10 Richest Neighborhoods in Atlanta

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Atlanta is a city that’s booming with growth, both in its downtown area and throughout the rest of the city. But what can you expect when you move to this bustling metropolis? What neighborhoods are considered to be the richest?

Well, we’ve got some good news for you: Atlanta has plenty of neighborhoods that are worth exploring—and they’re not all clustered around Midtown or Downtown!

In fact, there are plenty of other neighborhoods where you’ll find great homes and even more great amenities. And while they may not be as well known as others (like Midtown), these 10 areas offer residents tons of amenities at prices that won’t break the bank.

10. Peachtree Hills

Average Home Price: $551,000
Median Household Income: $83,100
Area: 1.33 sq. km.
Population: 4,108 (2022)

Peachtree Hillsphoto source: MAA

Peachtree Hills is an affluent neighborhood located in north Atlanta. It is home to many celebrities and athletes, including NBA star Kevin Durant, who grew up here. The average home price for this area is around $551,000, which makes it one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Atlanta.

It is also one of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta. Peachtree Hills is known for its large houses, beautiful parks, and lush greenery. The area offers residents plenty of shopping and dining opportunities, as well as many entertainment venues. The neighborhood is home to many historic homes, including the historic Peachtree Hills mansion.

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It also has several beautiful parks, including the massive Northside Park and Tanyard Creek Park. Residents can easily access many different dining options, such as Caffe Gio, Taco Mac Pub & Grill, and Bone Garden Bistro.

9. Ormewood Park

Average Home Price: $554,755
Median Household Income: $87,200
Area: 0.81 sq. km.
Population: 4,530 (2022)

Ormewood Parkphoto source: Ormewood Park Makers Festival

Ormewood Park is a neighborhood in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. It is located in the city’s southwest quadrant, which is north of Atlanta’s downtown and south of the neighborhoods of Westview and West End. Ormewood Park has an estimated population of 4,530 (2022), making it one of Atlanta’s most densely populated neighborhoods.

The average home price for Ormewood Park is $554,755, making it one of the richest and most expensive neighborhoods in Atlanta. Up until the 1990s, the area went through a period of deterioration before starting to gentrify.

As the neighborhood evolved and accompanying retail and commercial hubs were built, Ormewood Park saw a noticeable rise in renovations and new dwelling stock in the 2000s.

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Townhomes, single-family houses, and large box stores were added to Glenwood Park, a redevelopment of the neighborhood’s northwest corner, which was constructed in 2003.

8. Candler Park

Average Home Price: $600,000
Median Household Income: $92,400
Area: 1.82 sq. km.
Population: 20,337 (2022)

Candler Parkphoto source: Trulia

Located at 585 Candler Park Drive NE in Atlanta, Georgia, Candler Park is a 55-acre city park. The property for the park was presented to the city in 1922 by Coca-Cola tycoon Asa Griggs Candler. The park has a nine-hole golf course, a swimming pool, a football/soccer field, a basketball court, tennis courts, and a playground. The area that the park is in, Candler Park, also has that name.

It borders Little Five Points, Lake Claire, Inman Park, Druid Hills, and Edgewood on the east side of the city. In addition, Candler Park is home to some of Atlanta’s biggest festivals, such as the Fall Fest in Candler Park and the summertime Candler Park Music & Food Festival.

Bring a picnic or get some food at one of the many delectable neighboring eateries while you’re there.

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On September 8, 1983, the Candler Park Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and on March 17, 2005, the district’s boundaries were expanded. A section of Lake Claire is included.

7. Lake Claire

Average Home Price: $650,000
Median Household Income: $111,900
Area: 1.28 sq. km.
Population: 3,159 (2022)

Lake Clairephoto source: Meridian

About 1,200 residences make up the neighborhood of Lake Claire, which is located on the east side of Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. It is fully located on the DeKalb County side of the city, with Candler Park to the east, Kirkwood to the north, Decatur to the west, and Druid Hills to the south.

The area is well-known for its variety of house types, a large number of mature trees, well-kept gardens, and green spaces, but most importantly, it is home to people who value community.

Lake Claire is tucked between Candler Park and Druid Hills, surrounded to the east by Ridgecrest Road, to the west by Clifton Road, to the south by DeKalb Avenue, and to the north by Ponce de Leon Avenue.

At McLendon and Clifton, a short strip of land that borders Candler Park is the closest thing to a business sector. The National Register of Historic Places has included the Candler Park Historic District, which is a portion of the neighborhood.

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Lake Claire was a shortened name for the intersection of Lakeshore and Claire Drives; it was never a real body of water.

6. Tuxedo Park

Average Home Price: $1 million
Median Household Income: $99,130
Area: 2.79 sq. km.
Population: 1,341 (2022)

Tuxedo Parkphoto source: Buckhead

There are 1341 people living in the Atlanta, Georgia, neighborhood of Tuxedo Park. Fulton County’s Tuxedo Park is among Georgia’s top places to live. Residents in Tuxedo Park enjoy a thick suburban atmosphere, and most own their houses.

