8 Rare Mewtwo Pokémon Cards That Can Earn You a Fortune

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Pokémon Trading Card Game (Pokémon TCG) is one of the most interesting card games that has defined the childhood of millennials. The game is unique and fun.

The Pokémon cards are classified into three categories based on their rarity: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. The rarity is depicted by a small symbol at the bottom right corner of the card. The Common cards have a circle, uncommon cards have a diamond, and rare cards have a star. On Japanese cards, the rarity is marked by letters instead of symbols.

A single pack of cards sold in the US contains 10 Pokémon cards. Each pack has guaranteed five common cards, three uncommon cards, a reverse holographic card, and a rare card.

All the rare cards are not available in equal numbers; some are rarer than others. The rarest cards include the cards given out to the tournament champions or cards with factory errors.

On the trading circuit, Professional Sports Authenticator numbers (PSA) are allotted to the Pokémon cards based on their condition. The mint condition cards are graded number 10.

Since its introduction, 43 Pokémon cards have featured the iconic character of Mewtwo. In this article we list 8 rare Mewtwo Pokémon cards that can earn you hundreds of dollars.

8. Mewtwo Pokémon Card Holographic Shadowless#10 (First Edition)

Number of known specimens: Unknown
Mint Condition: 69
Production Year: 1999
Highest estimated value: $20,100
Mewtwo Pokémon Card Holographic Shadowless#10
photo source: psacard.com

This card is not the rarest but the most expensive card on this list. Some holographic base sets released in 1999 had a minor error. The character box on the card didn’t have a shadow. These cards are known as “Shadowless” cards. All shadowless cards are exceedingly rare as the error was quickly fixed.

In general, 1st edition cards are rare because they were the first English set with a low print run than the unlimited version.

A mint-condition shadowless Mewtwo Pokémon card with a 1st edition stamp was sold for $20,100 in December 2020.

Did you know?

The Saudi Arabia authority issued a fatwa ban on Pokémon cards claiming the game promotes gambling and Zionism.

7. Great Rocket’s Mewtwo, GameBoy2 Promotion #150

Number of known specimens: 696
Mint Condition: 293
Production Year: 2001
Highest estimated value: $1,200
Great Rocket's Mewtwo, GameBoy2 Promotion
photo source: cloudfront.net

Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR was the Japan-only sequel to Pokémon TCG spin-off GameBoy. The game is quite rare and was never released in the west. The game contains almost all the cards from Base Set, Fossil, Jungle, and Team Rocket.

Whoever purchased the game got special promotional cards. Three types of promo cards were distributed with the game: Dark Fearow, Great Rocket’s Mewtwo-Holo, and Lugia-Holo.

The Great Rocket’s Mewtwo-Holo promotional card is considered rare. To date, PSA has graded only 696 cards, and only a few of them are in good condition.

Did you know?

The sequel Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR had many more new features that were absent in the original set. These additional features include an option to play as a female character (Mint), a more developed plot, and a larger in-game world.

6. Shining Mewtwo- Neo 4 #150 (Japanese First Edition)

Number of known specimens: 274
Mint Condition: 46
Production Year: 2001
Highest estimated value: $4,200
Shining Mewtwo- Neo 4
photo source: cloudfront.net

Shining Mewtew, New Density was released both in Japan and US. Both were almost identical except for the language and minor differences in the design layout. In Japanese cards, the three symbols of the character’s energies in the second column are stacked horizontally.

Both English and Japanese versions of this card are rare; however, Japanese ones are rarer. PSA has graded only 274 Japanese 1st edition Shining Mewtwo, New Density cards; only a handful are in good condition.

Did you know?

Shining Pokémon cards feature an alternate color variation of a Pokémon. In the early 2000s, shining Pokémon cards were considered the holy grail of Pokémon cards.

5. Mewtwo Pokémon Card XY Evolutions Staff Pre-release #51

Number of known specimens: 189
Mint Condition: 5
Production Year: 2016
Highest estimated value: $1,200
Mewtwo Pokémon Card XY Evolutions Staff Pre-release
photo source: ebayimg.com

This special edition card was given out to the stores that held promotional pre-release events for the Evolution set. The cards were distributed to the store employees who were involved in organizing the events.

Four types of cards were given out as part of this pre-release event, Gyarados, Machamp, Charizard, and Mewtwo. Each store received seven cards but only of one type.

