8 of the Rarest My Little Ponies Ever Made

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My Little Pony is a toy line created by Hasbro as “My Pretty Pony toys” in 1981. By giving each pony its own color, mane, personality, and symbol (called “cutie mark”), Charles Muenchinger and Steve D’Aguanno created the perfect setting for a collection obsession. The ponies continue updating in new generations, taking a hiatus in the 1990s after competition surged but becoming popular again in 2003.

The current line of My Little Pony toys closely resembles the original brand’s offerings. Over 100 million pony toys were sold just from 2003 to 2010. The total number manufactured and sold at this point is anyone’s guess, but easily in the many hundreds of millions.

Of all those toys, some have naturally become rarer than others and now fetch an absurd premium in online auctions. Keep reading to learn about the 8 rarest My Little Pony toys.

  1. Princess Pristina
  2. Price: $575
    Color: Turquoise (pink eyes)
    Hair: Green
    Symbol: Diamond medallion
    Princess Pristina
    photo source: My Little Wiki

    To kick off the list, Princess Pristina is a vintage pony in the G1 Pegasus Pony series. Her body is turquoise, and her hair is light green or chartreuse. Her eyes are pink, and she came with a few accessories, including a clip-on crown, pink wand, and green comb.

    The most unique thing about Princess Pristina is her cutie mark, which is a three-dimensional silver medallion shaped like a diamond with a red jewel in the center. On eBay, a new or mint condition Princess Pristina pony can sell for up to $575.

    Did you know?

    The US version of Princess Pristina had green tinsel in her hair while the UK version did not. The medallion was also different in the UK one, with one variant being a silver circle with a green jewel and another being a clear diamond with a green jewel.

  3. Moondancer Unicorn
  4. Price: $578
    Color: Cream (purple eyes)
    Hair: Red
    Symbol: Crescent moon and stars
    Moondancer Unicorn
    photo source: 

    Moondancer Unicorn is a My Little Pony or “Ma Petite Pouliche,” as the box says, from 1985. It was a Canadian exclusive, hence the French, with a special card offer inside. This is why it sold for 735 Canadian dollars, or approximately $578.47.

    Along with its special offer, Moondancer Unicorn sported a curly horn, red hair, and a gold crescent moon symbol, surrounded by red stars. She came with a lavender hair comb as well.

    Did you know?

    In Equestria, unicorns are a whole social class/species, noted by their horns and their ability to wield magic powers. They go as far back as the original generation of My Little Ponies on the TV show. In the toy line, they were introduced in 1985 following the Earth ponies.

  5. Argentina Novia Wedding Pony
  6. Price: $649
    Color: Cream (lavender eyes)
    Hair: White
    Symbol: Lavender dove
    Argentina Novia Wedding Pony
    photo source: eBay

    This was listed on eBay as the Argentina Novia Wedding Pony, which is the South American edition of the Pony Bride. There are a few differences, namely that they were produced by Top Toys. This pony is notable for its accents of lavender, including its eyes and its cutie mark, which is a lavender-colored dove carrying a green branch.

    The horse is cream-colored with a pure white mane and tail. It has sold on eBay for $649.99.

    Did you know?

    Top Toys is well-known for distributing licensed toy products originally created in America throughout Argentina and greater South America. Often, these toys contain slight variations from their originals that can make them extremely rare and valuable. The Top Toys Star Wars figures, for instance, are well-known for being coveted collectibles.

  7. Baby Splosh
  8. Price: $757
    Color: Red (blue eyes)
    Hair: Gold
    Symbol: Blue octopus
    Baby Splosh
    photo source: eBay

    Baby Splosh is a UK-only My Little Pony toy in the G1 Seaside Babies series. It came with a green flotation ring that could make Baby Splosh float. This was listed on eBay as a “production sample,” meaning it was never fully released in this exact form and packaging. It’s why this in-box pony netted $757.99 at its auction.

    Baby Splosh is dark pink with golden hair. Its symbol is a happy blue octopus, floating over the seaweed that’s trailing from the horse’s hoof.

    Did you know?

    Baby Splosh is in the baby blossom pose, which means that its front legs are set back a bit to allow its head to lift expectantly. Several dozens of ponies have had this pose due to its age, first being introduced in 1984. It is not to be confused with the baby snippy pose, which is the same thing but with an adjustable head.

