9 Most Expensive Hair Dryers Ever Sold

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The average hair dryer costs around $20 to $25 while the most expensive can cost hundreds or even thousands. They combine the latest technology patents to bring users salon-style haircare from the comfort of their homes.

Continue reading to learn about the most expensive hair dryers that money can buy and the functionality that drives their prices off the charts.

9. Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Dryer

Price: $349
Brand: Harry Josh
Type: Conventional heat/ionic
Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Dryer
photo source: Dermstore

The Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Dryer is light and powerful, with each one being handmade in France using the brand’s innovative engineering to create lightweight, soft-flowing stylers that have a lot of options. This one comes with 12 heat, ion, and speed settings to give the user salon levels of control.

The Harry Josh dryer is powered by 1,875W to produce air at over 80 mph and reduces normal energy consumption by up to 70% due to its filtration system.

Its extra-wide nozzles offer smoother styling while its ergonomic design has a curved handle patented by Harry Josh. This Pro Tool Dryer costs $349.

Did you know?

The matte-green hair dryer has become a famous mainstay of celebrity hairstyling on Instagram ever since Harry Josh created it. The celebrity stylist and TV personality is famous for his luxury hair drying, if you can believe it.

8. RevAir Reverse Air Hair Dryer

Price: $429
Brand: RevAir
Type: Reverse air
RevAir Reverse Air Hair Dryer
photo source: RevAir

The RevAir Reverse Air Hair Dryer works best on hair that has been conditioned, detangled, and washed, with a little conditioner still left in. While oil-based products can damage the RevAir, non-oil products can help you dry, stretch, and straighten hair three times faster than normal by using this dryer.

Reverse hair dryers are exactly what they sound like. Instead of blowing hot air, they push down toward the hose in the same direction as your hair. It feels cool rather than hot and avoids the typical damage that drying and straightening can cause.

This RevAir model debuted in 2022 for $429.

Did you know?

The high-tech beauty brand, RevAir, which was formed in 2018, is credited with inventing the reverse-air hair dryer.

7. PSL Panasonic Hair Dryer Nanocare

Price: $500
Brand: Panasonic
Type: Nanocare
PSL Panasonic Hair Dryer Nanocare
photo source: eBay

The PSL Panasonic Hair Dryer Nanocare is a high-intensity dryer that uses the brand’s Nanoe hydrating technology to reduce frizz and dry fast. It’s one of the most powerful devices on this list, with an output of 1,875W, putting it in the ranks of professional hair dryers.

This corded dryer by the tech giant Panasonic comes with both a diffuser and concentrator attachment, as well as an oscillating nozzle, which you rarely see on non-professional dryers.

The Panasonic Nanoe dryers often retail for as much as $500 nowadays on auction sites, especially in the more desirable colors like navy blue.

Did you know?

Matsushita Konosuke founded Panasonic in 1918 to market the lamp sockets and electric plugs that he had built. The company was incorporated in 1935, after which it quickly expanded into the tech giant it is today, which sells everything from cameras and speakers to headphones and TVs.

6. Zuvi Halo Cordless Hair Dryer

Price: $534.90
Brand: Zuvi
Type: Infrared
Zuvi Halo Cordless Hair Dryer
photo source: eBay

Zuvi hairdryers are coveted, nearly heatless hair products from Japan that are just as famous for their uniquely high-tech drying methods as for their high prices. Zuvi hair dryers dry quickly by using heat waves rather than hot air, which sidesteps the biggest flaw with conventional hair drying, which is that it makes hair more fragile.

Instead, their LightCare Technology aims to dry hair in a way that mimics sunlight, as though you’re standing outside letting diffuse, non-intense, but totally drying heat cover your head.

It achieves this (or claims to) through infrared heat, which in theory will dry your hair from tip to root.

Their cordless model is the most expensive currently on their shelves, with Zuvi Halo Cordless Hair Dryers selling for up to $534 on eBay.

Did you know?

The appeal of an infrared hair dryer like this handheld cordless Zuvi is that infrared is usually reserved for big salon-style wall-mounted dryers. Zuvi puts salon-style power in the palm of your hand, which is why their products are so expensive.

5. Bioprogramming Repronizer 7D Plus Hair Dryer

Price: $844.99
Brand: Lumielina
Type: Bioprogramming
Bioprogramming Repronizer 7D Plus Hair Dryer
photo source: eBay

The new Bioprogramming Repronizer 7D Plus Hair Dryer is a hair drying product by Lumielina. Their smart beauty devices have been used at Nagi Hair and improved for consumer use. The Repronizer is their hair dryer while the Hairbeuron is their brand of curlers and straighteners.

