8 Most Expensive Resorts in the World

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There’s nothing like a good vacation! Whether you love camping, lounging on the beach, or hitting nightlife, a break from the real world is the best.

A lot of people think of the beach when they think about vacationing. The sand, the sun, the water, it’s perfect! With so many ocean lovers, there’s a whole market for luxury resorts that easily cost thousands each night.

Crystal-clear water, white beaches, and palm trees — these resorts have it all.

As you’d probably expect, luxury resorts are usually playgrounds of the rich and famous. Some wealthy vacationers even rent entire islands for the ultimate private getaway.

Believe it or not, you could spend over a million dollars on a week-long vacation at some resorts. These ultra-expensive destinations offer the height of luxury, perfect for high-end travel.

From private beaches in France to exclusive islands, here’s our list of the most expensive resorts in the world!

8. Villa Alang Alang

Nightly Price: $20,000
Location: France
Luxury Amenity: Private jacuzzis
Cool Feature: Outdoor infinity pools
Villa Alang Alang
photo source: lvhglobal.com

Villa Alang Alang is an opulent resort found in Southern France. The water-front vacation getaway includes luxury amenities like private jacuzzis, infinity pools, and spacious terraces to enjoy the sunset or dine on French cuisine. The resort is near Monaco and other expensive attractions, so it’s perfect for a vacation filled with high-end shopping.

Villa Alang Alang costs at least €20,100 per night, which equals about $20,000. Would you stay here?

Did you know?

Beyond luxury amenities, this resort provides private butler services, concierge, and much more. Guests who travel via private jet enjoy chauffeur services to and from the runway, and staff members unpack suitcases for no additional fee.

7. Atlantis, the Palm

Nightly Price: $30,000
Location: Dubai
Luxury Amenity: Private guarded entrances
Cool Feature: Luxury baths made of 14K gold
Atlantis, the Palm
photo source: architecturaldigest.com

Dubai is home to plenty of high-end attractions. The city offers a stunning collection of expensive destinations, from thousand-dollar restaurants to million-dollar apartments. Some of the world’s richest people live there too. According to Forbes, about 20 billionaires purchased property in Dubai in 2021.

One wealthy businessperson told Forbes that their main goal was locating a home with space for 30 cars. The rich car collector found an estate with a basement that could function as a large garage.

Dubai is also home to several very expensive resorts. Atlantis, the Palm is a luxury destination offering opulent vacationing to the world’s wealthiest travelers. Kim Kardashian visited the resort at one point, and she stayed in the Royal Suite. The glamorous accommodation includes a private guarded entrance, a massage room, bathtubs made of solid gold, and more.

A single night costs $30,000, making Atlantis, the Palm one of the most expensive resorts on the planet.

Did you know?

This resort offers views of the Palm Jumeirah, the world’s biggest man-made island.

6. Çırağan Palace Kempinski

Nightly Price: $36,900
Location: Turkey
Luxury Amenity: Views of the Bosphorus Strait
Cool Feature: Private pools
Çırağan Palace Kempinski
photo source: kempinski.com

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, this giant resort offers a full spectrum of luxury. The beautiful destination features stunning Old World architecture and views of the Bosphorus Strait, an important waterway that forms part of the boundary between Asia and Europe.

“Çırağan Palace Kempinski offers a resort [ambiance],” says one report, “including 279 rooms and 20 suites in the hotel section and 11 suites in the palace section.” The beautiful location is popular for high-profile events, including political meetings and expensive weddings.

Beyond views of the city, this resort includes private pools, spacious spa facilities, and stunning suites. Guests can stay at the Sultan Suite, which is the most expensive accommodation at the resort at over $36,000 per night.

Did you know?

Çırağan Palace Kempinski is officially a five-star resort. That means it offers world-class amenities in a luxury environment.

5. Hotel Cala di Volpe Penthouse Suite

Nightly Price: $41,170
Location: Italy
Luxury Amenity: Private gym
Cool Feature: Over 2,000 square feet of private terraces
Hotel Cala di Volpe Penthouse Suite
photo source: robbreport.com

Hotel Cala di Volpe is located in beautiful Italy. Guests can stay at the Penthouse Suite, a luxury accommodation with incredible amenities like a private gym, a private pool, three rooms, and much more. Each bathroom is equipped with a private hot tub, and the whole suite connects to over 2,000 square feet of exclusive terraces with views of Costa Smeralda.

