8 Most Expensive Houses Currently on the Market in Missouri

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The average home price in Missouri is $229,765, which is well below the national average. The result is a market that’s peppered with smaller homes in the small city areas. Then the countryside is cut into huge estates that can give the biggest mansions in the country a run for their money. That’s where the real value is.

Continue reading to learn about the 8 most expensive homes currently on the market in Missouri.

8. 500 South Warson Road

Price: $5,995,000
City: Ladue
Rooms: 7 bed/10 bath
Size: 10,661 sqft
500 South Warson Road
photo source: Realtor

The oldest home on this list was completed in 1937 at 500 S Warson Rd in St. Louis. It’s a 10,661-sqft house on an 8.65-acre plot. It has 7 gorgeous bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms.

The house was designed in the English country estate style by Jamieson and Spearl. The stone façade is overgrown with beautiful ivy while the inside is paneled with rich millwork.

There are six fireplaces, numerous luxury plantings, multiple stone patios, and a pool with fountains. There’s even an outdoor fireplace and cottage. The house is being sold for $5,995,000.

Did you know?

The country houses made in the late-1800s were designed as farm estates. Most of these huge estates have now been repurposed as schools, hotels, hospitals, or museums. Houses like this one are designed to reclaim the style’s former glory for the modern age.

7. 539 Countryside Road

Price: $6,000,000
City: Ridgedale
Rooms: 3 bed/1 bath
Size: 1,805 sqft
539 Countryside Road
photo source: Zillow

The house at 539 Countryside Road was built in 1984. The house is tiny, only 1,805 sqft, with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The draw of the property isn’t actually the house but the 288 beautiful acres of Ozark, right around the corner from the prestigious Big Cedar Lodge. The property has 9 ponds, a huge barn, 2 natural freshwater springs, and more.

There are plenty of accommodations for your livestock, crops, and other outdoor ambitions. The property is on the market for an even $6 million.

Did you know?

The Big Cedar Lodge is one of Missouri’s most famed getaways, replete with natural wonders in the Missouri Ozark Mountains, including the Table Rock Lake. It features a championship golf course, enormous spa, and professional shooting facility.

6. 42 Huntleigh Woods Drive

Price: $6,495,000
City: Huntleigh
Rooms: 5 bed/9 bath
Size: 12,000 sqft
42 Huntleigh Woods Drive
photo source: Mansion Global

The Huntleigh estate is a massive architectural marvel, 12,000 sqft in size, a house that The Robb Report selected as one of the structural beauties of the Mid-West.

It began construction 9 years ago, with 5 beds and 9 bathrooms, an eight-car garage, carriage house, saltwater pool, elevator, and fireproof floors. The ceilings are 18-feet-high.

The detailed moldings of the house are done in luxury woods, etched glass, and gorgeous natural stone. The house makes space for covered balconies that look out over its primly manicured landscape.

There’s a billiard room, movie theater, gym, and craft room, space for anything you need. For $6,495,000, this should be good news.

Did you know?

The 450 acres of Huntleigh, Missouri has only around 334 people in residence. The property mostly takes up the land formerly occupied by the farmland of Stephen Maddox, which had been there since the 1700s. It was incorporated into the modern town in 1929.

5. 1006 1101st Rd

Price: $6,500,000
City: Urich
Rooms: 5 bed/8 bath
Size: Unlisted
1006 1101st Rd
photo source: Mansion Global

The house in Urich, Missouri at 1006 1101st Rd is on the market for $6,500,000. It’s on a waterfowl hunting estate located an hour outside of Kansas City. It has a private gated drive in the middle of 330 acres of land.

This includes 143 acres of tillable soil, 100 acres of wetland environment, 65 acres of woods, and 17.5 acres of hunting pools and ponds.

This home includes an open plan kitchen with a huge stone masonry fireplace. One of its most luxurious features is the high-beamed ceilings. The bedrooms include a master suite, two bunkrooms with custom beds, walk-in pantries, powder rooms, and a huge laundry room.

It even has an enclosed breezeway with heated floors, a full basketball court, and exercise room.

Did you know?

The pools on this property are a huge selling point, not just the swimming ones. The main one is 60 acres and contains a ton of diverse soil vegetation populated by high-quality ducks.

