9 Most Expensive One Piece Cards from OP-01 Romance Dawn

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Explore the captivating world of collectible card games as we unveil the most expensive cards from the coveted OP-01 Romance Dawn set in One Piece. Using market prices listed on TCGPlayer, we reveal their current value, though fluctuations may occur with changing supply and demand. Delve into the opulence and rarity of these prestigious cards, as each one carries its own captivating story.

Join us on this thrilling journey through the exclusive realm of One Piece, where cherished treasures await those passionate about these legendary collectibles. From awe-inspiring illustrations to formidable abilities, these gems hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and players. Current values reflect real-world demand but may shift over time. Let’s unveil these coveted gems, each with its own compelling history and story to tell. 

9. Yamato (Parallel)

Price (as of July 2023): $54.95
Subtype(s) Land of Wano
Cost: 5
Power: 5000

Yamato Image source: TCG Player

Yamato’s Parallel Art version is highly coveted as one of only two Secret Rares in the Romance Dawn set. The eye-catching, stylized illustration makes it one of the best-looking cards aesthetically. Collectors’ prize cards with stellar art.

But Yamato is also a powerhouse in gameplay. The Double Attack and Banish abilities make Yamato extremely aggressive. Initially effective in OP-01 decks, Yamato got even stronger in OP-02 by introducing Kozuki Oden and Kin’Emon to support the top-tier Land of Wano theme.

So thanks to its beautiful alternate art and ability to excel in the current metagame, Yamato carries a premium price tag. This Secret Rare is the holy grail for One Piece collectors and competitive players alike, delivering on both visual appeal and dominating gameplay impact. It’s the total package when it comes to collectibility and utility.

8. Boa Hancock (Parallel)

Price (as of July 2023): $63.95
Subtype(s) Kuja Pirates, The Seven Warlords of the Sea
Cost: 4
Power: 5000

Boa HancockImage source: TCG Player

As one of the most beloved female characters in the One Piece universe, Boa Hancock has a huge fanbase. Her stunning design translated flawlessly to the gorgeous alternate art on this card. Collectors go after Parallel Art cards of their favorite characters, and Hancock’s sizable popularity makes this one highly coveted.

While not the strongest combat card, Hancock sees play thanks to her Blocker skill and card draw ability. Blockers are always handy for defense, and maintaining card advantage provides utility. So while not a powerhouse, Hancock can find a spot in many decks.

7. Trafalgar Law (Parallel)

Price (as of July 2023): $83.70
Subtype(s) Heart Pirates, Supernovas
Cost: 5
Power: 6000

Trafalgar LawImage source: Pro Tech Cards

Collectors highly seek after the Parallel Art version of Trafalgar Law’s card, largely thanks to its eye-catching artwork. As the information mentions, the action-oriented illustration perfectly captures Law’s iconic hand tattoos without obstructing the card text. Collectors appreciate when Parallel Art adds dynamism and character to the card face without sacrificing function.

The card’s skills also make it powerful in gameplay. As a Blocker, Law can redirect attacks to save other units. His On Play ability lets you bounce a Character back to your hand so you can replay it, enabling all sorts of combo potential. It’s easy to see why this card has found its way into all sorts of top-tier decks, given its strength and flexibility.

6. Monkey D. Luffy (Parallel)

Price (as of July 2023): $84.49
Subtype(s) Straw Hat Crew, Supernovas
Cost: 4
Power: 5000

Monkey D. LuffyImage source: TCG Park

As the main character of One Piece, Luffy is obviously one of the most in-demand cards in the game. Leader cards representing someone’s deck strategy are particularly valuable since they can only include one in each deck. So playable Luffy cards come at a premium. This specific Parallel Art version features the iconic cover artwork from the OP-01 Romance Dawn set, making it extra appealing to collectors trying to assemble the full set.

Fans love cards that recreate classic One Piece art from the series. Regarding gameplay abilities, this Luffy lets you activate powerful effects by tapping DON cards. This provides a nice payoff for using the DON system. He also can power up Supernova and Straw Hat characters, synergizing perfectly with the series’ most popular themes and characters.