At $41,170 per night, Hotel Cala di Volpe Penthouse Suite is the world’s fifth most expensive resort.

Did you know?

This resort includes a private outdoor dining space with room for eight guests and a private butler ready to serve.

4. Banwa Private Island

Nightly Price: $45,000
Location: The Philippines
Luxury Amenity: Multiple infinity pools
Cool Feature: Guest rooms with panoramic island views
Banwa Private Island
photo source: insider.com

Banwa Private Island used to be the most expensive resort in the world, but that changed in 2022. After the COVID pandemic started, the resort lowered its fee to $45,000 per night. “We had a different team [when it launched] who wanted to market it as the most expensive,” said Judith Los Banos, a Banwa representative, “We don’t want to claim that title right now.”

The new price might be cheaper, but the island is still exclusive. Guests can pay over $300,000 for a week-long stay. During their vacation, they’ll enjoy beachfront suites with panoramic views of the island. Sandy beaches are just a few steps away, and touches like infinity pools amp up the luxury. Would you stay here?

Did you know?

Guests at Banwa get private butler service.

3. Hilltop Estate

Nightly Price: $45,000
Location: Fiji
Luxury Amenity: Private mansion for dining
Cool Feature: Pool-side bar
Hilltop Estate
photo source: suitehub.io

Hilltop Estate in Fiji is a shimmering resort on a small island. The ocean-side destination includes a private mansion dedicated to luxury dinners, crystal-clear pools for daily swimming, and a nature-focused atmosphere. Each guest suite has an indoor-outdoor design, with plenty of space dedicated to relaxation.

Beyond the accommodations, this resort gives you easy access to all kinds of outdoor activities. Diving, golf, and swimming are popular options, as are meeting with local artists and exploring nearby attractions.

Overall, this resort costs a jaw-dropping $45,000 per night.

Did you know?

People who stay at this resort pay a 25% tax each night, raising the price even more.

2. Musha Cay & The Islands of Copperfield Bay

Nightly Price: $57,000
Location: The Bahamas
Luxury Amenity: Personal florist
Cool Feature: Outdoor movie theater
Musha Cay & The Islands of Copperfield Bay
photo source: myprivatevillas.com

Tucked away in the beautiful Bahamas, this secluded island resort offers gorgeous views of the Caribbean and sprawling private beaches. The incredible destination is considered one of the most exclusive resorts in the world, with luxury amenities like a personal florist and an outdoor movie theater.

Meals and drinks are provided, and wealthy travelers can pay extra to bring their personal staff along for the trip.

With prices starting at $57,000 per night, Musha Cay is the second most expensive resort in the world. Beyond the beach, the island getaway includes an outdoor dining area with views of the ocean and a private waterfront mansion. Honeymooners can enjoy two luxury beach-front baths, and family reunions or retreats get access to large event areas perfect for big gatherings.

Did you know?

This resort isn’t just named after David Copperfield — he actually owns it. The famous magician purchased the island for a reported $50 million around 2006. Copperfield is one of the wealthiest entertainers in the world, with a net worth of about $875 million.

1. Necker Island

Nightly Price: $128,000
Location: The British Virgin Islands
Luxury Amenity: All-inclusive meals and drinks
Cool Feature: Kite-surfing and scuba equipment
Necker Island
photo source: virginlimitededition.com

Necker Island is the most expensive resort in the world.

Necker Island is truly paradise on Earth. The stunningly beautiful destination is part of the British Virgin Islands found in the Caribbean. The whole island is private, and most guests rent all 74 acres.

Space for 48 visitors stretches across luxury accommodations, including sprawling guest rooms and picturesque common areas overlooking the beach. Visitors enjoy an all-inclusive experience, including meals, drinks, and every kind of ocean-front entertainment. From kite-surfing to scuba and much more, Necker Island really does have it all.

So how much does this resort cost? Brace yourself. The luxury getaway comes in at a whopping $128,000 per night. That price gets you the whole island to yourself.

Looking for something cheaper? Richard Branson, the island’s owner, doesn’t usually offer accommodation for smaller groups, but you can rent individual rooms on select dates for $5,150. However, you have to book at least 10 rooms, so you’re looking at over $50,000 nightly.

Did you know?

Necker Island vacationers can visit nearby attractions like Anegada Island, which has one of the world’s largest barrier reefs.


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