10 Most Expensive Crocs Ever Made

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Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, Crocs are everywhere. The shoes were invented in the early 2000s by George Boedbecker Jr., Scott Seamans, and Lyndon Hanson. In 2002, the trio discovered a company called Foam Creations. Using a unique foam-like material, the company made boating clogs (shoes for sailors) that were light, odor-resistant, and durable while providing a good grip on slick boat decks. This material would go on to make the Crocs we know today.

Once the Crocs company was up and running, it didn’t take long for people to fall in love with these unique shoes. The clog-like design found fans thanks to its comfortable fit and durable build — but that was just the start. As the years have gone by, Crocs have gone from a relatively obscure shoe brand to international success. The company has even collaborated with fashion giants like Balenciaga and streetwear brands like Alife.

Today, Crocs remain an affordable and eye-catching style — but that doesn’t mean all Crocs are cheap. In fact, some styles cost hundreds of dollars. Learn more about the wacky world of expensive Crocs with this top 10 list!

  1. Alife Crocs Sport
  2. Crocs Price: $140
    Design Year: 2018
    Unique Feature: Built-in socks
    Collaborator: Alife
    Alife Crocs Sport
    photo source: alifenewyork.com

    Ever wanted shoes with built-in socks? Crocs has you covered!

    Crocs’ 2018 collaboration with New York streetwear brand Alife walks the line between strange and stylish with a sock-clog combo. Alife says the design blends fashion and “innovation,” giving wearers a style that “embodies New York City, [and] downtown culture.”

    Priced at a steep $140, the Alife x Crocs collab offers a pricey style for people with unique tastes.

    Would you buy these shoes?

    Did you know?

    Alife was founded at the end of the 1990s. The company says it focuses on men’s styles encompassing “downtown culture” and New York aesthetics.

  3. Liberty London x Crocs
  4. Crocs Price: $276
    Design Year: 2020
    Unique Feature: Silk scarves
    Collaborator: Liberty London
    Liberty London x Crocs
    photo source: footwearnews.com

    Silk scarves plus Crocs? Sure! Why not!

    In 2020, Liberty London partnered with Crocs to make a unique line of shoes. The result was Crocs adorned with beautiful silk scarves and flowery printed details. Each pair sold for a whopping $276 at Liberty London’s luxurious department store in the United Kingdom.

    It’s called fashion, look it up.

    Did you know?

    Liberty London was founded in 1875. The high-end store expanded over the years and eventually moved into its current building on Great Marlborough Street. A lot of people loved the department store in those years, including Oscar Wilde, who called the store “the chosen resort of the artistic shopper.”

  5. The Crocs Bag
  6. Crocs Price: $300
    Design Year: 2019
    Unique Feature: Zipper pouch inside the shoe
    Collaborator: PizzaSlime
    The Crocs Bag
    photo source: mensxp.com

    Ok, Imagine this: You really need a cross-body bag, but you also have your eyes on a pair of Crocs.

    Don’t panic. You can have both.

    In 2019, PizzaSlime partnered with Crocs to make a crazy-looking cross-body bag featuring a shoe with a zipper pouch. Yeah, this is a real thing you can buy for $300.

    PizzaSlime is no stranger to unique products. The brand is behind things like a Four Loko-scented candle, a cap embroidered with “no cap,” and a little bottle of “Noah Cyrus tears.”

    Did you know?

    PizzaSlime describes itself as “a creative project by two idiot savants who fulfill your need to disappoint your parents.”

  7. Christopher Kane x Crocs
  8. Crocs Price: $375
    Design Year: 2017
    Unique Feature: Real “mineral” Jibbitz
    Collaborator: Christopher Kane
    Christopher Kane x Crocs
    photo source: stockx.com

    In the world of Crocs, Jibbitz are a must-have. The little charms clip onto the shoes and add some personality to the design. From sentimental symbols to cute characters, Jibbitz are a popular way to personalize Crocs.

    But what if you want something a little more luxe? Crocs has you covered.

    In 2017, Crocs collaborated with Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane to make some beautifully strange shoes. Instead of plastic Jibbitz, these Crocs feature “mineral” charms. The result is an earthy look that belongs at the beach. Crocs and Kane priced the creation at $375, making these shoes the seventh-most expensive Crocs you can buy.

    Did you know?

    Crocs regularly donates shoes to various causes. In 2021, the company gave over a million free shoes to healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  9. Crocs Tulip Platform Slide Sandals
  10. Crocs Price: $525
    Design Year: 2022
    Unique Feature: Open-toe design
    Collaborator: Balenciaga
    Crocs Tulip Platform Slide Sandals
    photo source: neimanmarcus.com

    Balenciaga started working with Crocs back in 2017. In 2022, the two brands announced a new collaboration: platform slide sandals with a tulip motif.