There are several pubs, eateries, coffee shops, and parks in Tuxedo Park. Most people who live in Tuxedo Park are retirees with moderate political beliefs.

High praise is given to Tuxedo Park’s public schools. North Atlanta High School, Sutton Middle School, and Warren T. Jackson Elementary School are the designated schools for Tuxedo Park in Atlanta Public Schools. North Atlanta High School and Warren T. Jackson are both National Blue Ribbon Schools.

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There are several excellent private schools nearby as well. Pre-K through 12th grade are offered at Pace Academy and Westminster, and grades K–12 are offered at The Lovett School.

5. Morningside-Lenox Park

Average Home Price: Over $1 million
Median Household Income: $105,916
Area: 5.78 sq. km.
Population: 11,869 (2022)

Morningside-Lenox Parkphoto source: Wikipedia

There are 8,765 people living in the Morningside-Lenox Park area of Atlanta, Georgia. One of the nicest areas to live in Georgia is Morningside/Lenox Park, which is in Fulton County. Most people who live in Morningside/Lenox Park own their houses and enjoy an urban, suburban mix.

Many pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks can be found at Morningside/Lenox Park. Residents of Morningside/Lenox Park tend to be liberal, and there are many young professionals living there. High praise is given to the public schools in Morningside/Lenox Park.

Did You Know?

Intown Morningside-Lenox Park was established in 1923 in Atlanta, Georgia. North of Virginia-Highland, east of Ansley Park, and west of Druid Hills are its neighbors.

4. Buckhead

Average Home Price: $1.2 million
Median Household Income: $128,300
Area: 2.14 sq. km.
Population: 100,123 (2022)

Buckheadphoto source: Wikipedia

The tree-lined, upscale neighborhood of Buckhead in Atlanta is home to some of the South’s most remarkable buildings and scenery, including its most prized residence, the Swan House, which is housed at the Atlanta History Center. At Lenox Square, Phipps Plaza, and Buckhead Village District, visitors can find the newest styles and various well-known brands.

The best new chefs and casual eateries in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood serve everything from fast food to fine dining. The rooftop lounges and hotel bars in Buckhead mix the perfect ingredients for a memorable night out as the sun sets.

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The Buckhead district in Atlanta is one of the wealthiest areas of the city. It is home to some of the top art galleries, dining establishments, and nightlife, thanks to its posh neighborhoods and multi-million dollar residences.

3. Kingswood

Average Home Price: $1.3 million
Median Household Income: $216,700
Area: Unspecified
Population: 1,247 (2022)

Kingswoodphoto source: Redfin

Another prominent, wealthy area of Buckhead is Kingswood. You enter the community via the recognizable holly hedge to find a peaceful setting with lovely houses. Despite being right off of the bustling West Paces Ferry Road, Kingswood has a serene ambiance. Most streets end in cul-de-sacs, creating a tranquil neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

Kingswood, which is located in the middle of West Paces Ferry Road (which runs through Buckhead), is a prime location for many Buckhead families. Across the street is Pace Academy. While nearby are other private schools like The Westminster Schools and Atlanta International School.

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Here, amid lovely surroundings, are some of the finest 1950s Buckhead ranch homes.

2. Argonne Forest

Average Home Price: $1.5 million
Median Household Income: $250,000
Area: Unspecified
Population: 25,139 (2022)

Argonne Forestphoto source: Trulia

As of 2022, 25,139 people were living in the Atlanta, Georgia, neighborhood of Argonne Forest. It is one of the nicest locations to reside in Georgia is Argonne Forest, which is in Fulton County.

Residents in Argonne Forest enjoy a sparse urban vibe, and most own their homes. There are several pubs, eateries, coffee shops, and parks in Argonne Forest. The people of Argonne Forest are typically conservative. High praise is given to Argonne Forest’s public schools.

Did You Know?

The Argonne Forest in northeastern France, where American forces played a significant role in the 1918 Meuse-Argonne offensive of World War I, inspired the neighborhood’s name.

1. Brookwood Hills

Average Home Price: $1.8 million
Median Household Income: $148,600
Area: 0.67 sq. km.
Population: 1,501 (2022)

Brookwood Hillsphoto source: Katie McGuirk

On the National Register of Historic Places lies the charming and entrancing community of Brookwood Hills. With a whopping average home price of $1.8 million, Brookwood Hills is considered to be the richest neighborhood in Atlanta.

Although tucked away in a busy neighborhood, Brookwood Hills has managed to maintain its quiet atmosphere and its standing as a well-established, beloved, close-knit community.

Many residences, some dating back to the 1920s, may be seen along the tree-lined pathways. Different architectural styles, sizes, and designs may be found in Brookwood Hills residences.

They have a wide variety of designs and design features from the early 20th century, which are accentuated by brilliant seasonal color and well-kept landscaping. The community-owned tennis court, park, and swimming pool are located in the center of the neighborhood on more than 5 acres of property.

Did You Know?

Neoclassical, Tudor, Colonial, and Cottage house types are common in this neighborhood, with sizes ranging from one level to two and three floors.


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