one of those lying around.

    Did you know?

    This luxurious beach house is located within a 10 minutes’ sail from Ocean Reef and the private airstrips and clubs at Key Largo.

  13. 1000 S Boulevard
  14. Price: $106,000,000
    City: Manalapan, Florida, 33462
    Bedrooms: 9
    Size: 23,188 sq. ft.
    1000 S Boulevard
    photo source: Realtor

    1000 S Boulevard in Manalapan is one of the most expensive houses in Florida. This 23,188 sq. ft. home has 9 bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms spread out over the main structure and a guest house, including a 7-car garage. The estate in total is 1.91 acres across and features incredible views of the ocean from its large rooms. The house was built in 2017.

    This house has been listed on Realtor for 56 days at the time of writing and costs $106,000,000, making it the second most expensive house currently for sale in Florida (this equals about $438,275 per month).

    Did you know?

    This luxury beach estate is located near to a few notable locations, including Lantana Beach, the Lofthus Underwater Archeological Preserve, and the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

  15. 3031 Brickell Ave
  16. Price: $150,000,000
    City: Miami, FL 33129
    Bedrooms: 12
    Size: 19,191 sq. ft.
    3031 Brickell Ave
    photo source: Realtor

    The most expensive house in Florida is 3031 Brickell Ave. This house is currently for sale in Miami and is listed on Zillow for $150,000,000. This 19,191 sq. ft. home has 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms. This doesn’t make it the largest house on this list, but this house, called Indian Spring, makes up for it in sheer luxury.

    The house, built in 1999, has a garden room and terrace, formal living room, Grand Salon, gourmet kitchen, pool, professional office, bay, tennis court, 6-car garage, and more. The whole estate is 4 acres in total.

    Did you know?

    The estate includes Villa Serena, which was built in 1913 by the architects at WJ Bryan. This villa includes a living room, sitting rooms, office, 2 bedrooms, a guesthouse, and a 3-car garage.

The Takeaway

The Florida housing market prioritizes vacation and tourist properties. On this list, the Southern Miami and beachfront coastline properties are worth dozens or even hundreds of millions of dollars due to their spacious floorplans, acreage, and palatial facilities. If you love a bit of Spanish and Italian, a dash of Caribbean, and are just aching to park your super-yacht somewhere, one of these super-houses may be the perfect fit.


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