8 Most Expensive Chandeliers Ever Sold

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Anyone who has ever visited or lived in a stately home will know that the grandest rooms are usually equipped with glorious chandeliers. Dating back centuries, these lighting fixtures have been used in homes of all classes to create a sense of opulence, as well as add to their value.

Unfortunately, a chandelier is not something you can just go and buy from your local DIY store. They are one of the most expensive pieces of furniture you can acquire and they come with an equally expensive price tag.

Whether it’s crystal chandeliers, metal ones, or wooden varieties, these lighting fixtures do not come cheap. However, if you love the look and feel of them as much as we do then read on as we discuss the eight most expensive chandeliers ever sold.

8. Ormolu 32-Light Chandelier

Value: $691,442
Medium: Bronze, glass
Artist/Owner: Unknown
Year Created: c. 1800

Ormolu 32-Light Chandelierphoto source: Pinterest

The Ormolu 32 Lights Chandelier, created by the well-known French sculptor of middle-age Paris, sold for $691,442 at Christie’s Paris auction, earning it the ninth and final spot on our list of the world’s most expensive chandeliers. Around 1800 is supposed to have been the production year for this chandelier.

The Ormolu 32-Light Chandelier is made of bronze and gold and is the most expensive chandelier in the world. It is one of the most luxurious chandeliers ever created and is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The Ormolu 32-Light Chandelier is made of bronze and glass, and it’s covered in 24-carat gold leaf.

Did You Know?

It has a total height of about 28-in. (71 cm) high and a 31-in. (79 cm) diameter.

7. Louis XIV Ormolu Six-Light Chandelier

Value: $773,369
Medium: Bronze
Artist/Owner: André-Charles Boulle
Year Created: c. 1700

Louis XIV Ormolu Six-Light Chandelierphoto source: Christie’s

This spectacular chandelier is exquisitely chased and highly gilt, two characteristics that highlight André-Charles Boulle’s talent. His chandeliers made of gilt-bronze were among the most expensive things made in his atelier.

The famed French manufacturer Jean Bloch, who is credited with making his wealth in kitchen and bathroom fixtures, previously owned a collection that included this chandelier. Based on the likeness of this chandelier to other samples and designs that have been documented and created by Boulle, who was designated ébéniste du Roi in 1672, it is safe to assume that it is his work.

The well-known Christie’s in London sold this chandelier for $773,369.00.

Did You Know?

The huge berried foliate boss and waisted vase nozzles on its central vase column are almost identical to the Ansbach chandeliers.

6. Imperial Neoclassical 18-Light Chandelier

Value: $815,025
Medium: Bronze, ruby, glass
Artist/Owner: Johann Zekh
Year Created: c. 1700

Imperial Neoclassical 18-Light Chandelierphoto source: Pinterest

Supposedly from the Pavlovsk Palace in Russia, this Neoclassical Imperial 18-light chandelier. This chandelier measures 46 inches (158 cm) high, while the diameter is (117 cm).

It comes with a fluted circular frame with a baluster glass stem and foliate drip pans and sockets that issue scrolling branches that end in stiff leaves and cut-glass prisms that are all hung with pendant drops and terminate in a pinecone boss, all of which support the abundant ormolu rushes that are abundantly hung with pendant drops.

Did You Know?

The bedroom of Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna is where it is thought the chandelier was first put in place.

5. Russian Ormolu and Cut-Glass Chandelier

Value: $869,313
Medium: Bronze, glass
Artist/Owner: Unknown
Year Created: c. 1800

Russian Ormolu and Cut-Glass Chandelierphoto source: Pinterest

The Christie’s Monaco in 2000 auction featured this Russian chandelier made of cut glass and Ormolu. The chandelier is a stunning illustration of Russian craftsmanship from the early 20th century. It has cut glass droplets and suspended crystals on top of four tiers of twisted and looped iron.

The base is constructed of bronze, and the bottom edge is decorated elaborately. The sculpture, which was created in the 1800s, has a delicate glass shape. A cut glass outer frame set into an Ormolu gilded brass frame is one of the many layers that make up the chandelier.

Did You Know?

It was offered for sale as a piece from fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s collection.

4. Alberto Bruni Tedeschi Imperial Chandelier

Value: $1.3 million
Medium: Cobalt, glass
Artist/Owner: Napoleon Bonaparte
Year Created: c. 1812

Alberto Bruni Tedeschi Imperial Chandelierphoto source: Architectural Digest

Supposedly, Emperor Napoleon’s furniture supplier planned and created this chandelier at the Emperor’s apparent request. Given Napoleon’s revolutionary aspirations, it is paradoxical that this stunning work of art eliminates the possibility of becoming extravagant. It’s said to have been made in 1812, and it’s incredibly intricate and gorgeous.

This chandelier was sold for $1.3 million through London’s renowned Sotheby’s. The current chandelier, which has not been located yet, is one of a group of chandeliers, some of which are still scattered and remnants of which may be found at the Royal Palace of Naples and in public French collections.

Did You Know?

This chandelier stands 190 cm high and spans 130 cm in diameter.

3. Eight-Light Gilt Bronze Chandelier

Value: $1.47 million
Medium: Bronze, glass
Artist/Owner: André-Charles Boulle
Year Created: c. 1710

Eight-Light Gilt Bronze Chandelierphoto source: The Metropolitan Museum of Arts

This style of early eighteenth-century chandelier, which is lavishly decorated with satyr masks and female busts, is frequently linked to renowned André-Charles Boulle’s creations.

The eight-light Gilt bronze chandelier made by him which was sold at the prestigious Sotheby’s auction in London for a staggering $1.47 million. Compared to the previous two chandeliers, this one is notable for its considerably simpler and less elaborate design. Boulle received the honorific titles of cabinetmaker and sculptor from Louis XIV in 1672.

Did You Know?

Although Boulle is known to have produced a variety of chandelier designs, none of them are a replica of this one.

2. Varnished and Gilt-Bronze Cut-Glass Chandelier

Value: $1.7 million
Medium: Bronze, glass
Artist/Owner: Baron de Redé
Year Created: c. 1830

Varnished and Gilt-Bronze Cut-Glass Chandelierphoto source: Pinterest

A total of 12 lights could fit in this particular chandelier. It included a central fluted shaft with a frieze of posts, water leaves, and seeds. Crystal daggers perched atop twisted branches may hang from the chandelier. Its gilt-bronze frame was embellished with acanthus leaves, bearded satyrs, feminine faces, and rosette patterns. The wicks have cut crystal pendants as decorations.

The pendants would direct the light from the ceiling down to your desk or work surface. Finally, a blue lacquered metal ornamentation was added to the chandelier’s lower portion. The Hotel Lambert was the previous owner of the chandelier.

Did You Know?

The hotel held an auction where the chandelier was sold at Sotheby’s.

1. Givenchy Royal Hanover German Silver Eight-Light Chandelier

Value: $9 million
Medium: Silver
Artist/Owner: William Kent
Year Created: 1736

Givenchy Royal Hanover German Silver Eight-Light Chandelierphoto source: modern chandeliers

The Givenchy Royal Hanover German silver eight-light chandelier is considered the most expensive chandelier on this list. The Givenchy Royal Hanover Chandelier is a very unique work of art that was sold for an incredible price of more than $9 million.

Its extremely intricate and skillfully constructed design would pique anyone’s interest right away. According to the records of Christie’s, this chandelier was originally commissioned by King George II of Great Britain. The King’s request led to the creation of the Chandelier for the city of Hannover. In 2011, it was purchased at the renowned Christie’s auction.

Did You Know?

A renowned artist William Kent created this chandelier in 1736.


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