5. Donquixote Doflamingo (Parallel)

Price (as of July 2023): $99.78
Subtype(s) Donquixote Pirates, The Seven Warlords of the Sea
Cost: 3
Power: 4000

Donquixote DoflamingoImage source: TCG Player

Unlike most leader cards that just feature a face, Doflamingo’s full-body art also vividly captures his iconic feathered coat. Collectors love Parallel Arts that go above and beyond. This card also lets you wield Doflamingo’s formidable power as a Seven Warlords of the Sea leader. With abilities to manipulate the deck order and block attacks, Doflamingo enables potent control strategies.

Owning this stunning Parallel Art Doflamingo puts one of the top One Piece antagonists under your command. The combined appeal of playing as an iconic villain with custom artwork makes this a top chase card from Romance Dawn. Its premium valuation directly reflects Doflamingo’s massive influence in the One Piece world.

4. Nami (Parallel)

Price (as of July 2023): $179.98
Subtype(s) Straw Hat Crew
Cost: 1
Power: 2000

NamiImage source: eBay

With a staggering price tag of over $179, Nami’s Parallel art version is one of the most valuable One Piece cards available today. As one of the central Straw Hat crew members, Nami’s popularity makes her an automatic fan favorite. This pristine alternate art depicts her in a dynamic pose, showcasing the top-tier illustrations that make Parallel cards so coveted.

Despite its high cost, this Nami offers solid utility for only 1 energy. Her 2000 power is strong for the low cost, supported by her Straw Hat tribe synergy. Being able to deploy a useful crewmate early provides tempo. And later on, Nami’s ability lets you recur key Straw Hats from the trash. For collectors and competitors alike, this invaluable Nami Parallel represents an elite piece of One Piece history worthy of the exorbitant price tag.

3. Trafalgar Law (Parallel)

Price (as of July 2023): $198
Subtype(s) Heart Pirates, Supernovas
Cost: 4
Power: 5000

Trafalgar Law Image source: Okini Land

The Parallel Art Trafalgar Law became highly coveted due to its importance in the competitive Red/Green Law deck. This aggressive, combo-focused playstyle was very appealing in the slower meta. As the ideal combo enabler for the deck, the Parallel Art Law lets players maximize creativity and effectiveness.

Since the card is pivotal for optimizing the Law archetype, its value skyrocketed among players wanting to build top-tier Law decks. Given its dynamic art and critical gameplay role, the Parallel Art Law is seen as a strong long-term investment even as new sets are released.

Essentially, its high price tag comes from being the perfect combo piece that holds together the fan-favorite Red/Green Law deck. One Piece fans have driven up demand for the definitive version of this strategically important card. It’s the best way to bling out your competitive Law build.

2. Roronoa Zoro (Parallel)

Price (as of July 2023): $255
Subtype(s) Straw Hat Crew, Supernovas
Cost: 5
Power: 5000

Roronoa ZoroImage source: TCG Player

With Rush enabling turn 1 attacks and a recurring team buff, Zoro is arguably the most powerful card in Romance Dawn. His early 5000 power smashes the pace of games, while the ongoing stat boost provides lasting value. This combination of early aggression and recurring utility makes Zoro comparable to staples like Pot of Greed or Sol Ring.

As one of the core Straw Hats, Zoro’s popularity also boosts demand for the Parallel Art version. Given his versatile strengths and evergreen design, Zoro looks poised to remain a top threat indefinitely. That high future viability, coupled with his fan-favorite status, make this a potentially supreme chase card from Romance Dawn for both collectors and competitors.

1. Shanks (Parallel) (Alternate Art)

Price (as of July 2023): $819.39
Subtype(s) The Four Emperors, Red-Haired Pirates
Cost: 9
Power: 10000

Shanks Image source: TCG Player

With a whopping $800 pricetag, Shanks Parallel Alternate Art is the most expensive One Piece card from OP-01 Romance Dawn. As one of the most iconic One Piece characters, a limited edition Shanks was guaranteed to drive demand.

The manga-style artwork gives the card a distinct look compared to the normal card illustrations. Even with Romance Dawn widely printed, this rarity and appeal make the Manga Art Shanks the definitive chase card.

Beyond just collectibility, the card has meta-defining combat strengths. Rush enables attacking immediately, while the ability restricts the opponent’s Blockers. With power like this from a fan-favorite character, pulling a Manga Art Shanks easily makes a player the envy of any card shop or playgroup.


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