9 Rarest Power Ranger Toys that will Make You Nostalgic!

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Go, Go, Power Rangers!!

If you were a 90s kid, you for sure have heard about them. Power Rangers were a household name, with kids being glued to their tv sets post-school to watch the latest episode of this show or collecting the latest toy that hits the market it was all the buzz. The American tv series became a pop culture phenomenon. The show was adapted from a Japanese series called Sentai. Up until 2001 Power Ranger has seen massive cult-like fandom, fast-selling merchandise, and multi-off spinning franchises, movies, and storylines.

The toys produced as merchandise were highly revered, with every kid asking for a special morphing belt, sword, figurine, etc for their birthday. Though these toys didn’t cost much than today they have become more of a collector’s item.

Here are some of the most coveted and highly valued Power Ranger toys:

  1. Titanium Morpher
  2. Type: Power Morpher / Morphing Belt
    Brand: Bandai
    Value: $450
    Titanium Morpher
    photo source: powerrangers.fandom.com

    The toy is replicated form of Morpher. The character Ryan on the show uses this morphing belt to turn into a Titanium Ranger. The advanced prototype morphing mechanism is too dangerous for the other Lightspeed Rangers. No human can touch the circuitry either.

  3. Battleborgs
  4. Type: Alien Zords
    Brand: Bandai
    Value: More than $100 each
    photo source: shopify.com

    The Battle Borgs was one of the most wanted versions of zords. They are humanoid robots of Alien Rangers. Just like the Power Rangers of the Earth had Ninjazords, the Battle Borgs were for Alien Ranger. They were classy battle machines; they couldn’t transform but had strong speed and agility in the shows. The Alien Rangers could call the Battle Borgs by summoning them through coins.

  5. TF Eagle
  6. Type: Transforming Vehicle
    Brand: Bandai
    Value: More than $80
    TF Eagle
    photo source: ebay.com

    Another one on the wishlist of every kid! These were quite popular back in the day. The TF Eagle (Time Force Eagle) was Quantum Ranger’s vehicle of choice! Like the other Time Force vehicles it could fly and the best- travel through time. If you have one of these stashed in your attic it’s time to get it appraised.

  7. Cyclobot
  8. Type: Villain Character Figurine
    Brand: Bandai
    Value: $30-80 depending on condition
    photo source: cloudfront.net

    The Cyclobot figurine was quite popular for a villain/anti-hero figurine. This is major due to how they looked. The Cyclobots are foot soldiers of the army of Ransik. These cyclobots were used to wage battle against the Time Force Rangers and destroy the city. The figurines are eerie-looking alien soldiers with one eye and a sword gadget. 

  9. Frax
  10. Type: Villain Character Figurine
    Brand: Bandai
    Value: More than $100
    photo source: powerrangers.fandom.com

    Another popular figurine collectible that is a villainous character is the Frax. Frax is an evil genius scientist who created Cyclobots. His name is Dr. Louis Fericks who later consumes the Cyclobots technology and recreates his entire body into a new robot, thus becoming Frax. This figurine in its mint condition is well sought after and some people are even willing to sell a separate hand or foot of this figurine.

  11. Power Sword
  12. Type: Sword
    Brand: Bandai
    Value: More than $400
    Power Sword
    photo source: ebay.com

    A legacy toy! This Power Sword used by Red Ranger is one the most coveted power tools/gadgets toy, admittedly all the Rangers had cool gadgets but the Red Ranger’s sword was a classic act of its own. The toy is replicated to be the exact match of the prop used in the shows. Its full scale and has meticulous details. The toy even has electrifying sound effects to set the complete scene. The toy is one of the rarest pieces of merchandise and truly a collector’s item for display.

  13. Green/White Morpher
  14. Type: Morphing Belt
    Brand: Bandai
    Value: $450
    Green/White Morpher
    photo source: ebay.com

    Another morphing belt! This one is special because it was for the Green/White Ranger. The Green/White ranger already appears quite less in the tv shows with limited roles. Hence the merchandise related to this character was always a tad special. Currently, the Morpher is valued at nearly half a grand.

  15. 20th Legacy Megazord
  16. Type: Morphing Megazord
    Brand: Bandai
    Value: $595-650
    20th Legacy Megazord
    photo source: ebay.com

    If you were a Power Ranger fan you would remember the morphing sequence when a battle was about to begin! How all individual robots the five Dinozords: Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger, and Pterodactyl would transform in sync to become a Megazord! This special Power Ranger toy was exactly that, with individual transforming pieces coming together to make a Megazord. A true fan’s choice! 

  17. 14k Gold Lost Galaxy Megazord
  18. Type: Morphing Megazord
    Brand: Bandai
    Value: $1950
    14k Gold Lost Galaxy Megazord
    photo source: tokunation.com

    A special edition of course! A Megazord in all its glory! 

    Like the Megazord mentioned above, these too have individual robots that snap together using a peg mechanism and transform into a Megazord. It is almost a foot tall! The toy is coated in 14k gold and only 5 of these were ever made it seems. The Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Megazord figure features two potent weapons. The Galaxy Megazord Saber, a sword and a cannon, made from the Condor Galactazord.

    Gold Lost Galaxy Megazord is the rarest and most expensive power ranger yet. 


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