8 Most Expensive and Luxurious Bottled Water You Can Buy

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On planet earth, 884 million people live without regular access to clean water. That’s one end of the spectrum. On the other end, luxury water manufacturers put out single bottles that cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, the cleanest, purest, most luxurious water that money can buy, all from the same planet earth.

If you’re on the high end of the spectrum and have the passion for decadent cleanliness (and the cash) to buy the world’s most expensive water, look no further than these eight magnificent bottles.

  1. Single 750ml Bottle with Gift Tube
  2. Price: $123
    Brand: Svalbarði
    Source: Norway
    Single 750ml Bottle with Gift Tube
    photo source: Svalbardi

    Water by Svalbarði is sourced from the Svalbard Islands in the Arctic of Norway. They gather it in the form of ice from icebergs, using the M/S Ulla Rinman to get a crew out there to the icy fjords and collect the water.

    A single 750ml bottle of this water sells for 89.95 pounds or about $123. The bottles are made from flint glass and arctic driftwood. Only 1000 km from the North Pole, Svalbarði collects the water that it hopes will deliver the fresh taste of snow to its luxury patrons.

    Did you know?

    The company started in 2013 when Jamal Qureshi gifted meltwater from Norway to his wife for delicious tea and pure drinking water. Not soon after, he began charting expeditions to source water for his company. Every time they go up there, they source enough water for 13,000 Svalbarði bottles.

  3. Kona Nigari Water
  4. Price: $402
    Brand: Kona Nigari
    Source: Hawaii
    Kona Nigari Water
    photo source: Money Inc

    Kona Nigari sources their water from the Hawaiian Islands. Specifically, they go 2,000 feet down into the ocean to find water that contains natural electrolytes. For a 750ml bottle, you can expect to pay $402.

    The water may be expensive, but unlike other posh entries on this list, Kona Nigari sells a lot of it. Over 80,000 bottes get shipped to Japan every day. Kona Deep sells the cheapest version of their brand’s water for $32 per bottle. But to get the best of the best outside of the retailers who carry it, you’ll have to contact Kona directly.

    Did you know?

    The electrolytes found in water deep in the ocean is known for its health benefits. Dermatologists, fitness experts, and more espouse the benefits of drinking pure water that is rich with these natural electrolytes, or the “earth’s energy.”

  5. Fillico Black Queen
  6. Price: $1,366
    Brand: Fillico
    Source: Kobe, Japan
    Fillico Black Queen
    photo source: Fine Liquids

    Since 2005, Fillico has been sourcing their bottled water from natural springs in Kobe, Japan. In Rokko National Park, the Nunobiki spring supplies them with the perfect water, undiluted by pollution and development, to sell their luxury water bottles. This isn’t the last time you’ll hear about them on this list.

    The Fillico Jewelry Water collection includes this bottle, called Black Queen, which retails for 999 pounds or about $1,367. The bottle is formed from satined glass. Inlays of gold and Swarovski crystals complete the absolute picture of luxury. As such, Fillico only makes 5,000 bottles per month.

    Did you know?

    Fillico has its hands in many luxury events and brands. It has been awarded 1st place in the World of Mineral Water Brands by the New York Inside Monkey. It is also sponsored by Dior, who sells the water to their VIP customers.

  7. DESIGN EDITION: deklart – NEVAS Water Magnum
  8. Price: $2,051
    Brand: NEVAS
    Source: Germany
    DESIGN EDITION: deklart – NEVAS Water Magnum
    photo source: Nevas Water

    Springs in the Rhineland in Germany, what the company NEVAS calls its “artesian wells,” source their high-priced water. The real draw of the NEVAS packages is the artisan bottles, branded with graffiti, Disney licenses, and more. Each, including the bottles in their Design Edition series, are limited to 1 bottle of production.

    This one currently for sale for over $2,000 (or 1,500 pounds) is part of a series started in 2014 by the spray artist, Dennis Kalpschus or dekLart. It combines modern graffiti designs and Disney characters to bring a modern spin on the luxury water bottle concept.

    Did you know?

    The name NEVAS is an interpretation of several ancient words, including “Νερό,” which in Greek means “water,” Nero, which in Italian means “black,” and “vas,” the Latin word for “vessel.” Their full company name then refers to this full definition: “water flowing from a black vessel.”

