12 Most Expensive Suits You Can Buy

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When you want to look and feel your best, a good suit is essential. A high-quality business suit is well made and looks sharp for years, making it an investment rather than a purchase that you will be replaced regularly. An expensive business suit will make you stand out from the crowd, helping you to make a good impression on others.

The best-made suits command a considerable price tag. A suit that is cut from the top-quality cloth will be likely to last for many years and to retain its good looks.

Whether you’re on a business trip or just getting ready to go out with friends, you’ll want to wear something that shows your personality.

12. Bespoke From William Fioravanti

Price: $20,000 to $22,000
Designer/Owner: William Fioravanti
Top Speed: New York
Interesting Feature: Custom-made designs

Bespoke From William Fioravantiphoto source: Pinterest

For its level of quality, William Fiorvanti’s suit is undoubtedly one of the top brands in the men’s clothes sector. As one of the greatest tailors who view custom clothing as fine art, Fioravanti belongs to an elite group of artisans. 

The finest materials available are used to create each of his handcrafted suits, which are displayed in the store for your decision. Even more specifically, some of them, like the Worsted Cashmeres, are produced in Italy and England just for Fioravanti.

Did You Know?

Fioravanti is of the opinion that any guy may present his best self with the right-fitting suit, regardless of how he may be positioned. He created the “Power Look” suit as a result.

11. Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke Suit

Price: $22,000 to $28,000
Designer/Owner: Ermenegildo Zegna
Top Speed: Italy
Interesting Feature: Bespoke linings and buttons

Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke Suitphoto source: WWD

Zegna’s 110 years of world-leading menswear heritage and a fully integrated supply chain, producing one-of-a-kind fibers and fabrics, make what they offer truly unique. By invitation only, this is a world of incomparable luxury and personalization.

Your one-of-a-kind experience starts with an artistic discussion with their Master Tailor Angelo Pecora, renowned in the field of Bespoke crafting. Angelo then expertly creates drawings as you share ideas and tales, guiding you through an exclusive range of unique textiles woven in every conceivable vivid color and design.

The realization of your fantasy includes unexpected linings, pricey buttons, and other finishing touches.

Did You Know?

In the movie “House of Gucci,” suits made by Zegna were worn. According to Zegna’s artistic director, Alessandro Sartori, the decision is a true depiction of reality.

10. World Wood Record Challenge Cup Suits By Loro Piana

Price: $28,000
Designer/Owner: Loro Piana
Top Speed: Australia
Interesting Feature: The best suits created by Australian tailors were encouraged to submit designs

World Wood Record Challenge Cup Suits By Loro Pianaphoto source:  varteks.com

One of the most well-known cashmere producers in the world, Loro Piana, annually supports a contest to determine who can make the best wool. It is known as the World Wool Record Challenge Cup.

The winning entry is turned over to Loro Piana, who buys a whole year’s worth of their products and weaves it into the opulent fabric from which they make precisely 50 outfits.

In addition to this competition outfit, Loro Piana also creates a ton of fantastic high-end suits, particularly ones made of wool materials. This is based on the family’s early 19th-century career as a dealer of wool textiles.

Did You Know?

A lady from New South Wales, Australia named Susanne Triplett took home the 2012 World Record Bale Award. Only 11.1 microns of wool could be measured as her output.

9. Brioni Vanquish II Suit

Price: $43,000
Designer/Owner: Kering
Top Speed: Italy
Interesting Feature: Your home, workplace, or another convenient location can all be visited by a Brioni Master Tailor

Brioni Vanquish II Suitphoto source: Brioni

Brioni was formed in Rome by the creative team of Master Tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and his business partner Gaetano Savini. The company quickly gained a reputation as the premier sartorial destination for the affluent Roman gentleman.

The collaboration between Fonticoli and Savini would define the history of Brioni and still serve as the foundation for the company today.

Every suit is the result of the labor of at least 220 individuals, each of whom completes a separate, detailed duty.

Whether you opt for a heavy-weight wool suit for the cold or a light and breezy linen suit for the summer, Brioni only uses the best materials for their suits.

Did You Know?

Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig both wore Brioni suits in Casino Royale and all of the other Bond films.

8. Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke Suit

Price: $47,000
Designer/Owner: Desmond Merrion
Top Speed: London
Interesting Feature: The creation of one suit might take many months

Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke Suitphoto source:  Desmond Merrion

Savile Row in London is home to renowned tailor Desmond Merrion. At no point is a machine utilized to create the outfit. The ultimate in tailoring, hand-making results in a garment that is unlike anything made by any other tailor in the world.

The fit and softness of the completed suit will be unmatched by anything else that can be provided by any other tailor or tailoring business. It will look as though it has not been handcrafted but rather molded around your body.

Did You Know?

Merrion personally sews each and every stitch in each of these outfits, which accounts for their exorbitant cost.

7. Kiton K50 Suit

Price: $50,000
Designer/Owner: Enzo Dorsey
Top Speed: Italy
Interesting Feature: It is crafted with opulent merino sheep wool

Kiton K50 Suitphoto source: Pinterest

About 330 experienced tailors work for The Kiton, which has been in operation since 1968, to fulfill 22,000 requests annually. When roughly 45 tailors work on a garment, it takes approximately 25 hours to complete.