  9. Sweet Scoops
  10. Price: $850
    Color: Lilac (pink eyes)
    Hair: Pink
    Symbol: Ice cream cone
    Sweet Scoops
    photo source: My Little Wiki

    The hair of the Sweet Scoops pony, which was a G1 mail order pony, is hot pink. Her body is lavender with the symbol on her flank being a sparkly ice cream cone, in reference to her name. Sweet Scoops cost $8.50. Today, she can cost up to an even 100 times that amount (or $850).

    Through a special mail-in offer, she came with a pendant that the owner could wear. It had an 18-inch pink cord and a tiny Sweet Scoops pony on the end.

    Did you know?

    Sweet Scoops is standing in the bow tie pose, which has the legs relatively even and the head turned to one side. It is one of the most common pony poses as well as one of the oldest, beginning in 1983 with the Sunlight pony.

  11. G1 Medley
  12. Price: $925
    Color: Turquoise (blue eyes)
    Hair: Green
    Symbol: Music notes
    G1 Medley
    photo source: My Little Wiki

    Medley came in many forms, but the full-sized one rendered in green and still in its original packaging is the one that can fetch upwards of $929 at auctions. The Medley ponies are notable for their Pegasus-like tiny wings on their side. Her cutie mark is a cloud of green music notes.

    This particular Medley was one of the first generation of pony toys and was one of the characters on the original show.

    Did you know?

    The original full-size, turquoise Medley was sculpted in a rearing pose, with her head looking forward. Many of the Medley variants were baby ponies sculpted in the baby surprise pose, with all four feet firmly planted and the head tilted up, as if in surprise.

  13. Baby Brother Sweet Celebrations Prototype
  14. Price: $1,109
    Color: Blue (turquoise eyes)
    Hair: Pink/green
    Symbol: n/a
    Baby Brother Sweet Celebrations Prototype
    photo source: My Little Wiki

    The Sweet Celebrations family had different members depending on the country they were released in. The US had a mommy, daddy, and little brother. The UK added a baby sister. Spain only had mommy and daddy. This makes the Baby Brother Sweet Celebrations pony the rarest of them all.

    The Baby Brother pony is light blue in color with pink balloons for spots. He has pink hair with green streaks in it and turquoise eyes. He came packaged with a pink flower brush, turquoise flower pick, and lavender hair ribbons.

    In its prototype form, which was canceled for sale in other regions, the Sweet Celebrations Baby Brother pony can sell for over $1,100.

    Did you know?

    This pony is standing in the “baby boy pose,” which is only shared with four other ponies. They are Baby Brother Bright Bouquet, Baby Brother Apple Delight, Clipper, and Baby Lucky.

  15. Rapunzel
  16. Price: $1,550
    Color: Pink (blue eyes)
    Hair: Gold/pink
    Symbol: Rapunzel in a pink tower
    photo source: My Little Wiki

    The rarest My Little Pony is Rapunzel. Rapunzel was a mail-order pony that originally cost $8.95. Her eyes are pale blue, and her mane and tail are gold with streaks of hot pink. Her body is light pink. She came with several accessories, including a dark pink and a dark blue barrette that said, “I LUV YOU,” and a pink heart comb.

    She is recognizable by her symbol, which is a girl with long blonde hair peeking out of a pink tower. At its auctions, Rapunzel frequently sells for more than $1,000, with one auction ending as high as $1,550, a fitting final price for the rarest pony of the bunch.

    Did you know?

    Rapunzel is sculpted in what is called the “quackers pose,” which has been a staple of the My Little Pony brand since 1987. It shows the horse pacing with both feet on one side moving simultaneously. As a result, looking at the toy even from one flat side, you can see all four legs. Technically, real horses can do this, but it’s awkward for them and requires training.

The Takeaway

Since 1981, My Little Pony has been a toy line aimed primarily at young girls. However, the extensiveness of the brand has resulted in many adult collectors of both genders, itching to get their hands on some of these rare ponies. Even a few hundred or thousand dollars isn’t too much for the most coveted and vintage My Little Ponies out there.


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