  9. The Ten Thousand
  10. Price: $2,700
    Brand: Bling H2O
    Source: Southern California
    The Ten Thousand
    photo source: BlingH2O

    The ancient free-flowing springs of the Palomar Mountain in Southern California source the water for Bling H2O’s luxury collection. The spring Is nowhere near the hustle and bustle (and smog) of San Diego and takes advantage of the pristine airstream skipping off the Pacific Ocean to provide a drink of water that is literally hundreds of years in the making. It can take up to 125 years of flowing and filtering before the water makes it up to the spring source.

    The water is naturally alkalized, giving it an incredible flavor (or an incredible LACK of flavor). Stainless steel water tankers take the water to Bling’s facilities where it is bottled. The Ten Thousand is their most expensive bottle, bejeweled with over 10,000 Swarovski crystals, which can be color customized on request.

    Did you know?

    You may read the term, “Swarovski crystals,” without knowing what the big fuss is. The reason that Swarovski glass jewels are so coveted is that they are made from exceptionally uniform, high-quality glass crystal. This won’t be the last time on this list that you hear about them.

  11. Fillico Babel
  12. Price: $3,677
    Brand: Fillico
    Source: Kobe, Japan
    Fillico Babel
    photo source: Fine Liquids

    Fillico has been around since 2005 as a proponent of cherishing and caring for the world’s water, as well as selling it for thousands of dollars. This bottle from their luxury water line, Babel, brings the clear waters of the Nunobiki Spring in Kobe, Japan to upscale fridges all over the world. The bottles are limited to 5,000 per month.

    They sell for 2,685 pounds, the equivalent of about $3,678, because of their construction. The bottles are satined glass, inlaid with gold and Swarovski crystals. Each is in its own limited-edition pattern that makes them even more desirable.

    Did you know?

    Rokko National Park in Kobe, Japan is close to the cities of Osaka and Kobe and overlooks both Mount Kobe and the Arima Onsen hot springs. The area is known for its botanical gardens and mountains and is closed to business and agricultural developments. This has made the spring water there completely untouched and perfectly clean.

  13. Beverly Hills 9OH2O Diamond Edition
  14. Price: $100,000
    Brand: Beverly Water
    Source: California
    Beverly Hills 9OH2O Diamond Edition
    photo source: Worthly

    This is the Beverly Hills 9OH2O Diamond Edition water bottle, sold by Beverly Water for $100,000 out of their “Luxury Collection.” The bottle is the picture of luxury.

    The cap is sculpted from gold and features 600 white diamonds and 250 black diamonds, enough to equal about 14 carats. Each issue is customized in its case with four engraved crystal tumblers by the luxury crystal makers at Baccarat.

    Did you know?

    Buying the Diamond Edition bottle with the case and tumblers also gets you a full year’s supply of other Luxury Collection Beverly Hills water bottles, which is valued at about another $80,000. This total package is why this bottle is not our number one pick, despite having the highest set price – it comes with a lot more than just one bottle.

  15. Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani Mineral Water
  16. Price: $99,000
    Brand: Acqua
    Source: Fiji, France
    Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani Mineral Water
    photo source: Zesty Beez

    The most expensive water is the Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani Mineral Water. It’s a mouthful to say and $99,000 off the shelf. It’s by far the most expensive water out there when you consider that it’s only a single 750 ml bottle, sourced from crystal clear waters in Fiji, France, and glaciers in Iceland. The bottle is sparkling, made from 5mg of 24-karat gold. You may think the bottle’s construction is purely for luxury, but it actually improves the water by adding to its alkalinity.

    What this means is that the water in this bottle is more able to neutralize acids and maintain a stable pH, which produces a clearer and better taste.

    Did you know?

    The bottle is named after the Italian-Jewish painter/sculptor, Amedeo Modigliani. His modernist portraits are known for their uniquely elongated faces and necks. You may recognize another tribute to him in the living painting monster from 2017’s IT remake.

The Takeaway

Not everyone can enjoy the most expensive water on earth. For up to $100,000, wealthy drinkers can experience the cleanest, brightest, most jewel-bedecked water anywhere. Of all the luxury items we’ve covered, this may be the greatest luxury of all – turning a simple necessity like water into a decadent experience fit for royalty. Someday, if you’re lucky, you may get to taste what happens when water itself becomes an indulgence.


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