10 Rarest Boy Names in the United States

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Typically, a handful of male names dominate the most popular baby names in the United States. Names like James, Sam, Will, and Jason top the lists annually, while names with more foreign origins are less common. This is the case for almost every rare boy name on this list. The names aren’t that popular in the U.S., but they are common and well-loved in other parts of the world. While the boy names on this list might not be that popular, they are special and unique.

As of December 2020, the information on this list is as accurate as possible and will be updated as needed.

  1. Jair
  2. Number of Boys Named in 2019: 212
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 992
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: He Shines
    photo source: wordart.com

    Jair is Biblical name and appears in the Old Testament. In Hebrew, Jair or Yair means “he shines.” In the Old Testament, Jair is a son of the Tribe of Manasseh, one of the ten lost tribes of Israel. Jair was a military leader (biblical judge of Israel) who ruled for 22 years. The name is pretty popular among the Jewish community.

    Did You Know?

    Since 2001, Jair has ranked on the Top 1000 baby names in the U.S. list almost every year. Jair peaked in 2003 when 480 boys were given the name.

  3. Ahmir
  4. Number of Boys Named in 2019: 212
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 991
    Origin: Arabic and Hebrew
    Meaning: Prince
    photo source: wordart.com

    Ahmir is a variation of the more commonly seen Amir. While Ahmir is not used often in the West, its a common name throughout the Muslim world. Ahmir or Amir is Arabic/Hebrew in origin and means “prince.” The name ranked on the Top 1000 baby names in the U.S. in 2016, 2018, and 2019.

    Did You Know?

    Ahmir shares the same root word as Emir, which has come into English as an Arabic loanword, in particular the word emirate.

  5. Mustafa
  6. Number of Boys Named in 2019: 211
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 993
    Origin: Arabic
    Meaning: The Chosen One
    photo source: wordart.com

    Mustafa is another rare boy name in the United States that is actually incredibly popular in other parts of the world. It is common in the Muslim world as Mustafa is another name for the prophet Muhammad. Mustafa is also a common surname. There are many variations of the name Mustafa, including: Mostafa, Mostapha, Moustafa, Moustapha, Mustapha, and Mustafi.

    Did You Know?

    A notable Mustafa was Mustafa Kemal (1881-1938) who founded the modern Republic of Turkey following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, which earned him the title “Atatürk” (Father of the Turks).

  7. Yadiel
  8. Number of Boys Named in 2019: 210
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 995
    Origin: Spanish
    Meaning: Praise of God
    photo source: wordart.com

    Yadiel is the Spanish variation of the Hebrew name Yehudiel, which means “praise of God.” The name is fairly unique in the United States, but is more common in Spanish-speaking countries. Yadiel appeared on the Top 1000 baby names in the United States for the first time in 2008 and it has actually ranked on the list almost every year since then.

    Did You Know?

    In the Eastern Orthodox Church, Yehudiel or Jehudiel is one of the seven Archangels.

  9. Jermaine
  10. Number of Boys Named in 2019: 210
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 994
    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Brother
    photo source: wordart.com

    Jermaine used to be a very popular name in the United States, especially between 1960 to 1980. However, the use of Jermaine has dropped off significantly in recent years and has ranked in the lower half of the Top 1000 baby names list over the last decade.

    The name is a variation of the French name Germain, which is derived from the Latin name Germanus, meaning “brother.”

    Did You Know?

    One of the most famous people with the name Jermaine is Jermaine Jackson of The Jackson 5. He is responsible for popularizing the name Jermaine in the 1970s.

  11. Stone
  12. Number of Boys Named in 2019: 209
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 999
    Origin: Old English
    Meaning: Dweller by the Stone or Rocks
    photo source: wordart.com

    Stone might seem like an eccentric name, but its a fairly common last name, especially in the United Kingdom. The first recorded use of the name Stone as a last name dates back to the early 13th century CE in England. The name has been used for boys for many years as it evokes a sense of strength and toughness. Stone comes from the Old English stān, which means “the stone.”

    Did You Know?

    Stone has ranked on the Top 1000 baby names in the U.S. ten times. It was most popular in 2001, when 260 baby boys received the name Stone.

  13. Seven
  14. Number of Boys Named in 2019: 209
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 998
    Origin: Old English
    Meaning: N/A – it’s a number
    photo source: wordart.com

    Seven is widely considered the luckiest number in Western countries. Despite all the good omens surrounding the number seven, it isn’t a very popular name. It only appeared on the Top 1000 names in 2019 and was far down on the list. Seven is a natural number or counting number and occurs in every culture.

    Did You Know?

    The word Seven comes from the Old English seofon, which literally just means the number seven.

  15. Dhruv
  16. Number of Boys Named in 2019: 209
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 997
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Meaning: Faithful, Immovable, Fixed
    photo source: wordart.com

    Although its rare in the United States, Dhruv is a popular and important name to Hindus. Dhruv was the name of a prince, who was one of Lord Vishnu’s prominent devotees. He is mentioned in the ancient Hindu texts, Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Purana. In the Hindu Puranas, Dhruva is the name given to the north pole star (Polaris in Western countries), which only adds to the appeal of the name.

    Did You Know?

    According to the Vishnu Purana, Dhruva was granted the seat of the North Star because he had no personal desires. Renunciation of all desires is regarded to be essential for eternal peace in Hinduism.

  17. Aayan
  18. Number of Boys Named in 2019: 209
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 996
    Origin: Arabic
    Meaning: Gift of God
    photo source: wordart.com

    While Aayan is uncommon in Western countries, it is quite popular among Muslims and Hindus. The name is a variation of the more commonly used Ayan and means “Gift from God” in Arabic. Aayan could also trace its history to the Sanskrit for Soaked in the Divine (as in Satyanarayan).

    Did You Know?

    Before 2019, Aayan has never appeared on the Top 1000 baby names in the United States.

  19. Rome
  20. Number of Boys Named in 2019: 208
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 1,000
    Origin: Italy (specifically Ancient Etruscans)
    Meaning: Unknown for sure, possibly rock or hill; name of Italy’s capital city
    photo source: wordart.com

    The name Rome was registered 208 times in 2019, making it the rarest boy name in the U.S. Rome is known for being the capital city of Italy and the name evokes strength and power. The exact origins of the word Rome are unknown, but its believed to come from the word Etruscan word ruma. This was what the Etruscans originally called the Tiber River, which is where Rome was founded.

    Did You Know?

    Many people believe that Rome was named for Romulus, a hero from Roman mythology who had slayed his twin brother.


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