    The shoes were interesting for a few reasons. First, most Crocs are closed-toe — but Balenciaga went open-toe for an airy, summery vibe. The shoes also forego an adjustable strap in favor of a more tailored design, a pretty big departure from the classic Crocs look.

    That price tag is pretty eye-catching, too. At a whopping $525, these platform slides are some of the most expensive Crocs you can buy.

    Did you know?

    Ellen Sampson, a fashion expert and researcher, says Crocs got big because they were really different from basically everything else on the market in the early 2000s. “Think back to mainstream styles of the early 2000s,” she says, “canvas slip-ons…platform sandals, like Steve Madden…There were blogs…dedicated to hating Crocs…they became a type of cultural phenomena.”

  11. Crocs Green Slide Sandals
  12. Crocs Price: $565
    Design Year: 2022
    Unique Feature: Embossed with the Balenciaga name
    Collaborator: Balenciaga
    Crocs Green Slide Sandals
    photo source: balenciaga.com

    Up next is a more expensive variation on the 2022 Balenciaga x Crocs collab. This time it’s a green slide sandal priced at a steep $565 — way more than the classic Crocs you can snag for about 50 bucks.

    These shoes are embossed with the Balenciaga name. In contrast, classic Crocs have the brand’s crocodile logo on a portion of the strap and the Crocs’ name on the outsole.

    (In case you were wondering, you can buy the classic Croc design in green… and they’re more than $500 cheaper than Balenciaga’s version.)

    Did you know?

    Classic Crocs can fit up to 26 Jibbitz.

  13. Crocs Stilettos
  14. Crocs Price: $625
    Design Year: 2022
    Unique Feature: Stiletto heels
    Collaborator: Balenciaga
    Crocs Stilettos
    photo source: highsnobiety.com

    “Ok, hear me out. Crocs… but high heels.”

    In 2021, Balenciaga unveiled these Crocs stilettos as part of its spring 2022 collection. Predictably, the internet exploded with opinions. Some people love them, some hate them. Either way, they cost $625 and Balenciaga wants you to buy them.

    Whether or not you like this look, one fashion reviewer says Balenciaga is on to something. “The shoes are extremely comfortable. It’s like slipping your foot into a cloud…Plus, the heel adds a ladylike quality so you’re not clomp-clomping around as you would in a regular Croc.”

    Did you know?

    These stilettos feature a three-inch heel.

  15. Crocs Boots
  16. Crocs Price: $825
    Design Year: 2022
    Unique Feature: 20mm arch
    Collaborator: Balenciaga
    Crocs Boots
    photo source: balenciaga.com

    Balenciaga is at it again. The Crocs boots are big, black rubber boots with a 20mm arch and a bulky design. Priced at $825, these are the third-most expensive Crocs you could buy.

    So who wears these Crocs? It turns out celebrities are really into the design. Cardi B, Offset, and Chaney Jones (Kanye West’s “muse”) have all worn the eight-hundred-dollar boots — would you buy these?

    Did you know?

    A lot of Balenciaga shoes are made in Italy and France, but these boots are made in China. According to reports, the brand has faced some criticism for moving some of its production out of Europe.

  17. Balenciaga’s Platform Crocs
  18. Crocs Price: $850
    Design Year: 2017
    Unique Feature: Ultra-high platform design
    Collaborator: Balenciaga
    Balenciaga’s Platform Crocs
    photo source: time.com

    Behold: Balenciaga’s first collaboration with Crocs!

    This collaboration really caught people by surprise. It was the first time Balenciaga announced a partnership with Crocs, but it also stood out with a wild design. The ultra-high platform clogs feature bold colors and classic Jibbitz with a touch of luxury — including Balenciaga’s double B logo. The price was eye-catching, too, clocking in at a whopping $850.

    A lot of people were confused when these shoes came out. “Horrifying,” said one Twitter user. Another sarcastically called them the “must-have shoe” for spring and summer 2018.

    Did you know?

    A Crocs spokesperson said the brand collaborated with Balenciaga because they were “intrigued by the opportunity to push the boundaries of our design and molding capabilities.”

  19. Hardcrocs
  20. Crocs Price: $950
    Design Year: 2020
    Unique Feature: Bolt and screw studs
    Collaborator: Balenciaga
    photo source: bergdorfgoodman.com

    Hardcrocs are the most expensive Crocs you can buy.

    Priced at an eye-popping $950, Balenciaga’s Hardcrocs are by far the most expensive Crocs on the market. The design made its debut at Balenciaga’s spring/summer 2022 runway show during Paris Fashion Week. With bolts, screws, and metal plating, the shoes give an industrial vibe that really does look hardcore.

    Did you know?

    Balenciaga partnered with The Simpsons TV show to make a short episode featuring a luxury Balenciaga dress. The episode was shown during the brand’s Paris Fashion Week runway show in 2022. Balenciaga is famous for its unique presentations, including a custom-made video game used to showcase the brand’s fall/winter collection in 2021.


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