Nagi’s owner, a stylist named Kei, has been importing these products from Japan, making them difficult to purchase. However, more recently, smart beauty devices equipped with bioprogramming like this Repronizer now show up for sale on markets like eBay for as much as $844.99.

Did you know?

Bioproramming refers to Lumielina’s system of styling/drying devices, which can strengthen and moisturize hair while they dry it. This makes them the opposite of most dryers, which can fray and damage hair through their simple application of heat.

4. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Attachments

Price: $910
Brand: Dyson
Type: Conventional heat
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Attachments
photo source: eBay

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Attachments has a V9 motor, which makes it run fast and strong, spinning up to 110,000 RPMs. It can push 13 liters of air through its amplifier every second, using intelligent heat control to measure airflow and temperature and prevent heat damage.

The Dyson hair dryer comes with several pro attachments including a flyaway, wide-tooth comb, gentle air, diffuser, and styling concentrator. The Supersonic hair dryer has always been Dyson’s masterpiece, with the default model retailing for up to $439.

The limited-edition ones could sell for much more and now fetch up to $900 or more on the aftermarket, such as this one on eBay.

Did you know?

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer was unveiled in Tokyo in 2016. It was the result of 600 prototypes, $71 million of development, and 100 patents for new hair-drying technologies. The cost of the final product reflects this lengthy process.

3. 1800W Ionic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Price: $5,400
Brand: None
Type: Ionic
1800W Ionic Hair Dryer with Diffuser
photo source: eBay

The 1800W Ionic Hair Dryer with Diffuser uses low-noise ionic technology that reduces frizz and temperature while improving your hair’s shine. It uses ions that create steam from the oppositely charged ions in the water to dry your hair.

Just because the external temperature is lower doesn’t mean the nozzle stays cool – all three of this dryer’s heat settings are more than enough for normal use. It has a “smart” design that utilizes a foldable handle and removable safety filter that makes it usable as a travel dryer as well. This hair dryer was sold on eBay for $5,400.

Did you know?

This hair dryer comes with several magnetic concentrator nozzles and a diffuser. This makes it adjustable for different hair types, whether straight, fine, thick, or curly.

2. Crystal Hair Dryer

Price: $10,000
Brand: Prête x Swarovski
Type: Conventional heat
Crystal Hair Dryer
photo source: HelloGiggles

The Crystal Hair Dryer was made by Prête and Swarovski for an insanely high price. Prête is a hair blowout concierge that offers the buyer of this crystal-encrusted hair dryer a full year of unlimited blowouts using their service.

This amazing hair dryer is coated with 4,716 rose gold crystals made by Swarovski, which are known for their durability and gorgeous appearance. To sweeten the deal, Prête donates all the proceeds from these fabulous dryers to the Humane Society, which is dedicated to protecting animal rights. The Prête x Swarovski Crystal hair Dryers each sell for $10,000.

Did you know?

The Humane Society was founded in 1954 and devotes its operations to upholding animal rights in matters of their welfare, research, biology, government affairs, education, and advocacy. The Humane Society also has an international branch that was founded in 1991.

1. Turbo Power Twinturbo 3900 ADVANCED Hair Dryer

Price: $17,500
Brand: Turbo Power
Type: Ionic
Turbo Power Twinturbo 3900 ADVANCED Hair Dryer
photo source: eBay

The most expensive hair dryer is the Turbo Power Twinturbo 3900 ADVANCED Hair Dryer. This hair dryer has an insane motor, known as the K-Advance Plus, which is functional for 3,000 hours of professional use.

It has a variable geometry heating element, air ionizer, and anti-heating front body. Its design is ultra-light and ergonomic, which helps users maintain its 1800W, 4-setting haircare advantage with the least amount of hassle possible.

Ionic hairdryers use negative ions to create steam out of the broken positive ions in water molecules. Negative ions dry without opening hair shafts, which allows you to dry your hair while keeping it sleek and smooth. This means that you can dry your hair at a lower temperature, for less time, and with less frizz. This advanced hair dryer sold for $17,500 on eBay.

Did you know?

Turbo Power’s hair dryers are made in Italy, each with K-lamination motors and enough powerful air flow to minimize heat damage.


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