10 Rarest Baby Names in the U.S.A

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Picking out the perfect name is probably one of the most important things that parents do before their baby arrives. So much of our identities are tied to our names and for better or for worse, we are often judged by our names. While the most popular names are safe choices, many parents try to pick a name that is unique and will help their kid stand out. This list contains the rarest/least popular baby names in the United States. The most recent data, which comes from the Social Security Administration, is from 2019. Our list covers the 10 rarest girls and boys names from the past year.

As of December 2020, the information on this list is as accurate as possible and will be updated as needed.

  1. Hadleigh
  2. Number of Babies Named in 2019: 258
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 994
    Origin: Anglo-Saxon
    Meaning: Heather Meadow
    photo source: wordart.com

    Hadleigh is a variation on the more common name Hadley and is English in origin. While it is typically a gender neutral first name, the spelling Hadleigh is used more often for girls. Hadleigh isn’t a popular first name, but it is a pretty common surname in England. The name has Anglo-Saxon origins and means “heather meadow.”

    Did You Know?

    The first recorded spelling of “Hadleigh” as a surname is shown to be that of Matilda de Hadlegha, which dates 1194 CE.

  3. Zendaya
  4. Number of Babies Named in 2019: 257
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 998
    Origin: Shona
    Meaning: To Give Thanks
    photo source: wordart.com

    Before the American actress Zendaya became a household name, Zendaya was not often seen on the popular baby names list in the U.S. However, Zendaya has appeared on the bottom portion of the list for the past few years. The name Zendaya comes from the Shona name Tendai, which means “to give thanks.” The Shona people are from Zimbabwe.

    Did You Know?

    Shona is one of the most widely spoken Bantu languages in sub-Saharan Africa, so the names Tendai and Zendaya are probably pretty popular in that region of the world.

  5. Luisa
  6. Number of Babies Named in 2019: 257
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 997
    Origin: Italy and Spain
    Meaning: Renowned Warrior
    photo source: wordart.com

    Luisa is a name commonly used in Italy and Spain, but traces its history back to several other European countries. It is the feminine form of the name Louis or Luis, which the French form of the Frankish name Chlodowig. In turn, Chlodowig is derived from the German Ludwig, which is from the Germanic elements “hlud” (famous) and “wig” (warrior). Therefore, Luisa also means “famed/renowned (female) warrior.”

    Did You Know?

    Although Luisa is popular in Europe, it is pretty rare in the United States and tends to rank near the very bottom of the popular baby names list.

  7. Dixie
  8. Number of Babies Named in 2019: 256
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 1,000
    Origin: Unknown
    Meaning: Nickname for the Southern U.S.
    photo source: wordart.com

    Dixie has become one of the least popular baby names in the U.S. for a reason. As America tries to reconcile with its racist past, any names associated with the Southern United States and its problematic history have become somewhat taboo. No one knows for sure where the name Dixie comes from, but it has been used to describe the Southern U.S, especially those states that seceded to form the Confederate States of America, long before the Civil War. Despite it being a controversial name, parents probably choose the name Dixie to honor their Southern roots.

    Did You Know?

    One of the strongest theories for the origins of the name Dixie says that it derives from Jeremiah Dixon, a surveyor of the Mason–Dixon line. Dixon’s work inspired a children’s game played in New York that changed his name to Dixie.

  9. Ariadne
  10. Number of Babies Named in 2019: 256
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 999
    Origin: Cretan Greek
    Meaning: Chaste, Most Holy
    photo source: wordart.com

    Ariadne may be the rarest girl name in the U.S. in 2019, but the name is classic and pays homage to a Cretan princess in Greek mythology. She is known for being the daughter of King Minos and playing a role in the myths of the Minotaur and the hero Theseus. Ariadne was in charge of King Minos’ labyrinth, which she helped Theseus navigate by giving him a ball of thread (Ariadne’s String).

    Typically, Ariadne is not really a popular baby name in the U.S. and tends to rank lower on the Top 1000 baby names list.

    Did You Know?

    The name Ariadne itself means “most holy” and is composed of the Cretan Greek elements ἀρι (ari) meaning “most” and ἀδνός (adnos) meaning “holy.”

  11. Stone
  12. Number of Babies Named in 2019: 209
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 999
    Origin: Old English
    Meaning: Dweller by the Stone or Rocks
    photo source: wordart.com

    Stone is typically a surname, but it has been used as a first name for boys for many years. It comes from the Old English stān, which literally means “the stone.” Typically the name Stone was used when a person or family lived near a notable stone, boundary-marker, monument, or landmark. For example, John, who lives by the stone, eventually became John Stone.

    As a first name, Stone denotes strength as stones/rocks are some of the strongest natural minerals. Although Stone was one the least popular names in 2019, it was ranked No. 694 on the Top 1000 baby names in 2001.

    Did You Know?

    The first recorded use of the name Stone dates back to the early 13th century CE in England.

  13. Seven
  14. Number of Babies Named in 2019: 209
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 998
    Origin: Old English
    Meaning: N/A – it’s a number
    photo source: wordart.com

    Seven is widely considered a lucky number in Western culture, so it’s only natural that some parents would choose the unique name for their baby. The name comes from the Old English seofon. Seven appears to have always been used as a number and the word sounds similar in many different languages. Many people believe that Seven is magical and highly symbolic of good fortune.

    Did You Know?

    Seven is a natural number or a counting number and appears in every culture.

  15. Dhruv
  16. Number of Babies Named in 2019: 209
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 997
    Origin: Sanskrit
    Meaning: Faithful, Immovable, Fixed
    photo source: wordart.com

    While Dhruv is a rare name in the United States, it is a very popular baby name in India. It is derived from Dhruva, who was a notable devotee of Lord Vishnu. Dhruva or Dhruv is mentioned in the Vishnu Purana and the Bhagavata Purana. The name is impotant in the Hindu community.

    Did You Know?

    Dhruv or Dhruva is the name that Hindus use for the North Star (Pole Star), which is also known as Polaris.

  17. Aayan
  18. Number of Babies Named in 2019: 209
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 996
    Origin: Arabic
    Meaning: Gift of God
    photo source: wordart.com

    Aayan is an incredibly unique name in the West and has Arabic origins. The name is typically used for males and means “Gift of God” or “God’s Gift.” This beautiful name is also a variation on the name Ayan, which is popular in Muslim communities and is frequently mentioned in the Quran.
    Before 2019, the name Aayan never appeared on the popular baby names list in the U.S. Maybe in the future, the name will climb up in popularity.

    Did You Know?

    Aayan is also a popular name in India and comes from Sanskrit for Soaked in the Divine (as in Satyanarayan).

  19. Rome
  20. Number of Babies Named in 2019: 208
     Ranking on Top 1000 List: 1,000
    Origin: Italy (specifically Ancient Etruscans)
    Meaning: Unknown for sure, possibly rock or hill; name of Italy’s capital city
    photo source: wordart.com

    In 2019, only 208 babies were named Rome, making it the rarest baby name in the United States. The unique name comes from the capital city of Italy. No one knows for sure what the exact origins of the name Rome are, but there the leading theory states that it comes from the Etruscan word ruma, which was their name for the Tiber River. There is also the Latin word ruma, which means “motherly breast.” The place where Rome was founded along the Tiber River makes a curve in the shape of a woman’s breast. Regardless of the origins of the name Rome, it was just popular enough in 2019 in the U.S. to make the Top 1000 baby names list for the first time.

    Did You Know?

    According to legends and Roman mythology, Romulus was the founder and first king of Rome and the city’s namesake.


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