Among the four cards, Charizard is the most sought-after, whereas Mewtwo comes second. PSA found only five Mewtow cards of this series that are in mint condition.

Did you know?

The total number of Mewtwo Pokémon Evolutions staff pre-release cards was significantly low compared to many other cards on the list. However, the number of surviving specimens is relatively high simply because the recipients preserved the card predicting it would become a collector’s item in the future.

4. Expedition Mewtwo Pokémon Card Holographic #20

Number of known specimens: 152
Mint Condition: 10
Production Year: 2002
Highest estimated value: $3325
Expedition Mewtwo Pokémon Card Holographic
photo source: cloudfront.net

Expedition Mewtwo Pokémon Card Holo fetches a higher price for a very special reason. The cards from Expedition set were the first Pokémon cards that were compatible with the Nintendo e-reader peripheral.

The design was altered a little to accommodate the barcode or “Dot-Code” strip on the left and bottom margin. By scanning the barcode with their e-reader, players could view Pokédex data and activate special attacks. It also allowed them to play minigames and various tunes in a melody box.

152 Mewtwo cards from this set have so far been submitted to PSA, and only 10 are of mint condition.

Did you know?

Expedition cards were ready to be released by May 2002. However, the company delayed the release to ensure the e-reader came to the market before the set. The European release was further delayed for the same reason. However, finally, Nintendo decided not to launch the E-reader in Europe and released the set in April 2003.

3. Mewtwo Pokémon Card Holographic No Rarity Symbol #150

Number of known specimens: 130
Mint Condition: 9
Production Year: 1996
Highest estimated value: $15,750
Mewtwo Pokémon Card Holographic No Rarity Symbol
photo source: cloudfront.net

It is one of the rarest Mewtwo Pokémon cards. This Japanese card released in 1996 is the first Mewtew Pokémon card ever printed. It is an error card. The first print run was released without the rarity symbol.

The error was spotted within a couple of weeks, and a newly revised print run was released. The first run cards with the error are highly valued. One min condition example of this card was sold for $15,750.

PSA has received only 130 of these cards to date, and just 9 of them are graded 10.

Did you know?

The collectors’ community was unaware of this error until very recently. Thus, no one cared to preserve them, and it has become extremely hard to find a card in good condition.

2. Mewtwo Pokémon Card JR Rally Promo #046/P

Number of known specimens: 116
Mint Condition:
Production Year: 2002
Highest estimated value: $650+
Mewtwo Pokémon Card JR Rally Promo
photo source: ebayimg.com

It is yet another promotional card that is quite hard to find. Six types of Pokémon cards were given out to the participants of Pokémon Happy Adventure Rally 2000. This train tour ran on the JR East Yamanote Line between August 3 and 18, 2002. A total of 2000 Mewtew Pokémon promo cards were distributed in that event.

All the cards came in their sealed brochures. Participants could obtain the card from a booth set up at Shinagawa Station. The other cards distributed at the event included Celebi, Entei, Pikachu, Pichu, and Lugia.

PSA has received 116 Mewtwo JP Rally promo cards, and 60 of them are graded 10.

Did you know?

In August 2019, an entire set of the first edition Pokémon cards from 1999 was sold for a whopping $107,010. The set contained all the 103 cards that were in mint condition.

1. Mewtwo-Glossy Pokémon Card #150 (Pocket Monsters Fan Book)

Mint Condition: 2
Production Year: 1997
Highest estimated value: $400
Mewtwo-Glossy Pokémon Card
photo source: www.tradeandaccrue.com

Mewtwo-Glossy #150 (Pocket Monster Fan Book) is the rarest card on this list, with only 38 known examples. Among the submitted copies, only two received PSA grade 10.

The Pocket Monsters Fan Book was an official publication only released in Japan. The book contained several activities, guides, and advertising material related to the franchise. Pokémon published this fan book on May 20, 1997, as part of their promotional activity.

Two promotional Pokémon cards were also supplied with the book, Mewtwo-Glossy and Super Energy Retrieval.

Did you know?

Pokémon was the brainchild of Japanese game enthusiast Satoshi Tajiri. He invented Pocket Monsters, popularly known as Pokémon, together with his illustrator friend Ken Sugimori.


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