There’s also a boat lane that looks over the five smaller pools at various higher elevations. This waterfowl hunting property is prime real estate for sporting enthusiasts.

4. 120 Breckenridge Dr

Price: $7,696,300
City: Sunrise Beach
Rooms: 12 bed/18 bath
Size: 18,552 sqft
120 Breckenridge Dr
photo source: Zillow

The house on Sunrise Beach in Missouri at 120 Breckenridge Dr was finished in 2004. It is currently on the market for $7,696,300 on a 14-acre plot. The house has 1,200 feet of lakefront coverage that you can see from most of its 18,552 sqft of living space.

This includes 6 huge bedrooms and bathrooms in the main home.

The rest is spread out between two smaller homes on the property (one is 4,960 sqft and the other is 2,160 sqft in size). The main house includes an outdoor kitchen and patio, hot tub, infinity pool, and Hawaiian-style pavilions.

The property includes a pickle ball court, a full recreation pavilion, and a huge metal storehouse for all your extra belongings.

Did you know?

Sunrise Beach is a village in Missouri founded in 1932. It has around 430 people spread out over 200+ households. One of them is this enormous estate.

3. 2608 & 2606 Arrowhead Estates Rd

Price: $9,999,999
City: Lake Ozark
Rooms: 7 bed/12 bath
Size: 12,800 sqft
2608 & 2606 Arrowhead Estates Rd
photo source: Zillow

The house at 2608 & 2606 Arrowhead Estates Rd is a family residence that was completed in 1999. The 12,800-sqft estate has 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms on 11.8 acres of land

This includes a main house, guest house, putting green, multiple pools, a private dock, and a full tennis court. The house supplements its energy requirements with 130 on-site solar panels.

The home is equipped with the latest smart features and includes a full security camera system, automated windows, and an A/C system with multiple zones.

The master bedroom has a private terrace outside of its penthouse-style living space overlooking a gorgeous view of the lake.

This house, situated right on Lake Ozark, Missouri, is on the market for $9,999,999.

Did you know?

The reservoir that resulted from impounding the Osage River is known as the Lake of the Ozarks. Locally, the river’s winding shape has given it the nickname, “The Missouri Dragon.”

2. 178 Oak Creek Lane

Price: $11,499,000
City: Belle
Rooms: 9 bed/9.5 bath
Size: 6,637 sqft
178 Oak Creek Lane
photo source: Sotheby’s Realty

The house at 178 Oak Creek Lane in Belle, Missouri is not one of the larger homes on this list at “only” 6,637 sqft in size. This includes 9 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms, so it’s not like you’ll be pressed for space.

But the real draw of the property is the 955 acres (you read that right) of forested back country land.

This house, situated deep in the Missouri Ozarks, is essentially a private deer hunting retreat. It’s known as Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch for that reason and includes incredible oak trees, grassy fields, and freshwater springs.

The property includes a foreman’s home, seven barns, four wells, an on-site processing facility, and more.

The home, which was completed in 2006, is on the market for $11,499,000.

Did you know?

There are different seasons of deer hunting in Missouri for archery, firearms, youth, and the general population. These seasons have different restrictions to protect the deer populations for future generations.

One such restriction is the “antler point restriction” for hunters over 15 years old. The rule is that bucks that you hunt are required to have at least four antler points, protecting deer that are still young enough to breed.

1. 7 Hillside Ct

Price: $20,000,000
City: Wentzville
Rooms: 7 bed/13 bath
Size: 20,550 sqft
7 Hillside Ct
photo source: Zillow

The most expensive house in Missouri is 7 Hillside Ct. This house was completed in 2001 on a 20-acre plot of land, designed after the classic English country estates rather than the provincial homes of nearby St. Louis.

The property can be expanded to 130 acres, which despite its remote feel is close to the St. Louis Business Aviation Center.

The 20,000 sqft house includes eight masonry fireplaces, a two-story library, private chapel, full bar, movie theater, dance floor, conference room, and more. The lowest level of the house even has a bowling alley.

The house is on the market in Wentzville for $20 million.

Did you know?

The house isn’t the only attraction. The property includes a sports field, playground, stables, event venue, raised gardens, a resort-style pool complete with racing slides, a lazy river, waterfall, grotto, diving board, and more. This property even has its own Ferris wheel.


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