Being the top men’s suit designer brand today, Kiton has been one of the most recognizable brands in Italian design since it first opened for business in 1968.  Enzo Dorsey, another figure of great significance in the Savile Row industry, created the suit.

Did You Know?

Because just 50 of them are produced each year and each one takes 50 hours to finish, the company is known as Kiton-50.

6. William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke Suit

Price: $75,000
Designer/Owner: William Westmancott
Top Speed: London
Interesting Feature: Every order from Westmancott comes with a complimentary gift of five custom tees

William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke Suitphoto source: made-to-measure-suits.bgfashion.net

The young master of tailoring William Westmancott’s suits are almost twice as expensive as Marion’s ultimate custom choice since they come in 3 or 4 pieces rather than 2. A Westmancott ultimate custom garment requires 200 hours on average to design and sew.

One of the most costly tailors in the world, William Westmancott is a well-known Savile Row bespoke tailor. The British Royal Family, the Sultan of Oman, and several other personalities have all worn clothing created by the tailor. Lifetime free adjustments and repairs are guaranteed for the suites.

Did You Know?

Business moguls from the Middle East and Russia were the target audience for the suit’s initial design.

5. Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish II

Price: $76,396
Designer/Owner: Ziyaad Nanabhay
Top Speed: South Africa
Interesting Feature: The Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish II has buttons fashioned of 4-carat diamonds

Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish IIphoto source: Cavalier

The first of its type to be created in South Africa, this made-to-measure suit is constructed from the renowned Dormeuil Vanquish II fabric. Three of the most costly, rarest yarns in the world are combined to make the fabric.

Over 200 hours were spent by a team of expert tailors hand stitching together The Rockefeller Vanquish ll.

One of the rare outfits in the world, it is also the most costly suit available in South Africa.

Did You Know?

The luxurious silk lining of the Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish II is included. Only five of these outfits have ever been produced.

4. Zoot Suit

Price: $78,000
Designer/Owner: Karen Augusta (from auction)
Top Speed: New York
Interesting Feature: There was no one designer associated with the look and no department store where you could buy one

Zoot Suitphoto source: Wikipedia

This World War II-era striped Zoot Suit, which was not custom-created like the other specimens on the list, made news when it was auctioned off in 2011 in New York City and sold for an astounding $78,000.

However, as requests for unusual vintage clothing started to trickle in from museums and collectors across the world, those plans quickly changed.

The United States has never seen another outfit of its sort openly auctioned off. It was found at a New Jersey estate auction that was otherwise unremarkable.

Did You Know?

Wearing such big garments was inherently rebellious due to the fabric rations during the war.

3. Dormeuil Vanquish II Suit

Price: About $85,000
Designer/Owner: Dormeuil family
Top Speed: United Kingdom
Interesting Feature: Three unique types of wool—Indian pashmina, Qiviut, and Vicuna—are combined to create it

Dormeuil Vanquish II Suitphoto source: Dormeuil

For over 200 years, the Dormeuil family firm has led the way in the design of high-end men’s clothing. For Kings, Presidents, and high-profile figures throughout the world, the exclusive firm has made pricey suits over the years.

In order to produce an unrivaled level of luxury, the Vanquish II is covered in a fabric that is a combination of the finest French and British fabrics.

Including 15.8 royal cubics, door silk, ambassador, and Kirksey white, the outfit is made of six of the finest textiles in the world.

Did You Know?

Since its founding in 1842, the design business has built a sizable platform for pricey suits. The garment was crafted by renowned designer Jules Dormeiuli from an unusual combination of French and British textiles.

2. Alexander Amosu Vanquish Bespoke Suit

Price: $90,953
Designer/Owner: Alexander Amosu
Top Speed: United Kingdom
Interesting Feature: With nine buttons made of 18-carat gold and diamonds, Amosu’s suit was entirely built to order for an unidentified customer

Alexander Amosu Vanquish Bespoke Suitphoto source: Luxurylaunches

Compared to other of the more established Savile Row tailors on our list thus far, Alexander Amosu’s path to success has been quite unique.

He built his first fortune making hip-hop-inspired ringtones before transitioning into diamond and gold-encrusted telephones, making him a genuine luxury goods mogul.

However, in 2009, he entered the fashion industry by starting his own clothesline. These cost over $100,000 and were created from the rare wools vicuna and qiviut, two of the priciest in the world.

Did You Know?

The outfit was said to have even been transported to its unnamed recipient in an armored car, according to rumors.

1. Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition

Price: $778,290 to $892,000
Designer/Owner: Richard Jewels, Stuart Hughes
Top Speed: United Kingdom
Interesting Feature: Only three of these outfits were known to exist

Stuart Hughes Diamond Editionphoto source: Stuart Hughes

This designer suit is made of the priciest materials, just like any other article of apparel. The garment was designed by Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewels over the course of more than 800 hours. With its astonishing price, Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition is the most expensive suit in the world.

One of the most costly bespoke suits, its high worth was achieved after taking a lot of factors into account.

The more basic, sartorial style of the English monarch Charles II from the 17th century may be linked to the current lounge suit, despite the latter’s invention in the late 19th century.

This was developed so that any man wearing a really luxurious dark grey suit might stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, this was a major step for Mr. Jewels because he had never before worked with apparel.

Did You Know?

The size 41 long first outfit was sold to a client in France. It is rumored that several highly powerful guys and millionaires from all around the world purchased it.


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